Spiffy digs!

If you read this blog through a feed reader, I highly encourage you to click on through this time. I’ve given the site (…well. Actually. My made-of-pure-awesome web designer has given the site) a substantial update in anticipation of all of the exciting things coming around this year.

Exciting things which, I might add, include the addition of that little Craftsy logo in the “find me here” button collection. More on that on Wednesday, so stay tuned!

Until then, poke around! Check out the updated Fit to Flatter page, take a peek at my newly-spruced class descriptions and let me know which ones really appeal to you. Want to see something in an upcoming series of mini-tutorials? Let me know! And just to keep you smiling while you wait, a couple of pictures from our recent family vacation.



There may not have been internet, but we sure had a great time.

6 thoughts on “Spiffy digs!

  1. Love the Fit to Flatter page! It was also a handy reminder to pre-order your book.

    Thank you for constantly reminding to adjust the lenses we use on our bodies.

  2. It all works really, really well Amy. Well done all!

  3. Kudos my friend! Well done!

  4. The new website looks great!

  5. Excellent! Very excited about the Craftsy class. This is perfect!!

  6. I’ve been lurking around your blog for a while and am drawn to your methods. However, even after reading your tutorial, I’m full of questions and feel like attending a class would be helpful.

    I’ve looked on your calendar and would love to meet you in VT but cannot afford the 3 day spectacular event. After that I’m stuck to understand when and where you will be teaching near the Seacoast area of NH. Can you help me figure this out?

    Perhaps it is book signing scheduling issues; if so — Wonderful! I plan on reading the book, and perhaps taking the Craftsy (sp?) on-line course, but hands-on is how I learn best when it comes to this type of learning.

    Any feedback is appreciated as I know you are super busy.



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