Vacation Craze

Well, it’s school vacation week here in the cold, snowy northeast. So naturally we’ve jumped at the chance to spend some time in warmer climes.

This bodes better than you’d expect for knitting:


But not nearly as well for great pictures and blog posting, because the wireless doesn’t work here.

Let me just say that again, because it’s so unexpectedly jarring.

There is no real Internet where I am.

I can’t believe I spent (roughly) half of my life this way! Of course I turned out just fine, and we’re actually having a phenomenal time here…

…and yet I feel totally unmoored without my daily fix. Can’t wait for home sweet home, and Internet sweet Internet.

See you soon!

1 thought on “Vacation Craze

  1. Enjoy the remaining half of your vacay and the warm temps! Another snowstorm is on tap for the weekend here. 🙂

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