Book release parties – and more giveaways!

First things first: Click on through and read to the end for a completely fabulous set of giveaways to make the book’s release even more festive!

And now: The Knit to Flatter release party here in Boston was so much fun, at least for me! It looked like everyone else was having a great time, too–and it was humbling and amazing to see so many of you. (I know we topped 100!)

We had a bunch of little stations for people to try, including a photo booth:



Some luscious yarny giveaways:


The sweaters, all available for touching and trying on:


A personal measurement station with little measuring tapes and cards to write on (doesn’t seem right to share a picture of that!) And, of course, the books.



I gave a little talk, and signed a bunch of copies. I wish I’d had the brains to remember to take a photo of all of the lovely faces smiling back at me, but please know that you all made me feel super lucky and super wonderful. Thank you so much!


Of course, I have more giveaways up my sleeve. We have to have some fun online, too!

Three generous yarn companies have donated a sweaters’ worth of yarn to be given away, along with a copy of the book and a special “Amy Herzog Designs” project bag:

Sweater 1: Draper Vest or Cardigan.


The lovely folks at Lorna’s Laces are donating a sweater’s worth of Sportmate in the color of your choice for either the vest or the cardigan.

Sweater 2: Andie’s Cardigan.


Swans Island Yarn are donating a sweater’s worth of their lovely Worsted in the color of your choice to make this beautiful little coat.

Sweater 3: Classic Pullover.


Last but not least, Bijou Basin Ranch is donating a sweater’s worth of Bijou Spun Bijou Bliss, again in the color of your choice, for this classic cabled pullover.

To be entered to win, please leave a comment describing a must-have for any sweater you consider a “favorite”, along with the sweater you’d like. I’ll draw one winner at random for each of the sweaters one week from today on Monday, April 15.

Which, coincidentally, is the day I start off the Knit to Flatter blog tour, over at Rock and Purl. Lots of fun stuff coming up!

332 thoughts on “Book release parties – and more giveaways!

  1. My must have is a cardigan, I prefer to be able to take it off when I get warm. I love the Draper Cardigan!

  2. I’d say for a ‘must have’ it would be at least elbow length sleeve with a tighter cuff. That’s just what I am most comfortable wearing. I love the cabled pullover, and it’s recommended in ‘my chapter’! Love the cables.

  3. I love cardigans, too. I love the ease of wear and that I can take them off/on easily. I would LOVE to win the yarn for the Draper Cardigan!!! (and your lovely book, of course!)

  4. My must-have: softness! No itchiness or scratchiness for me!

  5. My must-have: softness! No itchiness or scratchiness for me!

    And my pick is the Draper Cardigan.

  6. I’d love to make draper. I’m only just starting the craftsy class. But I think that one is the most flattering for my shape.

  7. My must-have is warmth when I wear a sweater, or jumper as we call them downunder. I love the classic lines of the Classic Pullover and would enjoy making one for our coming winter.

  8. My must have is kinda backwards… I need stuff that isn’t too roomy. So, I guess it is less ease, at least in the right places…
    I’m going for the very sweet Andie’s Cardigan. So cute 🙂

  9. I was at the party and it was awesome! I am going to make chimera for wearing to work but the draper vest looks perfect for spring and fall weekends!

    The photo booth was so intimidating for some but it was just what I needed that night!

  10. My must-have is a timeless design that’s not too fiddly to wear. Of those pictured, the Draper cardigan most definitely would count.

  11. Congratulations on the Knit To Flatter release! I wish I was local and had been able to attend! The Draper Cardigan is the sweater of choice for me. Cozy comfort is my must have for a sweater- if it hugs me gently, I’ll wear it all the time. If it is too snug in the shoulders or sleeves for example, I won’t wear it. EVER. But the Draper sweater in Sportmate? And Fit To Flatter? WOW! What prizes!

  12. Congratulations on the book release. I can only imagine how much fun it must be for you!

    Waist shaping is a definite must for me. The sweaters I’ve knit that don’t have waist shaping make me feel like I’m wearing a potato sack. I also prefer cardigans. They are more versatile and the vertical line they draw down the center of the body is flattering.

    I love, love , love the Draper Cardigan!!

  13. Since most of my sweater wearing occurs at work, my “must have” is that it be somhing I can make look work appropriate in my business casual, yet somewhat conservative, work environment. I’d like to be entered into the drawing for the Classic Pullover.

  14. A must have is comfort. It has to not only look good but be easy to wear. And I would love to knit that classic pullover! Beautiful!

  15. To be a favorite for me, a sweater has to be open so I don’t get too hot, have a nice drape and 3/4 sleeaves………Just like the draper cardigan which makes that my first choice. Thanks for your generous giveaway.

  16. I think one must-have for me, for a sweater to be a favorite, is color. I wear some colors so much more than others! I’d love to win yarn for the classic pullover.

  17. Pockets!
    I love the last sweater, cabled anything makes me happy!

  18. Hmm, I can think of several “must have” characteristics (what can I say, I’m picky!) but the biggest one for me is waist shaping – I like my figure and don’t want it hidden by the lack of shaping, or even worse, by shaping in the completely wrong places (see: every commercial sweater ever).

    All three of these sweaters are lovely, but I think my first choice is the Draper Cardigan!

  19. I think my biggest must have in a favourite sweater is that it has to fit right. The neck has to be the right shape, the sleeves have to be long enough, it has to sit correctly so I am not constantly pulling at it. I can definitely see the Classic Cabled Pullover being a favourite sweater for me.

  20. Your book signing party looks like wonderful fun. I wish you were heading west to the Rocky Mountains!

    For a sweater to be a favorite for me it must not fit like a sack on me. Thanks to your book/class/blog I now know I need to fit my shoulders by using the torso measurement. I think that when I start doing that everything will fall into line nicely.

    Since I fit into the ‘bottom heavy’ category I would like to be entered into the Andie’s Cardigan category.

  21. Congrats on the release of your new book!
    Is this giveaway open for those of us who live across the pond? If so, I’d like to be entered into the giveaway for the Draper cardigan. For me the perfect sweater must have sleeves that are either long enough to cover the top of my hands but than can be pushed up to my elbows when I feel like it! Love a flowy front neckline combo on cardigans too.

  22. My must have is it needs to look good layered – cardigan’s are great for that but also the neckline on any of them often determines whether it will look good layered… I would love the yarn for Andie’s cardigan (and you can re-gift the book as I already have one :-))

  23. Love the Classic Pullover, all those beautiful cables!

  24. My must have is a sweater that is slightly cropped (I’m short) and flattering for a large bust. I really love cables so the classic pullover really draws me in. But I also love the draper cardigan. In all honestly I mostly wear cardigans so it would likely get more wear.

  25. I think a “must” for me is length – I’m tall, I have long arms, and I’m long waisted – so many sweaters barely hit the top of my pants and the sleeves are always too short! I would be thrilled to win any of the patterns above, but Draper probably wins by a very small margin!

  26. I do love the sweet Andie Cardigan, would love to make this for my daughter!

  27. My go-to sweater is always a cardigan — preferably with waist shaping (which I now know how to do thanks to your class at Fibre Space). The Draper cardi is going in my queue!

  28. I look for something that makes it a little different, not like anything you could purchase. Whether that’s a cable, lace, or colorwork doesn’t matter so long as it’s an interesting knit.

    I personally like the Draper Cardigan the best.

  29. A must have for a favorite sweater is a cardigan, since I live in a more temperate climate, fit is also very
    important since I have a long torso, and lastly some vibrant color is a must!

  30. My most beloved items are all cardigans, with a bit of waist shaping and a bit of negative ease. Color and scrumptious yarns are key!

    I think I would chose Draper, thanks!

  31. Congratulations! I took your course at the KRR last November, and it changed my knitting life. Thank you. My must have for any sweater is beautiful buttons. I love the Draper cardigan.

  32. Love cardigans…always my go to choice.

    I would pick the Draper Cardigan! Thanks for the great giveaway.

  33. My must have is also a cardigan… I’ve just entered that new phase of my life where I suddenly get very hot and have to start ripping off clothing.

    So, Draper Cardigan!

    Sounds like you had a great time at the opening, and what fun with the online giveaway too!

  34. For me, a favorite sweater has to be comfortable to wear in addition to looking good: anything that I have to fuss with or that keeps falling off my shoulders is just going to bother me too much. And it has to be a color that makes me happy, whether that’s a perfect go-with-everything neutral or something bright and fun.

    I’d love to win the yarn for the Draper cardigan!

  35. My must have is waist shaping! Otherwise, I look like a squat brick. I love the Classic Pullover, though I really love cardigans, too.

