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It’s a busy week, diving back into the day job (we were on vacation last week) and finalizing a bunch of things and beginning new sweaters, culminating in a trip to a favorite non-local yarn store for classes this weekend.

First, the new sweater:


This is Green Mountain Spinnery’s Maine Organic, which I have to tell you is one of the loveliest yarns I’ve worked with this year. It is, as my friend Kellee says, “a wool-lover’s wool”. It’s not itchy, but neither is it perfectly smooth. No pilling here, friends. Just a great, hard-wearing, throw-on-in-any-season wool. I’m in love. (Expect to see this little number in the fall–I can hardly wait!)


Second, have I told you about my newsletter yet? It’s not a crazy weekly update or anything, but subscribers will get notified when I release a new pattern, when there’s a special event, and about my classes. (Or some subset of those things–you can choose categories when you sign up.) One advantage of signing up for the newsletter is that you’ll get advance notice on special events… …one of which I’m aaaaalmost ready to tell you about.

So if hearing about things before they go public appeals to you, now’s a great time to sign up!


Finally, I wanted to mention a new class I’ve started offering this year. I’m teaching it at Fibre Space this weekend, and there just so happen to be a couple of spots still left.

It’s a Custom Sweater Design class, but instead of being focused on lecture about the theory of custom design and how to do it in all kinds of contexts, it’s focused on helping you leave with a perfect sweater design for your very own body. Your design choices, my math. (Or at least, my break-down of the math, my guidance through the math, and my hand there to hold when you need one.)

All of the sweaters will be bottom up with set-in-sleeve, to make sure that everyone can be at the same step of the process at the same time, but the similarities end there. Neckline, pattern stitch, sleeves, sweater length, shape, etc. are all completely up to you, your style preferences, and your life.

Students bring in a (large) swatch of the fabric they’d like their sweater made from, and a measurement sheet, and we go from there!

I’ll start out with a little visual reminder of the very simple ways clothing affects the appearance of our body shapes. We’ll then step through the design of a sweater customized for each student, based in the fabric and measurements they bring in. Sound good? Will you be in the DC area on Sunday?

If so, hope to see you there!

3 thoughts on “Behind the scenes

  1. Ohhhh how I wish I could be there for your class – sounds PERFECT! And that yarn sounds pretty darn good too! However, my friend and I both received our copy of K2F this afternoon and squealed with delight! (So . . . . . When are you coming to Vancouver Canada?? – hint hint)

  2. Hope to see you back in New York teaching the new class!

  3. I love those shoes!!!

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