Fashion Friday: Deep Necklines

This week, I wanted to explore a topic near and dear to my heart: Deep necklines.

Deep necklines break up your torso into lots of different sections, shortening its appearance and visually grouping the bust up with the head, rather than down with the waist. I love them.


But what if you want the benefits of a deep neckline, without the cleavage?

Turns out, you still have lots of options. Any interesting stitch texture up next to the neck, fair isle color work, collar treatment, or the like still counts as part of the “neckline”, visually. As long as that treatment reaches down close to the fullest part of you bust, you get all of the advantages of a deep neckline without the drafts or the cleavage.

Here are a few examples. In this sweater (Revere House Jacket by Kirsten Kapur), the gorgeous, large, asymmetrical collar acts in the same way a deep V does:


In this one (my own Wintry Mix), the wide, portrait-collar visually mimics a wide, deep boat neck:


Here are a few more:




Can you see what I mean? What are your favorite “deep” necklines? Hand knitting or not; please share in the comments!

17 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: Deep Necklines

  1. I love the neckline on my Cornsilk sweater. Love.

  2. Love the necklines of all the sweaters. “Fit to Flatter” was eye opening for me when I noticed how beautiful all the women looked in the various necklines. Lately, I have been enjoying wider scoop necks with may another scoop neck underneath in a contrasting color. Keep fashion Fridays coming!

    Susan aka Buttonband on ravelry

  3. My February Fitted Sweater, of course!

    I love deep necklines, too. But here’s the question: I’m also very short torsoed. You say that deep necklines shorten the appearance of the torso — and that’s not something I need! Do deep necklines work, in your opinion, for short-torsoed women?


  4. I am learning to love deep and wide necklines. I’ve started wearing them a year or two ago. My major challenge, even though I’m tall, with a long torso, and big bust, is wearing them without exposing major cleavage. I like these other options!

  5. I’m a little wary of plunging necklines since they don’t seem to flatter my small bust. But these are some good alternatives — thanks! Can you share the name of the gray sweater with the vertical brown stripes?

  6. Hey I think I get it. I have been thinking of knitting Drops 114-8. It has a beautiful V-shaped cable below a very modest scoop neckline. Now I feel even better about my choice. Great post. I’m loving the fashion Fridays.

  7. I like the both versions of the Wintry Mix, the boat collar and the wider one. The both are beautiful.

    The sweater is very simple, the collar makes the rest.

    Have a very good day


  8. I seem to be wearing cardigans with zippers (and often hoods) a lot and just recently I noticed, that I usually wear them with the zipper so far down as to create the exact deep neckline you are talking about. Quite unintentionally. Seems like sometimes we instinctively know what looks best. I nearly always wear a shirt underneath my “top layer” so deep necklines are fine and the t-shirt creates an extra little pop of colour, what I like a lot.
    I also like what I saw you doing in the crafters lesson as well – only buttoning in the bust area and having the deep neckline and the visual element at the bottom of my sweater. But that, probably, is another topic.

  9. I love the deep textured ‘V’ in Alice Starmore’s “Elizabeth I” sweater (, and was delighted when it was reprinted in The Knitter magazine and I was able to knit it.

    I have just bought your Knit To Flatter book, and am thrilled with it, having followed your blog for ages. Thank you so much for writing it!

  10. I like V neklines and flat collars,because I have a short neck and it lies flat round your neck.I’m short and the same type as dclulu.Short uppertorso,high waisted.(1.55cm),but straight downwards(combi pear,appel):-)

  11. Love V-necks for my petite, size 12-14 body! These a great examples of other options! What is the one 2nd from the bottom – haven’t seen it before but would be interested in a serious relationship!

  12. Never mind – just found it – queueing it now 🙂

  13. I was big busted early in life and always covered it up. It’s only been in the past 5 years ago that I’ve realized that a deep V DE-emphasizes my chest! I actually learned that from “What Not To Wear!” Anyway, I like V necked sweaters that fall to the shadow of my cleavage now. That said, I love the v neck you show with the brown ‘darts’.

  14. p.s. – I know you cut your hair ages ago, but I’ve been catching up on your blog after a months long absence (from all blogs) and am really struck by how cute your hair is. Very very flattering!

  15. Amy, I loved your class at Lion Brand! You are a great teacher. Now when I knit my sweaters, the lightbulb will go on over my head. Your book could not have come out at a better time! Thank You. Darlene L.

  16. I love the look of a different coloured top under a deep V-neck – like you are wearing in the first photo. The flash of colour usually utterly changes (and often brightens up) the appearance of the sweater worn over it, meaning one sweater can have several different ‘looks’ simply by changing the colour of the item underneath it.

  17. I could wear every one of those 🙂
    I always knew that deep necklines worked on me – but didn’t get it since my bust wasn’t “busty”. Turns out (thanks to your original fit to flatter series) I AM top heavy, because I have narrow hips and proportionally wider shoulders. Thanks 🙂

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