  36. My must have is a well fitted cardigan, it’s my go-to option over sweaters.

    I’d go for the Draper Cardigan as my choice
    sewsable on Rav

  37. A cardigan that fits just right, not too long, out of beautiful yarn. The book launch party was great fun!

    Andie’s Cardigan is my pick, if I’m lucky enough to win.

  38. I have only made cardigans so far, so I think I need a classic pullover…

  39. A cardigan must be large enough to fit over clothing without being bulky.

  40. I’d have to agree with others that something timeless and classic is most important to me. I do love cabled sweaters, too – which is why I’d choose the Classic Pullover.

  41. I love 3/4 length sleeves and a nice v neck on a pullover.

  42. I was at the Porter Square Book event and the energy in the room was palpable. I want to thank you so much for the photo opportunity… You were so right when you said Molly was going to take only “good” pictures of anyone who wanted to step up. I haven’t had my picture taken in a while and loved how it captured my happiness that evening.
    As for a must have in a sweater, I agree with so many other responses that cardigans are my favorites. After trying on your samples, I realize I need to step away from the worsted and choose a lighter weight yarn for a more flattering fit. I do love the Swan’s Island Yarn and the Andie’s Cardigan.
    Phew, I can’t seem to stop gushing, even two days later….. Smile…… Good luck on your book excursion and thanks so much. I hear your book will change the way I knit for myself!!

  43. A ‘must have’ for any sweater is sleeves the right length- less of a problem whem you make your own, for sure. I’m a cardi girl at the moment myself, and it takes me forever to finish anything, so my fave of these three is the Draper.
    Thanks for the chance!

  44. Living here in TX, a lighter weight cardigan is a must-have! My book should arrive on Thursday, and I’m looking forward to reading EVERYTHING! My favorite, of the three sweaters you have shown, is the Draper cardigan. Even if I don’t win, I’ll be making this sweater!

  45. Congrats on the book release!! And thanks for this generous giveaway. I absolutely love cardigans, so I would say that my must-have is some form of closure (i.e., buttons, clasps, zipper, etc.). I would absolutely love to make Andie’s Cardigan (and out of Swans Island to boot? Swoon!).

  46. Must haves? Well, I love hoodies (which I rarely wear UP–go figure), colorwork, and am presently obsessed with cablework, but the constant in all these garments is the fit. I used to sew/tailor all my clothes, fitting them from a personal sloper, and I am working at getting to a comparable place with knitwear. It is MUCH more difficult, I think, but I AM getting there. [The ladies at my LYS will be SO glad when I stop dragging in there for back views and measurements!]

    My choice is the classic pullover, of course; it’s those cables…

  47. I can’t wait to read your book!!!! A must-have for any sweater is long enough sleeves!!!! And cables if possible!!! A V-neck is also very desirable! Your classic pullover, even without the V-neck, is my favorite!

  48. Light weight cardigans or vests are musts for me. I live in California where it gets cool in the evenings and air conditioning blasts through buildings during the day. It is nice to have something to cover shoulders!
    I am short, with a waist but ample enough on top that things tend to look boxy. Waist shaping his important as is length of garment so I don”t look like a box or swamped by excess.

  49. I MUST HAVE sleeves that are just the right length, not too short or long. I have long arms, this is a problem with store-bought knits.

  50. For me a sweater “must have” good lines and versatility. Something I can wear to work or with jeans and will look great either way. I think Draper Cardigan has those qualities and I’d love to knit one.

  51. I love cardigans because they are so easy to use as layering pieces. I would like to knit Andie’s cardigan with longer sleeves and body for my top-heavy shape.

  52. Hmm a must have for a favorite sweater for me is well fitting shoulders. I have slightly slope-y (?) shoulders and it’s frustrating when a cardigan just falls off when you’re not doing anything odd.

  53. My must have is long enough sleeves. Too often they hit me at just above the wrists which never looks intentional.
    I would love to win the yarn for the classic pullover. The cables are lovely!

  54. A must-have for me is the right kind of neckline, not too tight or too wide – usually a V or scoop neck (occasionally a looser crew neck is okay; I don’t think they look as good on me but they feel fine).

    I like the Draper cardigan.

  55. I’d have to say my must-have for sweaters is either bright colors or cardigans. I love both! But cardigans are really useful for me, I wear one almost everyday as a substitute teacher. I never know if where I’m going is cold or hot so it’s helpful to be able to take the sweater off! I would love to knit Andie’s cardigan, it’s so cute!

  56. My must have is a cardigan with 3/4 length sleeves that’s not too snug and not too baggy. If it’s a hand knit, it should be warm without being bulky and stylish while still classic.

    The Andie’s Cardigan is calling my name. . . .

  57. Congratulations on the book release party!!

    Must haves for me are comfort and color. I really love the look of the Draper cardigan.

  58. My must-haves is a cardigan, because I can regulate my body temperature more easily.

    If I win, I’d choose the Draper Cardigan! It’s exactly the kind of cardigan I’m dying to knit for myself.

  59. My must have is shaping. I hate boxy and shapelessness. I love V-necks or an open neckline. Basically I love to knit but wish I loved the sweaters that I make more. I think this book will solve that problem.

  60. My must have piece of clothing is a cardigan with interesting details. I love to layer pieces to stay comfortable. I actually love all three sweaters. The Andie would be perfect over a summer dress. The Draper would work all year long. And the classic pullover has my favorite type of knitting, cables.

  61. My cardigan must have long sleeves, I wear cardigans when I am cold and I don’t like cold wrists. I would love to make the Draper cardigan.

  62. My must-have is something “unique,” whether it is great fit, a fantastic color, or unusual design–maybe even all three! I like the Draper cardigan.

  63. My must-have is long sleeves. I’d like the Draper Cardigan, please, and I’ll probably lengthen the sleeves! 🙂

  64. My must-have in a sweater is it’s got to be long… at least hip-length. I’m soooo short-waisted! So I definitely would prefer the Draper cardigan. I’ve already got the book but I need yarn! 🙂 Thank you!

  65. A sweater that doesn`t pull across the chest- my bust is large for my frame so having something fit in both the shoulders and the bust is my must-have.

    I like the classic pullover- beautiful cables!

  66. My must-have is a good fit–so that I feel comfortable as well as confident–which is why I’m so excited that the Knit to Flatter book just arrived in my mailbox today!

  67. A must-have for me is the perfect sizing for my petite frame–sleeves I don’t have to cuff up, a garment that hits me at the waist and looks like it was made for me! If the sweater requires buttons, I like to get very distinctive ones and always get comments on them.

  68. All of the sweaters I wear regularly are cardigans with set-in sleeves. I prefer more neutral colors because I like to layer. I like styles with one or two focus elements, but I don’t like an overwhelming pattern. So, truly, Andie’s Cardigan, with that adorable collar, is right up my alley. I saw your book in person at my local book store- just waiting on a paycheck. Congratulations, it is quite awesome!

  69. My must have…fit, otherwise I tug and pull to make it work – not good for my self esteem or the sweater! I love the Draper sweater.

  70. My must have for ANY sweater is texture so how could I pick anything but the Classic Pullover! What can I say? I’m a sucker for cables!!!

  71. My sweater “must have” is sleeves that are long enough to reach to at least my wrists. Having long arms means that most store-bought sweaters fall short. And my favorite of your three sweaters is definitely the Draper cardigan. (Yes, if I made the Draper cardigan, I’d need to lengthen the sleeves!)

  72. In my must have sweater the important features are colour, the feel of the yarn and nice fit. I live in colder climate so every kind of sweaters: cardigans, pullovers and jackets are worn until they are totally worn out.

    I think I prefer angie’s cardigan with longer sleeves. the yarn has such beautiful colours and the fit is snug.

  73. My must-have is really three-fold: warmth in a comfortable and still good-looking garment. I’ve been dying to make the Draper cardigan!

  74. My must-have sweater is a sweater, not too warm but with full-length sleeves, relatively tight fitting, not to extravagant but visually interesting. So my choice would be the Classic Pullover, probably with deeper neck cut (as I now know from Amy’s class).

  75. My favourite sweaters all have some sort of waist shaping – if they didn’t, I’d look like I’m wearing a circus tent! That’s because of my large bust, I suppose. Fabric softness would be nice, too.

    It’s a tough choice, but I’ll go for the Draper. I love anything with 3/4 sleeves. Not that it couldn’t be modified, of course!

  76. My must have in a favorite sweater is wool. I love a good wool sweater and they are hard to find in my size so I am moving closer to being brave enough to try making one for myself. I think yours will be my first craftsy class. I love the classic pullover.

