Green Mountain Great!

I spent a phenomenal two days teaching at Green Mountain Spinnery last weekend. They do wonderful weekend retreats twice a year–this was the annual Sugar Season retreat, held in the spring at the charming Saxtons River Inn, which has the best goat cheese fritter this side of ANYWHERE (ask me how I know).

For two and a half days, I got to talk sweater shop with 21 of the loveliest ladies ever. With a bonus, even: they got advance copies of the book!!


Words cannot express what a great time we all had. (Or how exciting it was to see multiple copies of Knit to Flatter, just piled there! Like any other book! That’s real!) Everyone looked phenomenal in the sweaters, and as always in the classes, there were those “aha!” moments. Those times when someone who had thought of themselves as flawed saw how lovely they truly are. I live for those.

They were such a wonderful group of students. The setting was great, the company was perfect, and it was truly a special weekend.

And then to top it all off, the last thing I did before coming home was visit the Spinnery’s beautiful space.






Can you imagine a lovelier time? I bet you’ll be able to find the results of my Spinnery visit some time later this year…

3 thoughts on “Green Mountain Great!

  1. that retreat looks like it was a great time. I love Green Mountain Spinnery. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  2. You forgot to mention the awesome carrot cake with fresh cream and home made cream cheese icing!

    Thanks for a great class, Amy. It was a fantastic weekend. I pick up some Spinnery yarn this weekend to start on my first sweater.

  3. Goats’ cheese fritters AND yarn sounds the best thing ever to me! 🙂

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