There are times when my job and my knitting happily co-exist. When it’s easy to leave work at work, and most of what I have to do for this second career is knit. It’s easy to blog, then. I have knitting progress, my head is clear, and the things I want to share come readily to mind.

And then there are times when work is intense, when it’s hard to leave it at the door of the office. When most of what I have to do for my knitting life is not, in fact, knitting. Or when it’s deadline season and all of the sweaters I have on the needles need to be kept secret. It’s hard to blog, then. It’s hard to do anything other than curl up with a good ball of silk, watch a tv show, and go to bed early, honestly.

The sweaters have been flying fast and furious around here, and nary a photo to share. The good news is that I’m coming out of this intense time–things seem a bit calmer, a bit more conducive to the work-life balance I’m striving for. So hopefully things will get more predictable around here again soon. And in the meantime, I’ve got my knitting.


And given the heat wave about to descend on my fair city, I’m super-glad it’s linen. A breezy little thing for hot summer days.

What have you been knitting lately? What’s your favorite thing to knit when it’s hot?

10 thoughts on “Intensity

  1. i hear Boston was at 45 degrees this weekend. perfect sweater weather and i missed it by being in San Francisco. Ah well.

    I tend to knit my winter sweaters in the summer, the AC makes it all ok 🙂 plus… i need them at the office.

  2. I love to knit lace projects when it’s hot! Although it is not yet really hot here, I am currently working on ‘Tilt’ by Leila Raabe (Brooklyn Tweed Wool People 5) in Malabrigo lace.

    Happy summer knitting!

  3. For me? It has to be socks in hot weather.

  4. Love photo! For me, I try to knit in the season (just as I try to do with cooking/eating). While I will definitely always have a sweater on the needles, I’m going to spend a fair amount of time knitting short-sleeve summer tops. Linen is a great idea!

  5. Little things like socks, mittens, hats. It’ll be cold again soon enough, although greater Boston is steamy today! I’m making some Fox Faces socks, then starting an R2D2 hat for my little guy.

  6. I love to knit mittens in the hot weather, not only because they’re small, but also because we need so many, always. Then when winter comes around, I am able to recall that they have some extra warmth knit into them.

  7. I’m finishing a cotton-bamboo shawl for my sister, which is very light and springy. One summer, I knitted a hemp ponchette. The hemp was initially stiff to work with, but I started liking it after a while and it softens up.

  8. I LOVE lilium! I received the Twist email today & bought the pattern right away. I bought your book yesterday (it’ll arrive Saturday), so I’ll need to read the book before I even think about starting lilium. I just wanted to let you know that I love that sweater. 🙂

  9. Hmmm, may I think about this when it is a little warmer? And less wet? There might be a summer here, too. Sometime. Meanwhile I am back to scarfs. In cozy yarns. In really hot wheather I tend not to knit anything much. I am not fond of cottons and linens (yet). Socks are good projects in summer as are all things small. Toys and home things, too.

  10. I am knitting “Streamside” by Cecily G-M. I’ve not knit a whole lot of top-down raglans, so am a little lost–not sure where I am exactly. It’s like when I first knit socks…I just followed the directions until I had knit enough of them to know where I was and why and what was coming next. I know that when I’m done I’ll really be done, but gad, those rows are long. I think I’m around boob level, but I need to put on a longer needle/cord and take stock. And it’s wool. But a beautiful blue!

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