  77. My “must have” for any favourite clothing item is that I need to be able to forget I am wearing it. No gaping, no stretching, no bagging… which is why “Fit to Flatter” is so important!

    I would be thrilled to knit the Classic Pullover. Thank you so much for bringing your release party to the blog!

  78. My must have is comfort, not something that has to be overly styled to look good, which is why I would love the Draper Cardigan, looks perfect to just pop on and wear!

  79. Oooh, I second Joan’s comment. My original must-have thought was a comfy neckline, but really, forgetting you’re wearing your sweater is exactly what I meant with the neckline. I don’t want to fiddle, choke, tug, etc .

    I’d love to knit the Classic.

  80. In my opinion, a must have for any sweater is the perfect color, either to make a statement or to work well with other garments!

    I would love to make Andie’s Cardigan. Thank you for doing so many great giveaways 🙂

  81. I want a sweater with long sleeves, a crew neck, and interesting detail.

  82. My sweaters must be fitted. Otherwise I look square, which I’m not. The length is important, too: I’m tall, and often cold. I hate it when sleeves are not long enough.
    Thanks for the giveaway! I’ve started on the Craftsy class, and it would be great to have the book as a companion! Of the sweaters shown, I prefer the Draper cardigan, but I really like the Classic Pullover, too.

  83. Congratulations on the book! I’m looking forwards to getting a copy.

    I like Andie’s Cardigan the best out of those three. Simple and versatile, I think!

    I like William Morris’s phrase “useful and beautiful” – my favourite garments fill both these criteria. Maybe it’s cheating a bit – for me, “useful” describes something that’s versatile and goes with lots of things I already have, as well as something that will wear well and last. “Beautiful” is self-explanatory, but in my mind covers simple but elegantly constructed as well as complex and elaborate.

  84. I’ve reached the point where I don’t have room for any more sweaters, so I recently purged the ones that I never wear. The ones I kept all had one thing in common. They all fit.

  85. Must have: bust darts (thanks for showing how! Not so scary, now!)
    Sweater pick: classic pullover, but I like all of them.

  86. I love all sweaters but am always drawn to cardigans; I put mine on and take it off several times an hour. Love all 3 sweaters, but I am inspired by Andie’s Cardigan.

  87. A favorite sweater has to fit right through the shoulders! It won’t look good and it won’t feel good either. I love the cardigans in this book!

  88. My must-have is set-in sleeves; anything else just looks like it’s falling off me. I’d love Andie’s Cardigan!

  89. i’m in love with the classic pullover, have been since i first laid eyes on it! as for my favourite sweaters, it’s all about fit. i have a short torso and a small waist, so often jumpers will be too long for me and completely hide what i consider my best feature, making me look round & out of proportion! all my favourite sweaters are therefore slightly cropped & fairly slimline.

  90. Congratulations! Must haves for me are comfy, easy to wear and longer sleeves. Draper cardigan looks perfect!!

  91. this may be controversial, but I don’t see the point of any sweater without pockets.

  92. Might fit nicely but not be too tight and it must be long enough. I have a long torso so I have to lengthen all my sweaters.

  93. My must have is comfort. If anything is too short, pulls or pinches I just won’t wear it.

  94. Climate-wise I must have lightweight. Flatter-wise I must have vertical lines and 3/4 sleeves! So I’m eyeing up Draper as a cardi. Now I know I could change the sleeve length of Andie’s and the Classic would work, but here in FL it’s great to have a swingy cardi to throw on over anything. Besides, I’m a Mad Men fan…

  95. A “must have” for me is a touchable, huggable yarn. I was alerted to this fact by one of my sons, who admitted that he didn’t like to hug me when I wore a certain sweater, because I was too scratchy. So now I always have this on my mind when I choose a yarn.

  96. My must have is a cardigan that is comfortable. One I can layer and is the right length. I’ve signed up for the Craftsy class and would love the book to go along. I’m really drawn to the Draper cardigan.

  97. My book is coming from Amazon today! See you when you come to Fibre Space! Yippee!

  98. For any sweater to be a favorite of mine, it must have waist shaping! All of those projects are lovely, but I already had my eye on the Classic Pullover with all those lush cables.

  99. My must have is a sweater that’s knit in pieces and seamed. I’ve made top down in the round sweaters before but they always look like I just tossed on an old rag.
    My choice is the classic pullover. I love cables on sleeves.

  100. The draper cardigan is a garment I would consider a must-have. Great fitting, good lines, classic.

    Congrats Amy on your success. You have brought well fitting sweater knitting back to forefront.

  101. The “must have” for me, no matter which kind of sweater, is the correct length. Too high or too low and just doesn’t work with my hips. And lately, now reinforced by the Etsy class, I have noticed that layered cardigans are the best for me, so I am planning to knit Draper, which I think would be perfect!

  102. Must have: light weight. I love that the Draper Cardigan is made out of Sportmate.

  103. My “must have” for any sweater is that I have to feel confident wearing it! Anymore, all the sweaters that I wear are handknit so I have to feel proud about it, too! =)

    My favorite sweater of the ones pictured above is the Classic Pullover. I love, love, love cables.

  104. I require any sweater I wear to show off my curvy waist! If it doesn’t … I look like a squat little box 🙁 I think the Draper Cardi would do that perfectly, as long as I made it slightly cropped so I could wear it over fit-and-flair dresses!

  105. Congratulations on your new book!! I love the Draper cardigan because of the collar and because I mostly wear cardigans. I am still having trouble with the 3/4 length sleeves. I have very long arms and all my life sleeves have been “too short”!

  106. My must have is a cozy but elegant cardigan that I can throw on over jeans or dress up for work – the Draper does it for me!

  107. My must-have is tapering in the middle for a great fit. I love that first cardigan!!!!

  108. My must haves are softness and warmth. Oh, and comfort. I don’t like feeling that I can’t move so anything with a little ease that fits well will always win me over.

  109. Classic Pullover for me! (Maybe with a v-neck, instead.) My must-haves: shoulders that fit, and inset sleeves. My shoulders are narrow, and if I wear raglan sleeves, they just disappear altogether. The right length. My back and behind makes a nice curve, and if a sweater is too long (like, say, everything I wore through high school and into my twenties), it makes a tent.

    Love the book. Congratulations, Amy! Having put out books too (though nothing quite as big as this!) I know how scary and how exhilarating it is! You’ve got great people around you and you’ve done a stellar job.

  110. My favourites are blue and cables! So hands down, the pullover. My must would be more of a scooped neckline to balance out the girls…if ya know what I mean. LOL. Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  111. The Draper vest is my choice. Love the lines, the drape and the easy wear. Can’t wait to dive into this book and learn a thing or two or 20!

  112. I have 2 must haves–#1 is the sweater must be long enough to cover my hips so I am not tugging it down. #2 a snug enough ribbing so that the cold winds do not blow up and under my sweater when I am outside. I think your book would help me with that problem – I would be able to shape to my figure and alter the length so I have ample coverage in the hipline.
    I love the cables of the classic pullover and the Bijou Basin Ranch sounds so yummy and topping it all off is the beautiful blue color–perfection ; )

  113. Must Have: Hmm, good question. It has to make me happy. Simple, but true. It can be heavy or light, plain or fancy, commercial or handknit, loose or fitted, any color (except yellows, eww) or lots of colors. I have sweaters I love that fit in all of those categories. Helpful, eh? I guess the one consistent factor for many of my favorite sweaters is something vertical on the front – a v-neck, a cardigan, a central cable. As for which sweater I’d like, well, it’s hard to choose, but I’ll pick the Draper Cardigan.

    And I can’t wait to get your book! Congratulations on publication!

  114. My must have is length! As a tall, long torso lady I need sweaters that run longer than the top of my jeans! I would love the Draper Cardigan

  115. Congratulations on your book!! I already own it, but would love to win the yarn for the Draper cardigan!! Only one of the beautiful sweaters in your book that I plan to make!!

  116. let’s see – my must haves are that the sweater be the right color. I love all colors and often have a hard time choosing what color would be most versatile. I do love that Draper cardigan and have actually been shopping yarn to knit it. So excited…my book should arrive today!! Can’t wait to pour over it. 🙂

  117. Congrats on the new book! I love your take on design and am so thrilled for your success! For starters, my must have sweater has got to be a cardi instead of a pullover. Beyond that, it can’t be boxy (yes to shaping!), it can’t have a squared neckline (not flattering for busty gals), the length needs to hit mid-hip, and I prefer stockinette to garter stitch because it tends to be less bulky and better for layering.

