Two sweaters

(both alike in yarn, in fair Boston where we lay our scene)

I think many of you know that Thea and I live close by, and often get together to talk about this and that. Naturally, we both typically have knitting when we get together for lunch or patio drinks, but somehow last month was the first time we ever found ourselves knitting the same thing.

Well, the same yarn anyway.



The first is my Aislinn, and the second is Thea’s Cape Cod. It was really fun, after we got over the shock of seeing the same yarn and ribbing (!) come out of one another’s bag, to spend lunchtime exploring our different interpretations of Plucky’s luscious straight-wool sweater yarn.

For all that Thea and I have lots of similarities personally, and similar design goals (clean aesthetic, interesting texture and use of yarn, a focus on achieving a custom fit), the fact that we’re different people comes through in our designs. And I love that. Fashion should be fun, and unique, and endlessly variable. With these two sweaters in particular, I love the way we both start with similar ideas, the same yarn… …and wind up with two very different styles.

For starters, I love that we both included lace in these designs. It’s light, it’s fun, and it shows off the yarn beautifully.



Both designs feature a nice stockinette base, which enables simple modifications, a gorgeous 1×1 ribbing, and figure-flattering elements. Aislinn features faux waist ties, creating the illusion of an hourglass waist, a tailored set-in sleeve fit, and almost-crisp edgings and details. Flattering, tailored, elegant… and just a bit of sweet.


Cape Cod features a lovely boat neck, bold lace details front and back, and an easier, more relaxed fit. Relaxed, charming, effortless… just the kind of thing you want to slip on after a long day at the beach.


And yet, for all the similarities… …our different personalities come through, right?



I hope you enjoyed the little Plucky Sweater party as much as Thea and I enjoyed ourselves at lunch! Be sure to check out her post on this same happy coincidence.

Can’t wait to see your sweaters!

3 thoughts on “Two sweaters

  1. both beautiful you and the sweaters! i must add those to my ravelry pattern collection…. going to buy them 🙂

  2. A lucky coincidence for your readers & fans!

  3. Both sweaters are very beautiful. And so are the photos of you and your knitting friend. Your sweater with faux waist ties brought me memories of wearing my favourite wool blazer with attached waist ties. Someday, I’ll knit one similar to yours. Thank you for the inspiration.

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