Coming this fall: CustomFit

Your body is unique. Your sweaters should be too.

Having done years of Knit to Flatter classes, and having worked with thousands of women to get sweaters that they love to wear, I’ve learned (more than) a few things. One of them is that sweater knitters love to wear the sweaters they produce following my system…

…and (most of them are) willing to do the math to get there…

…but they’d really prefer not to do any math, if that’s an option.

This fall, I’d like to make it an option.


You know your body. And you know what sweaters you’d like to wear. CustomFit bridges the gap, and takes you from your ideas to a sweater pattern that will fit your body perfectly.

Your style. Your life. Your sweater. With no math required.

A range of choices, appropriate for every knitter.

Start by creating an account at the CustomFit website and tell the software about your body. You do this just once.

When you’re ready to knit a sweater, you tell CustomFit about the fabric you’d like to make the sweater from, and make some choices. This could be as easy as choosing from our pre-defined list of classic silhouettes:


Or, if you want ultimate control, build the sweater you’ve been dreaming of from a variety of different options.


However you choose to design your next favorite sweater, CustomFit takes your choices, your body, and your hand-knit fabric and produces a pattern perfectly suited to you. For any woman’s body, for any yarn, for any style, CustomFit makes your sweater the correct size for all of you. From hem to neck, and everything in between.

You get a chance to preview (and tweak) the CustomFit pattern’s schematic before making your purchase. Change something, if you want. Decide it really is everything you want your sweater to be. Then, you knit! To your gauge, not anyone else’s. And get a sweater that’s uniquely you.

Creating an account (and storing body measurements and swatch information) is free. You can step through the design process, and tweak a proposed garment schematic as many times as you want, before making the decision to purchase the pattern for the sweater of your dreams (or go back to the drawing board).

Interested? After more than two years of work behind the scenes, the main features are nearly ready. We’re looking for a few intrepid knitters to help us through this next part of our journey.

Beta testers

We’re looking for a small number of dedicated, experienced knitters to help us beta-test. This will involve not only helping us find errors that have crept into the software, but giving us honest and helpful input about the user experience, missing features, and so on. You should be an experienced sweater knitter with full knowledge of modifying sweaters to fit your own body perfectly. You should have free time this summer to communicate with us regularly, and knit at least one sweater.

Click here to let us know you’re interested in beta testing.

Preview users

We will be rolling out CustomFit in a staged fashion, and we’re also looking for a set of “early adopters” to be part of the very first user group. The software will be fully complete, and you’ll be part of the select few who get to drive it around the block for the first time. There are no requirements on experience, but we’d really appreciate it if you would be willing to dive into a sweater as soon as the software is released.

The best way to get involved in CustomFit as a preview user is to join my newsletter. Newsletter subscribers get first notice (and special previews and precedence) for all new and exciting things here at AHD, including CustomFit.

Excited? We sure are! I can’t wait to see what beautiful wardrobe staples you all create.

Want more information? Have questions? Check out our FAQ!

9 thoughts on “Coming this fall: CustomFit

  1. Can’t wait! I have your book and the Craftsy class and finally am choosing the right size from the beginning!

  2. Would love to test this out for you. Just sent you and email asking about it.

    I want this NOW!

  3. This sounds like something I’ve dreamed about! Truly, I woke up one morning so excited about a website I’d found that spat out knitting patterns for me – and was bitterly disappointed to realise it had been a dream.

    It’s not that I mind doing the maths, and not that I haven’t done it before, but I still find it difficult to visualise what the changes I make will mean.

  4. This is the best news I’ve heard since I learned to knit! I can’t wait!!

  5. Dang, that is an accomplishment! And I’m impressed that you did this while writing a book and working a full-time job and raising a family, too!

    I love to knit sweaters, and so I’ve signed up for the newsletter in the hopes of being a preview user!

  6. This looks awesome. I’m sure it probably goes without saying, but this could apply to a man’s sweater, too?

  7. Amy this is a really amazing thing you’ve created. I’d love to beta test but I fear I am not experienced enough at modifications. Can’t wait to see it when it rolls out to everyone! 🙂

  8. SO excited for this. Can’t wait!

  9. Holy dang, this sounds like the greatest thing ever! I am nowhere near experienced enough at sweaters to be a beta tester, but I am so down to be a preview user/regular user once it’s fully live. Can’t wait to see the site!

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