  118. My must is the sweater needs to be lightweight in order to wear it more often here in the south.

  119. Hmmmm only one. Well for starters I want all of your sweaters in the knit to flatter book that would flatter a top heavy shape. LOVE this book. Thank you. I am loving the Draper as it would be a perfect all around sweater.

  120. Most sweaters I like are cardigans or have open fronts. I am not a blazer-type person, so those sweaters are great for looking put together at work. I would love to knit Andie’s cardigan as it would fit perfectly into my work wardrobe. Congrats on the book…it look fabulous!

  121. My must have is for a favorite sweater is good fit and flexibility in my wardrobe. My choice if I win would be the Draper Cardigan.

  122. I love a mix of jumpers and cardigans in my wardrobe, but they have to be comfy – not too tight that they feel restrictive, but not so baggy I feel swamped! I guess basically they have to fit in all the right places! I also like them to be colours that go with most other things in my wardrobe so I can pick and mix. Would love to make the classic pullover. Looks really cute!

  123. I love sweaters that are “comfy cosy” – nothing tight! So the Draper Cardigan is whispering to me. I’d love the chance to knit one up in Sportmate, and to read your book with a cup of tea or glass of wine, depending!

  124. My must have is a texture or cable or lace – something beyond a “plain knit” sweater. Cardis are my current favorite, but I’d love to find a comfortable pull over I could live in. Which means, of course, that the Classic Pullover would be my pick. I’m a sucker for Aran designs.

  125. My sweaters have to be comfortable, have sleeves long enough for my arms, and be just a little dressy so they can go to the office. I could knit and love all three designs but if forced to choose, I knit the classic pullover. I’m a sucker for a good cable. (I’m impatiently waiting for my birthday,if I don’t receive your book, I’m buying a to me-for me-from me gift!)

  126. Draper Vest or Cardigan. Must have green, green or maybe green. all sweaters must have green!

  127. must have – cardigan for easy off and on when cooking, cleaning or playing with my toddler niece – preferably with shorter sleeves! 🙂

    i love the draper cardigan pictured.

  128. The Draper cardigan is on my list. I like classic pieces that don’t look homemade. This one is lovely and I’m excited.

  129. The Draper Cardigan fits my must-have list. Clean, classic look. A cardigan. V-shaped neckline. Vertical lines. Yup – it’s a winner.

  130. I love a draping cowl neck. Congratulations on the book!

  131. I love a good cardigan, preferably with cropped sleeves, because I work in a lab and need my sleeves out of the way. The draper cardigan is perfect!

  132. The must haves in a cardigan are kind of opposite – for wearing I like some like the draper cardigan but for knitting I prefer something more challenging – interesting – like the cabled cardigan – hard to choose so I end up alternating knits.

  133. I’d probably have to say “cables”, which I why I always find myself knitting some large cabled thing in the middle of July — I can’t resist them!

  134. Color that resonates is essential. My ideal sweater is lightweight and comfy for the mild climate I live in, doesn’t have to be a cardigan. I love to wear cotton, but I’d rather knit with wool. Your hoodie is calling to me.

  135. I started to say cardigan because I tend to the warm and need to be able to ventilate, but realize that the sweater I barely took off all winter was not a cardigan. Maybe it was the color or the memories entangled with that sweater. And as far as fit – must be longer than you’d think for my height and have comfy sleeves. Too tight is a definite no and too loose drives me bonkers.

  136. What an amazing accomplishment for you! Do you wake up and pinch yourself? 🙂

    A sweater for me has to have the “throw on” ability. I love cardigans or sweaters that go with everything and that I can dress up or down.
    Tough decision as all the sweaters are beautiful, but the Draper would be my top pick.

    Thank you for the lovely giveaway!

  137. To be a favorite, a sweater has to be soft, something to throw on top of anything, and with a comfortable and flattering shoulder and bust fit.

    The Classic Pullover looks a lot like one of my favorite store bought sweaters, I’d love to make my own.

  138. My sweaters must have an open neckline. But I’d love to win the Classic Pullover to knit for my DIL.Thanks for the giveaway and congratulations on your book and class.

  139. My must-have is any cardigan that looks like the draper. It fits with everything, is easy to dress up or down, and is comfortable. I can’t wait to knit it!

  140. This may sound silly, but a big must have for me is that it is…warm. I swear my hand knit wool sweaters keep me warm in a way that store bough do not.

  141. For me, sweaters have to be wearable at work as well as casually with jeans. I don’t have room for two separate sets of sweaters! I must say that I love the Draper Cardigan even though it is not what I would typically wear; I’ve been wanting an open-front cardigan for awhile and I love the shawl collar.

  142. My must-have is comfort in wearing, that is, I cannot feel that I have to adjust it, or keep fussing with it, I must put it on and forget it. This is where fit to flatter comes in, sweaters must fit. Cardigans currently work best for me, so they can be removed easily.

  143. Congrats on the book signing. I LOVE my book. I am looking forward to watching the craftsy class, too. I am already plotting my next “favorite” from your book.

    A must have feature for me is a cardigan and the ability to fasten it in the front. I move FAST everywhere I go, and the flapping of the opening always drives me CRAZY.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win such great prizes. 🙂

  144. Can’t wait until I can get my hands on your book, and a must-have in a sweater is the right length and shoulder fit (I REALLY need your book). Draper is lovely!

  145. I desparately need long sleeves on my sweaters that I can pull over my thumbs, for some reason. Combining that with a cup of tea and a good book is the essence of comfort.

    And that beautiful cabled classic pullover looks gorgeous! I can’t wait to see the book!

  146. I must have a sweater that when I put it on makes me feel well dressed and polished. I would love the Draper Cardigan, I think it fits the bill perfectly.


  147. For me Cardigans that can get removed when I get hot are a must and more flattering on me as well.

    My choice would be for Andie’s cardigan.

  148. Amy I love your ideas about fitting and shape. We shouldn’t be made to feel bad if we are not the ideal of someone else. Your book and Craftsy class together empower us to be more than “bodies”. I really like the Draper sweater/vest. My sweaters needed two must-haves but now three. They need flattering necklines(in my case usually scoop), vibrant colors, and now good fit:)

  149. I would love to win the classic cables pullover. My sweaters need to have long sleeves, to my wrist, but not longer. I prefer a fitted sleeve end, not so much bell shaped. I like my sweaters to come down past my waist to the top of my behind. I like my back fully covered. I am practical. I wear sweaters to keep warm. If it is a lovely sweater, all the better.

  150. I LOVE cardigans. As a teacher I think I wear one to work almost every single day! For this time of year I think I would have to pick the Draper Cardigan/vest…

  151. The most important requirement for any favorite sweater of mine is that I love the yarn. It has to feel nice and wear well. Anything else can be changed if I don’t like it!

    I would love to knit the draper cardigan. So clean and classic.

  152. The most important requirement for any favorite sweater of mine is that I love the yarn. It has to feel nice and wear well. Anything else can be changed if I don’t like it!

    I would love to knit the draper cardigan. So clean and classic.

  153. Because I live in the desert, my must have is a cardigan. I love to wear a cardigan indoors with all the a/c and take it off when I go outdoors in the sun! I think many of the sweaters in your book would work here, but I especially love the Draper Cardigan.

  154. Congrats on the book! The event looks like great fun.

    I love knitting cardigans — my office is in a beautiful 100+ year old Gothic building, and being stuck in a pullover can be miserable with the vagaries of old-fashioned heating.

    Andie’s cardigan is very cute! Would be great in the late spring as an extra layer.

  155. I think what I need most in a sweater is that it must be easy to wear. So I like a good fit paired with a few interesting design elements (the special something). But nothing too fancy, either. Your classic cabled sweater would do a great job, I think. (Although I really like all of your designs.)
    I am glad your release party was a success.

  156. My must have is a low neckline as in v-neck or scoop. Unless course its a gorgeous cardigan like the all that are listed in the book. I’d love to have the yarn for Andie’s Cardigan! Swans Island…yum!

  157. The must have feature of any garment I make is that it has to have enough ease that I can wear it and perform any daily activity without being constrained. Negative ease is great but if I can’t raise my arms above my head without the sweater pulling it is useless to me.

  158. Hmmm. A must-have for a favorite sweater is a proper length. I am shortish (5’2″) with a short torso on top of that, and so many sweaters don’t hit me in the best place on my hip. I find that sweaters I wear the most actually fit me best in length. Sleeve length, too! It makes me crazy that such a small subset of commercial sweaters come in “petite” sizes. I’m not a particularly petite width, but I am short.

