Wearing Aislinn

I’m overwhelmed by the response you’ve all given Aislinn. I’m so excited that four people have even cast on already!

Since most of the knitting progress around here is super-secret at the moment, I thought it might be fun to explore a few different ways Aislinn could be styled. I love playing around with Polyvore, and I think there’s no better way to explore the many different wardrobe choices one could make for a sweater like this.

First, because I am in love with this styling but would never wear it, I think Aislinn would look adorable with some bright capris, a sweet shirt, and some slightly scuffed converse:

Aislinn Casual

Second, a slightly more upscale version of the cute spring dress/skirt. This one is a linen number from Boden that I’ve been lusting after, paired with natural materials–leather cuff, wooden earrings, and some espadrilles:

Asilinn - Day out

Finally, the goth in me can’t resist a grunged-up version of Aislinn. This is how I would have worn her, back in the day, with screaming red lips and outrageous eyeliner. I always enjoyed mixing unabashedly sweet things into my less-than-innocent wardrobe.

Aislinn - Grungy

How will you wear Aislinn?

7 thoughts on “Wearing Aislinn

  1. Aislinn-Grungy…love it!!!

  2. Amy, I love this cardigan and it would be the next I’ll cast on! I am a big fan of Boden in uk, as I’m Italian it is my favorite for shopping online dresses. I love to mix mach my wearing, so I love all the outfits here, and of course Red lips is always a good thing! 😉
    thank you for give us such a tresure, you rock!!!!

  3. Your various styling just goes to show what a wonderful addition this cardigan would be in anyone’s wardrobe! Love the goth in you but I would definitely go with “Day Out,”

  4. I just love this cardigan. I’d wear it with jeans, because I’m a jeans kind of gal. The only time I wear anything else is at work – and only because I have to.

  5. Yarn harlot blogs about your book today…raves of course!

  6. Love the yellow dress option, but I actually like the “grunge” one too. Nice to have options!

  7. Amy, I think you very much deserve the attention your patterns get right now. Congratulations!!! (And yes, I too know who is knitting Afterlight besides me…)

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