FAQs and a Confession.

Before I go too far in my sweater design process, I spend time on Ravelry, trying to make sure that the sweater I’m thinking about doesn’t already exist, and that the name I have chosen isn’t already well-represented in Ravelry’s database.

I don’t know how it slipped my mind to do the same thing for my retreat name, but it did. And I didn’t. And so I didn’t notice that Ysolda Teague has been running an online class of the same name.

Needless to say, when someone pointed this out to me, I was mortified. And so I am making an update to the name of the retreat I announced yesterday. I apologize for the confusion! This is simply the right thing to do, and I’m happy to do it. The retreat is now called make. wear. love., which I think sums up what I’m about even better than before. We’ll help you make something. Wear it. And love it.


That said, I’m thrilled with the response the retreat has gotten so far. Spots are going fairly quickly, so if you think you’re interested please email me for more information.

A couple of questions have come up more than once, and I thought it might be helpful to share them, and their answers, here.

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  • What if I’ve already taken the Knit to Flatter class? That’s totally fine! The two-day option of the retreat was designed to build upon your Knit to Flatter experience and cover new topics to round out your sweater-knitting tool kit. We’re covering fabric, color, and specific modifications in detail–none of which are part of the standard Knit to Flatter curriculum.
  • What if I haven’t already taken the Knit to Flatter class? No worries here, either! As long as spots still remain for the 3-day option, the 6-hour Knit to Flatter class on Friday has you covered. After those fill, you can always take my Craftsy class (at 50% off, with that link!) before arriving in September. That way, you’ll be starting the retreat with all of the tools you need.
  • What if I want to come early, or stay late? Absolutely, we’ve planned for this! Sebasco is a lovely place, and we fully expect many attendees will want to take advantage of that. First, the special group rates are available 3 days before/after the retreat itself. But in addition, we’ll be organizing a set of activity options for any 2-day attendees who want to arrive at the resort early on Friday (or even Thursday).
  • What if I want to bring my husband/partner/non-knitting friend? This goes hand-in-hand with the question above, and is absolutely fine! Please be aware that the retreat schedule is a fairly full one, and your companion may not get to spend hours and hours with you during the actual retreat days… …but there’s plenty to do at Sebasco, including golf. And hey, if s/he would like to spend time with a gaggle of knitters and join us for some of the meals, let us know! We’ll work something out.
  • I’m coming alone. What if I want a roommate? While lodging is up to you, we’d be happy to try and facilitate communication between attendees seeking roomies. Just note it on your registration form, and we’ll put you in touch!
  • How large will the group be? Will it be like a festival, or a small intimate retreat? Small intimate retreat. Without even the barest question. The retreat is limited to just 54 attendees, and while there will be lots to do, all of it is of the “relax with your new friends and learn wonderful things” variety. (Rather than the “Eeeeee, let’s do everything right now I need to get to Barn A before (yarn of the moment) sells out!” variety.) There will be no shortages of anything, and the pace of the weekend, while full, is relaxed enough to let you savor everything.
  • Will there be yarn? Ohhh, yes. Yes there will.

I am so excited about this fantastic weekend, and I’m so humbled and pleased that you all are, too. I can’t wait to see you.

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