    I’d love to make the Draper Cardigan. I think I would do one of the same modifications you talked about in the Craftsy class, which is not to make the lapels pointed. Also, I made a pair of socks out of Sportmate’s younger sibling, Solemate, and I’m anxious to see how it will wear in a sweater.

  159. I forgot to add that I would like to have the yarn for the Classic Pullover.

  160. I want to feel comfortable in my sweaters but still feel like they show off my shape. No more big sack sweaters!!

  161. What a fun way to do the giveaways!

    A sweater must-have for me is that the sweater stays in place when worn. IOW, I don’t want to have to adjust it because it pulls up or twists or chokes me. I think all of those things are part of good fit and design. I have a sweater or two that are just plain fiddly, and those don’t get worn.

    I’d like to be entered to win the classic cabled pullover. Thank you, Amy!

  162. Congrats! This is an awesome book. The Draper Cardigan is my favorite.

    My must have is sleeves that go past my wrists. Bonus points if I can raise my arms over my head and not show my belly.

  163. Lots of hard work leads to too much fun! Enjoy every moment of your book launch.

    My sweaters must have set-in sleeves.

    The classic cable would be my first choice. Thank you.

  164. That is a really tricky question Amy! I’ve been puzzling over what my Must Have is. Here’s what it is:

    I must be able to imagine myself wearing it walking in the downtown of a German city. Striking yet simple, architectural rather than sweet or cute.

    Whenever I’m drawn to a pattern, I stop myself and ask if I’m just swayed by the photography or the setting. There’s a lot of cute or sweet out there. That is not what I’m looking for, though, no matter how much I can appreciate it.

    I think I’d like to knit the Classic Pullover with its elegant cabling.

  165. The most important feature in any sweater is that it makes me feel like the best version of myself. And right now, being just shy of 14 weeks pregnant, it has to be pretty flexible in terms of fit if I want to wear it at all in the next year or so. Draper seems like a great candidate for making my constantly changing body still feel like a nice place to be!

  166. Wow, your book looks great and the party looks like it was fun too!

    So many things make up a great sweater for me. I like them to be comfy, soft and hang nicely all day, however the must-have for me would be sleeves that fit nicely. I like to scrunch up my sleeves and I also like to wear tees or shirts under some of my sweaters and I don’t like the sleeves to be too tight. I can stand most anything else, but not uncomfortable sleeves.

    I’d like to be entered for the draper cardigan. Thanks so much!

  167. Classic lines, for sure! I want to be able to wear that sweater for years.

  168. A cardigan with classic lines. It can have lace features, or cables, or plain stitches, but it needs to have a classic cut to really be a favorite. Something I can pull on or take off and snuggle into, that makes it a favorite.

  169. Although all of the sweaters are incredible, The Draper Cardigan is best for me.
    Amy, the book is awesome. You are awesome. Wish I could have come

  170. I think my must have for a sweater is fit. I’ve made so many baggy sweaters over the years. Yet I look so much better in fitted sweaters. Fit. Must have fit.

  171. Well, I thought my ‘must-have’ for a favorite would be cardigan but then I saw the Classic Cabled Pullover and that could easily be a favorite too.

  172. My must have is tailoring that shows off my waist. Andie’s sweater is right up my alley.

  173. Must have for a favorite sweater: a flattering shape! Which comes from a good fit, which comes from a good understanding of my own unique body shape.

  174. Must have for a favorite sweater: a flattering shape! Which comes from a good fit, which comes from a good understanding of my own unique body shape.
    The Draper cardigan seems to be the right cardigan for me!

  175. Must have for a sweater…fit when I bend and the right length sleeves! Love the cable pullover…and it’s for proportional figures! But they are all so dreamy….
    Coming to a book singing party! Can barely wait!

  176. My favorite is the classic pullover (but they are all lovely).

    A must have for me is the right sleeve length – my personal favorite is the 3/4 length.

  177. Favorite? How does one choose??? Well actually, the classic pullover is my favorite from that group, and I must have it because it’s actually on my own personal list of must knit sweaters! Love cables; love Bijou Basin yarns (SOFT!), and the blue is a perfect color. Oh — and I so want a project bag!

    The launch party was wonderful. I had a great time, and it was so nice to see you again. Congratulations again!

  178. My must have is a basic cardigan. You can take it on and off depending on the weather (or the AC situation!) and if you are out and about full length sleeves are a must to tie around the waist when it is too hot!

  179. My sweater-must have is that it’s gotta look good — no more ratty, droopy, boxy sweaters for me! Plus, I tend to prefer longer sleeves versus short sleeves.

    I love the Draper cardigan — a beautiful design, plus Lorna’s Laces yarn is lovely!

  180. My favourite Sweater or Cardigan is no Special one because it depends on the fit of each Piece. IF I feel good wearing it and feel to look good in it so everybody can see it and agrees with me then it is a favourite Sweater or Cardigan.

    I would like to knit the Draper Cardigan!

  181. Congrats on the release! Sounds like the party was wonderful! I would love to win the Classic Cardigan. For me, a great color is my sweater must-have. I lean toward kettle-dyed jewel-tones like Madelinetosh. The sweaters that tend to get the most wear for me are cardigans, but I’ve been wanting to branch out into pullovers — hoping your book will help me get over my fear of fit issues! Cardis are so much easier to fit right! 🙂

  182. For me…easy on, easy off due to being hot and cold because I work in a crazy environment. I love the Draper Cardigan.

  183. Congrats on your book release! My pre-ordered copy should be waiting for me when I get home tonight! My must have in a sweater is 3/4 length sleeves, or the ability to push the sleeves up. I find my favourite sweaters fit comfortably over my wrists, but also stay put when I push them up.

    I’d like to put my name in for the Classic Pullover please.

  184. I love a sweater that feels comfee and soft. Im a sucker for soft warm sweaters that fit well. Im a curvy plus size and finding the perfect fitting sweater in a great wool and lovely colour is hear impossible.

    I’ve recently cast on one of your sweaters and Im determined to keep trying until I can knit something marvelous. I just received your book and Im so excited I amazed myself when my first thought with the third sweater was “thats beautiful but it would look better on me with a v-neck”. That is just a testiment to how much I have learned so far.

    The third sweater is my choice as I love the cables.

  185. Must have for me is a wide enough neckline. I can deal with mostly anything in a sweater, but a neckline that messes up my hair is a no-no in my book! Andie’s Cardigan looks lovely!

  186. My must have for a sweater is versatility. I want to be able to wear it with jeans on the weekend, over a dress on a cool summer night, or to work with a pair of khakis. Looking forward to the book and to casting on the Draper cardigan!

  187. I like classic lines and great fit. The must have would be sleeves that aren’t too long. Love the Draper cardigan.

  188. I love a versatile sweater that can be dressed up or down. Cardigans are great. Please enter me in the Draper drawing.

  189. My must have is good color – whether a neutral to leave at work and wear over anything when the A/C is too cold, or a rich color that is the key piece of an outfit, color choice is critical and must flatter my complexion!

  190. I would wear the heck out of Andy’s Cardigan – it looks super wearable and not very fancy. Right up my alley! The key for me is a wide neckline – I don’t need anything making me look more chesty than I already am!

  191. My go to sweater is one that fits me well, is comfortable, and complements my shape and coloring. Unfortunately, I don’t have that sweater in my wardrobe yet. I seem to buy whatever is on sale, which doesn’t always work out. I started the Craftsy class this week and I’m learning a whole lot about my body shape and what sweaters fit me best. I also ordered the book and am anxiously awaiting it’s delivery.

  192. My “must haves” are a larger neck (I don’t want to feel like I’m choking) and long, long sleeves. I love the Classic Pullover.

    Any chance the book is or will be available on the Kindle or Nook? I love my paper books but I knit and crochet on the go, digital is easier in that respect.

  193. I love Andie’ cardigan.

    For a favourite I want the yarn to be long lasting, and wear well. Which probably means not the softest single ply, but a plied yarn with decent twist

  194. My ‘must-have’ is an interesting cable or lace design, and a gorgeous deep color to the yarn!

  195. My must-haves for sweaters are beautiful colors and cozy warmth. I would love to knit up a Bijou Basin Ranch, it looks glorious!

  196. The must have for me is color, color, color! My sweaters are always a shot of color against black or white! I love the draper sweater/vest!

  197. I love pullovers and cardigans as long as the sleeves are slightly long. I like it when the sleeves continue past my wrists, it makes it feel more cozy somehow.

    My sweater I’d like is the classic cabled pullover #3.

  198. I’m still anxiously awaiting my copy of this lovely book so I will have to wait until I can drool over the genius and gorgeousness that I’m sure awaits.

    In the meantime, this was a lovely sneak peak.

    As far as a “must have” in a sweater, other than a taper under my bust to make me look skinner than I am and not look hideous when it’s on, my number one requirement (and this may sound corny) is that the sweater must look like it was hand-knitted. I don’t want to spend all that time on something that I could pick up at a Goodwill or thrift store for a whole lot less. Usually that involves cables or clever color-work or a nice overall next texture, but it has to be unique and beautiful.

  199. oh a soft alovely Draper Cardigan is just what this teacher needs to wear over dresses and sleeveless tops this spring!! the thought of winning is delicious!!

  200. Since I wear sweaters all the time, they must be versatile. I need something I can wear to work and on weekends! I love the classic cable pullover!

  201. My MUST HAVE is waist shaping. I want it to fit me and not look like a sack.

    Draper would be my favourite out of the ones above.

  202. I really like the Draper Cardigan. A must for a favorite sweater is a v-neck.

  203. My must have are sleeves long enough for my very long arms!

  204. My must have is a versatile sweater that is easy to combine with other garments. I would love to knit the Classic Pullover. Gorgeous!

  205. Sweaters that i love to wear over and over again are soft and comfortable, fitting me right in all the ways that make ME look good. My pick of these sweaters would be the Draper cardigan. I love shawl collars.

  206. My must-haves for a sweater destined to be a favorite is to have 1/2 to 3/4 length sleeves and the bottom of the sweater to hit the top of my hips since I’m petite. If it has a hoodie on it, I’m golden!

    Rav ID: kellknit

  207. I tend to favor cardigans with buttons, so I guess buttons are the must-have for my favorite sweaters. Of the sweaters above, my favorite is the Classic Pullover.

  208. My book just arrived today and it looks wonderful-and your craftsy class is now in my queue!

    Comfort and fit are essential to me in a sweater-most importantly a yarn made from natural fiber that feels good next to the skin. For me, Andie’s Cardi and Swans Island’s lucious feel and colors would be a dream.

    Thanks for your wonderful patterns and now this book.

  209. Congrats, Amy! Must haves for me are fit, comfort, and a nice drape. Nina

  210. I love cardigans, and would thus love to win the yarn for the Draper!

    Very cool book, too…

  211. I like a sweater with a deep neckline, and enough length to actually reach a bit below my hips. Long sleeves that don’t get too mad at me when I push them up are a big plus, as well.

  212. a must have in a sweater is squishability. i want to feel good in my sweater and softness is part of it, but it is a quality of comfort and conforming to my body in a flattering way.
    my choice would be a draper sweater.

  213. Congratulations on the book release! Thanks for offering all of us who aren’t lucky enough to see you in person a chance to win goodies to knit one of your beautiful patterns.

    I’m short, curvy, and big busted, so any sweater I wear often has high waist shaping, isn’t super long, and has a deep neckline.

    I’d love to knit the classic pullover, and I’m already contemplating what alterations I’d make to the pattern to make it perfect for me.

  214. To me, a sweater should be stylish but not go out of style for a long time. All the time and effort of knitting should result in something I will wear for years to come. That means good quality yarn too.

  215. I like the Draper Cardigan the best.

  216. My must have is a bit of interesting detail somewhere, even if just a sleeve. An unusual collar counts.

  217. Well, I like both vest/cardigan.Because the cardigan minimize a thicker middle and have vertical lines.Great for women who are short,like me:-).The vest has a plain nekline,good for women who has a short neck,like me :-).And a little waist-shaping which is good if you have non.But I’m too feel lucky to have your book,and like you discriped,we can all do it,yeah,yeah.Thanks.

  218. I really tend toward sweaters that I can pair with blue jeans on the weekend and dress pants during the week.

  219. I wear cardigans all the time. I like mine to fit, with waist shaping, and just a bit of ease for that extra comfort. Sleeves shouldn’t be too tight either. Nothing worse than pulling on a cardigan, then having to dig under the sleeves to pull down the under shirt sleeves.

  220. For me, sweaters MUST be easy to wear with anything, especially jeans, and not be fussy or frou-frou. Fancy cables or lace are both fine, but anything that requires futzing is absolutely out! (Love that Classic Pullover.)

  221. I can’t wait to get my hands on your book. I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about it.

  222. Because I’m petite, my sweaters must be “scaled” (the shapping and pockets have to be in the right place, for example). I also need a deeper neckline. Love the book and the Craftsy class in that they allow me to figure out how to achieve those goals. Love the classic pullover (I’d have to change the neckline, but the book tells me how)!

  223. My favorite sweaters all fit just right, not too tight and not too loose. I’m torn between the Draper Cardigan and the Classic Pullover, both are lovely!

  224. My must have is soft, beautiful yarn. I love cables so the classic pullover would be perfect for me.

  225. Must have a neck line that divides and conquers an ample chest!! And Draper looks perfect for that. Congrats on a great book!

  226. Must haves if I’m going to take the time to make a sweater. It has to fit, especially in the shoulders. Amy’s book/class came at the perfect time because I feel ready to tackle my 1st sweater skill-wise after knitting socks and lace shawls. I prefer a cardigan if it’s going to be worn over a top. If I’m going to make a pullover, it needs to be in a very light weight yarn so I can wear it as a top.

    I’m torn between the Draper and Andy’s Cardigan and would love to win the yarn for either.

  227. My sweater must have is a sweater that moves with me and I don’t have to keep tugging it into place! Thanks for the opportunity Amy. I’m so happy for your success!

  228. My must have is at least elbow length or 3/4 length sleeves (or long sleeves that can be squished up) in a really great yarn. I want it to fit great, thus the interest in the book and not have to continually feel like I need to pull it into place where it should be on my body! I think this sounds like Draper Cardigan—after I’ve done my homework in the Craftsy class!

  229. A must-have for me is long sleeves. If I win I’d love to knit Andie’s Cardigan – with long sleeves. 😉

  230. I like an easy on easy off cardigan. A color that goes with everything. Cozy and soft. Positive ease!

  231. I like the Draper Cardigan, very nice! For me, a sweater needs to be well fitted, especially to my shoulders so I’m not always adjusting and fooling with it sliding down my arms… 🙂

  232. A must have for me is a shoulder width that is exactly my width. I like that seam to fall exactly on my shoulder bone. I LOVE the Classic Cable Pullover and natural cream is my colour choice. MAny thanks.

  233. Must haves: a yummy yarn and vertical lines. I would love to knit the Classic Sweater in Bijou Basin’s Natural Brown or Image 10.

  234. My must-have for a sweater is that it is comfy. And I love big collars on my sweaters too. I would love to make the Draper cardigan.
    Congrats on the book and thanks for the great giveaways!

  235. My must-have is it has to feel good on. No itchy or ill-fitting sweaters for me. I love cables so the Classic Pullover would be awesome!

  236. I must have a flattering fit which camouflages my large boobs and belly! A big ask!

    I love the Draper cardigan and adore Lornas Laces so would be more than happy to find space in my stash! 🙂

    I have already ordered the book but have a very deserving friend for a spare copy.

  237. A ‘must have’ for me is a cardigan that I can layer over a blouse or knit shirt!
    Congratulations on your success and thanks for the giveway!

  238. I love cables and cabled cardigans, but am finding that I’m most comfortable when something can hang open/be wrapped and held if needed, so the Draper would be the best one for me (though I love the classic pullover!). Congrats on the book – it’s been a perfect fill in for my own notes on your blog series, and the Craftsy class!

  239. A “must have” for me is warmth and a sweater appropriate for “everyday” wear. I stay at home and wear jeans most days, so a nice casual sweater is very appropriate. I love the classic cable pullover – I’m a sucker for cables.

  240. I’m a cardigan girl…I want to be able to pull on a ‘coverup’ over my tee-shirt and look presentable. Since I’m always too hot I knit in sport or DK for myself.
    Draper meets those needs. Only thing to add is pockets!

  241. My must have is long sleeves (and long-enough!) and functional (keeps me warm, practical style and colors). I think the draper meets that for me. And I adore Lorna’s Laces!

  242. Cables and fitted! I pick Sweater 3: Classic Pullover.

  243. I love, love, love cardigans. Where I live in Northern California, the weather can go from cold to warm and back to cold during the day quite quickly, and I never leave the house without grabbing a cardigan to cover up with if needed. I also love that a cardigan can quickly change the look of an outfit. I can throw it on for a walk out with my son, or dress it up for a night out or for business. I’d love to make the Draper cardigan to add to my collection :).

  244. My must have is a comfy, easy-wearing layer that can go on and off quickly as I go from a cold room to a warm hallway to a hot outdoors. I love having something I can do light chores in, like washing a few dishes, without getting the sleeves dirty.
    I’d love to have a go at Andie’s cardigan; it looks like that perfect layer for the office A/C in summer!

  245. I am ready to knit my first sweater and my must have is fit! I just want it to fit and look great.

    I love the Holloway Pullover!

  246. My must have is a cardigan, especially one with 3/4 length sleeves, that fits just right on my narrow shoulders.

  247. I love the draper cardigan. Cardigans are my favorite ‘go to’ sweaters. They provide the perfect layering piece for year round wear.

  248. I want to feel comfortable in a sweater. That is why I am so excited about your book and class. My choice is the Draper Cardigan especially for here in Arizona. It looks like it would be perfect for my often too cool air-conditioned office.

  249. I think that a must have for me is a snuggly soft yarn for a project. I love the Draper Cardigan and think it would be so yummy to knit and to wear! Congratulations on your new book!

  250. It has to be a lighter gauge yarn and 3/4 length sleeves. No horizontal stripes!!! 🙂

  251. I have been planning on making my first garment and have been scouring the internet looking at patterns and getting very confused! Purchased your Craftsy Course and wow things are clearer now. My must haves seem to be a vertical line and 3/4 sleeves so the Draper Cardigan is the one for me! Thanks.

  252. I love a cardigan, and especially with pockets, but I guess my must-have is comfort. Because of that I have several sweaters that are actually probably too big to be flattering on me, but they feel good. I’m looking forward to reading your book, and perhaps taking the Craftsy class. I love the Draper!

  253. I love to wear cardigans, and I must need your book, because I don’t knit sweaters for anyone older than 4. I would love to win Andie’s cardigan, because I have hope that it will stop snowing here and I will need a light cardigan, soon.

  254. My favorite cardigans are light and have a button at the top to keep them together. I’d love to win Andie’s Cardigan. Thanks for the contests!

  255. My must have for a sweater is proper fit around the chest and neckline. (why I love your system so much!) I’d choose the Draper Cardigan.

  256. My must have are cardigans, as I usually use more than one layer and like to be able to take some clothes off if it gets too hot. I’ve already took your class on Carfsty and i’d love to read your book. My favorite of these designs is the Draper cardigan

  257. My must have is comfort. I wear sweaters almost everyday. They have to be comfortable and also must work with my office attire and my casual clothes. I would love to knit the Classic Pullover. By the way, I love your blog post about proper fit and am looking forward to “Fashion Fridays”. Congratulations on your book!

  258. For a sweater to be a favorite it has to hit my hipline just right. I would love to make the Draper Cardigan!

  259. My must haves: no cotton, no bulky weight, sweater that sits just above my hip line.
    Draper cardigan or cabled sweater would work for me.

  260. “Must Have” would be Draper Vest- love the look. Proper fit has always been a problem for me. Need to get your book.

  261. I like short or 3/4 sleeves so I don’t catch my needles on them! I love Andie’s sweater.

  262. For me, a must have for a sweater is that it fits right, and the yarn doesn’t pull too much. That ruins a sweater for me.
    The classic Cabled cardigan would be my fave, since I love cables! They’re so beautiful.

  263. I keep thinking of options that I like on sweaters I want to make, but the real “must have” is long sleeves. When I’m cold, I’m colder on my arms than chest. Also want them long enough that they don’t ride up my arm when driving.
    Of these three, I pick the Classic Cardigan. Cables are fun to knit and beautiful to wear.
    A big thank you to all the generous yarn companies and to you, Amy, for teaching us how to think about sweaters and fit.

  264. My must-have is shapings around the waist! I’d love to win the classic sweater.
    Best wishes,

  265. My must have for a sweater are cables. Love, love, love cables! With that said, it won’t be a surprise when I choose Classic Pullover for the giveaway.

  266. Congratulations on the publication of your book. My favorite sweater characteristics: unique pattern and/or yarn, natural fibers and “good fit.” My favorite of the lovely designs: the cabled, classic pullover. Thanks to you and the yarn companies.

  267. My sweater must have bright colors — preferably yellow or another “happy” color.

  268. Oops, i forgot to say I like the pullover sweater.

  269. The process of knitting is arguably more important to me than the finished product, so my “must have” is texture. Which, naturally, makes the Classic Pullover my ideal!. Toss in Bijou Spun Bijou Bliss and it’s simply… bliss.

  270. I love the Draper cardigan! My favorite sweaters are versatile and can be worn with different styles and still look great!

  271. I like pockets! I really like the Classic Pullover with all those cables.

  272. Must have softness. No prickling yarn through a shirt or at the neck and cuffs. I love the cables in the classic pullover.

  273. A must-have for me is that the sweater works well as a layering piece – you can never tell in my office when the heat or A/C will be blasting, so it’s always hard to know what to wear. Cute layers are a must! I’d love to win the Sportmate for the Draper Cardigan.

  274. Oooh, they’re all so pretty! I want to make Andie’s Cardigan. I’m a petite pear so I need necklines that draw the eye up.

  275. Love all the Cardis, especially Draper. I have found that I like tailored rather than fussy on my short, wide frame!

  276. I am drawn to some sort of pretty lace or textured stitch detail or allover pattern. I’d love to win yarn for the classic cabled pullover. 🙂 Thanks for another great giveaway.

  277. “Must haves” in a hand-knit sweater: unique details that would not be found in a store-bought sweater, like interesting cables, lace, or colorwork; but shaped with classic, wearable silhouettes. This is true of all your designs, which is why I love them so much. 🙂

    I’d love to enter the drawing for the Classic Pullover, please!

  278. My favorite sweaters are a bit oversize, cozy and easy to throw on when it’s chilly. Sleeves the right length are important, plus the body long enough that the bottom of the shirt underneath doesn’t show. And a neckline that isn’t so tight it strangles me but not too loose either. I think cables may also be a must-have for a favorite sweater, so of course I’d like to make the classic pullover.

  279. My absolute favourite sweater was a zip up cardigan that I wore out. I haven’t replaced it yet so I would love to make Andie’s cardigan.

  280. It has to be waist shaping and in a cardigan.
    I like the Draper cardigan and have just realised that I’m wearing a shop bought version of it so a hand knitted one would be perfect.

  281. A must have for my favourite sweaters is colour! Neutrals in my wardrobe are few and far between, so my sweaters look like a rainbow when they are all lined up. I think the Classic Pullover is my favourite of the 3 sweaters here.

  282. Pockets….every sweater (cardigan or pullover) must have at least one pocket. I would love the opportunity to try to figure out where to place a pocket on the classic pullover. Thanks for having this giveaway

  283. I am part way through the Craftsy class, and am loving it! I can’t wait to get my copy of the book, too. I love the Draper Cardigan. It has all my must-haves: cozy yet stylish, cardigan, not too fussy so it goes with everything, and looks good with jeans as well as over a dress. I hope it fits my body style.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  284. I love the Classic sweater! I bought your book before it was even released from Amazon and I also have enjoyed watching your class on Craftsy! My favorite sweater patterns have waist shaping as I am built like a board; no curves in sight! With the help of your book/class I’m doing an overhaul on my closet and it feels and looks wonderful! Thank you for making something so complicated seem so simple.

  285. I lean toward one of two styles. I love cardigans. And I find I am drawn to sweaters with short sleeves. I live in a cold climate but am always pushing up the sleeves of my sweaters to work, to knit, to do dishes etc. Short-sleeves with a thin, tight long-sleeved shirt under it solves a lot of problems. I currently have 3 short-sleeved sweaters on the needles! So Andie’s Cardigan fits both of those criteria! (but I would be thrilled as well to knit the classic pullover because I do love cables!).

    Congratulations on your book and thanks for an awesome giveaway!

  286. A sweater must feel soft and cozy and hang really well so I don’t have to fuss with it.

    I haven’t worked too much with cables so would like to try the classic pullover.


  287. my favorite sweaters always have a little extra room in the upper sleeve. i really hate it when that area is too tight. 🙂 thanks for your Fit to Flatter series- i can’t wait to check out the book!
    I love all the sweaters offered, but think the Draper cardigan would be the most useful addition to my wardrobe these days.
    take good care!!

  288. The sweater must be soft. I can’t deal with itchiness.

    Thanks for sharing your designs!

  289. This sounds obvious but my must have is fit. I’ve been buying sweaters too big to cover up the “bumps” and ended up looking dumpy instead. Loving your Fashion Friday posts – exactly what I need!
    All the designs are beautiful. My favorite is the Draper. Thanks to you and the yarn companies for another awesome giveaway!!

  290. Hello,
    I would say it has to be nicely fitted and soft and warm yet light..
    I agree with you that the sweater should fit my body and not the other way round. That is why i am spending time around watching your craftsy class,playing with yarn and patterns to adapt to my shape and hoping that i will arrive to the perfect sweater eventually!
    I would really love to knit Classic pullover one day.

  291. My favorite sweaters have nice details. I don’t like my sweaters to look like they came from the Gap. I choose your cable pullover.

  292. My must have is a sweater that is long enough. I’m not very tall, but I have to add extra length in the front of my sweaters, and commercial sweaters never fit right because of that. I really like all three sweaters, but my first choice would probably be the cute little Andie’s sweater. Thanks!

  293. My must is a cardigan with unique design details. Taking a classic look and adding just that little design feature that says ‘awh, that’s really cute.’ Draper cardi would fit that bill.

  294. I have a professional job in a casual office – we work in a converted farmhouse on a farm! I like to dress in simple, classic layers that look good both in an office in town or on a farm visit. I’m also somewhat petite, and look best in more fitted styles. Cardigans are my favorite sweaters right now, because they are jacket-like without looking too formal.

    Given all that, Draper is my favorite. My second choice would be the Classic Pullover – what a lovely sweater!

  295. I love a collar..and of course my sweater cant be too tight..with set in sleeves. The Draper cardi fits into my favs…..thanks

  296. I love a cardigan – with some waist shaping and dk weight yarn or lighter.
    Would love to knit the Draper Cardigan – simple but a go-to style that is flattering and comfortable for many figure types.
    Congratulations on the book and thanks for the amazing give-away!

  297. My must-have is waist shaping. I’m a walking conglomeration of figure flaws, but I do have a nice waist. If I feature it, the rest of me looks less unfortunate.

    My favorite sweater is the classic pullover.

    Thanks for writing this book. It’s wonderful!

  298. Hi,I love cables would love to make one.It’s more than favorite.

  299. my must have is drape. I’m not a small girl so I love when a finished fabric drapes around me and makes me look more elegant than I am.

  300. My favorite sweater is a classic cardigan. It is my go to to dress up a casual outfit and for warmth on a cool fall day.

  301. My must heave sweater is a snuggly cardigan. While I love pullovers, they are not that useful in Texas. A good cardigan is perfect to snuggle in during the mild winter (or spring and fall) and an essential piece to hit when the vicious AC weather strikes in summer (I joke that summer is for wool in my office)

    That said, I’m really in love with the Classic Pullover.

  302. My must-have is length! As a new knitter I followed patterns to the letter, and every sweater was too short… I was constantly tugging at the hems!

    I’d love to win the cabled pullover… One of my faves from the book!

    Thanks for the chance!!

  303. I like to layer my clothing, so my must have is enough ease to accommodate a light shirt underneath.

    I’m taking your Craftsy class, and I have learned so much! I’ve always been clueless (and a bit self conscious) about my shape and have covered it in loose, less-than-flattering clothing. I have enough confidence now to buy some fitted pieces AND actually knit my own too! Thank you!

  304. A must have for me is a beautifully fitted design with cables like Chimera. Modern but timeless classics. I would also love to knit the Classic Pullover No. 3. Thank you I am enjoying your writing so much.

  305. Not the first and not the last, most likely to enter your fabulous give-away.
    My choice would be the classic cabled pullover for the challenge it provides to knit cables. I only made one feeble attempt to date.
    I also like the sporty look but still with a nice feminine touch.

    First time visit to your blog but I love the stuff I see. Good luck. Handknits and crochet rules.

  306. A must-have for me is fitted fitted fitted with color color color. Deep saturated winter jewel colors that lift my spirits and make me feel like the best version of me I can be. I’d knit the Classic Pullover with figure flattering mods with the Bijou Bliss in Regal. Perfection!

  307. Congratulations on the new book! I’ve heard great things about it. I love cardigan sweaters that button fits comfortably in the chest and look flattering on me. Yarn for any of the sweaters would be great but I think the yarn for the Draper cardigan is my favorite. Thanks for the chance to win!

  308. My must have is waist shaping and body skimming without being too tight. I love Sweater 1: Draper Vest or Cardigan.

  309. I would love to knit the Draper – it looks perfect. I love the new cardigans that don’t need to be done up. Thanks for the giveaway!

  310. First Amy, thank you for the FABULOUS book release party. Second, my must have for a sweater – deep v-neck, I usually choose a cardigan because of the ease of wearing. Something with a little ease and easy to add bust darts…the girls need some extra room.
    There are so many of your designs that I plan on making…and you keep designing more! Too much yarn…too little time!

  311. I love cardigans because I must be able to adjust my temperature. I also love shawl collars, although I’m trying to expand my horizons. I can’t wait to get your book to gain some inspiration! I love the Draper Cardigan- It is everything I love- Cardigan, lovely collar and a gorgeous color.

  312. My must have sweater is a neutral, little bit baggy sweater that can be thrown on over anything to warm up. Think the perfect jeans sweater, a wooly hug! They don’t compliment my larger chest, usually, but I still love them!

  313. I must have a little ease around the tummy and hips for me to feel good in any sweater. If that’s missing, I find that the sweaters sit in the closet unloved.

  314. Living in the SF Bay Area, I tend to wear sweaters only when I am outside during the winter months in place of a jacket. Therefore I look for a “breatheable” fiber such as cotton or bamboo. The Draper Cardigan meets many of my needs in the perfect knit cardigan – lighter weight yarn, in a style that will enable me to add verticle darts.

    I love your book. Because I pre-ordered my copy online, I have been reading it since the release date. I highly recommend it to anyone who doesn’t have the “perfect” shape.


  315. my must have for a favorite sweater is a fitted back waistline and a stand-out detail – it can be cables, lace, or colorwork but there’s always got to be the detail that makes it stand apart from the ordinary. That’s why my favorite of these three is the classic pullover.

  316. The book launch looks like a whole lot of fun! I really enjoyed your Craftsy class, and now your book is the icing on the cake!

    Like so many others, my “must have” is a cardigan, because of its versatility and the opportunities for layering. Having said that, there is a sweater-shaped gap in my wardrobe, so I would love to win the yarn for the Classic Sweater.

  317. I would like to try the Draper cardigan. A must have for me since finding Amy is making the right bases size and then mods for the rest. Carol

  318. Cardigans are spot on!

    Draper vest or cardigan is lovely.

  319. I love cardigans because I must be able to adjust my temperature. I have ordered your book and can not wait to read it. Also bought your Craftsy class.
    Sweaters are my favorite to knit.

  320. My must have is waist shaping, and in the right place. I am 5’0 and so most of the time a sweater may look great, but on it looks like I have no waist, as the shaping falls down on my hips. The Draper cardigan is lovely. I look forward to reading the book.
    (Peacefulsea on ravelry)

  321. Andie’s Cardigan is a must-have for me. My office at work is always a little on the chilly side but a long sleeved sweater is just a little too warm. A short sleeved cardigan is perfect.

    Congratulations on the book release and thank you for the awesome giveaway!

  322. So much inspiration. So little time. Sigh!

  323. I love this book! I definitely need bust darts and waist shaping. I have been so nervous about doing the darts but I know I need them. My favourite is the Dansez but the Draper Cardigan with a few modifications for my body would be fabulous. 🙂

  324. Congratulations on the book! My copy came this week and I have been reading and taking notes. A perfect sweater has to be age appropriate for me, now that I’m in my mid 50’s. i love a classic fit, long sleeves and super soft yarn. I would love to knit the Classic Pullover.

  325. I love cardigans and cowl collar sweaters.

  326. My must-have feature in a favourite sweater or cardigan is a medium v-neck. I know through experience that this style is always more flattering on me.
    I love the look of the Draper Cardigan – it looks both classy and casual. I’m sure this would be a wardrobe staple 🙂

  327. I love fitted, set-in sleeved cardigans, especially in sport weight yarns!

  328. I must have room for my arms – I have muscular arms and many patterns are a bit snug…I love the classic pullover!

  329. My must have is balancing comfort and a flattering silhouette, which your blog has been a great resource on!

  330. Wardrobe staple? Cardigan. Always a cardigan

  331. i ALWAYS have a cardigan nearby, yet have only knit one (which, err, doesn’t fit so much).

    i attended your event at the lion brand yarn studio in new york and it was super inspiring! i’m watching the craftsy class and have bookmarked the coin cable cardigan and dorsica for near-future knits.

  332. and now i fear the draper vest is also a must-have item. the open neck and arms are sure to be an easier fitting gateway to sweater knitting!

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