Fashion Friday, Pattern Release: Nantasket

It feels appropriate to end this week with a more hopeful, onward-looking message than I began it. So for this Fashion Friday, I’m offering up a new pattern: Nantasket.

nantasket-final-8 nantasket-tank-portrait-1

(Models and photo credit both go to a combination of Jackie and myself. Pattern: Nantasket. For the impatient? Go ahead and buy now for US$7.)

Nantasket is the result of some designer start-itis. It was the first string of incredibly hot days this summer, and I started thinking about summertime wardrobe essentials. The things you pull out of the closet and throw on every day, on your way to the beach or the office. Or on your way to the beach from the office:


I was sick of the wool on my needles, sick of the weather, and sick of the one little summer cardigan in my closet. I thought about what makes a summer tank a daily wardrobe choice, played around with the delicious Classic Elite Firefly, and Nantasket was born. I’ll save all of the nitty-gritty details for the pattern page, and focus on the fashion in this post:

  • The fabric is exceptional. The Firefly produces something soft and fluid. It goes perfectly with crisp shorts, faded denim, breezy (woven) linen, and would pair well with suiting too, if you’re corporately-inclined:
  • nantasket-final-7

  • Let’s be honest: This is an extremely simple, minimum-fuss tank that isn’t likely to prompt very many “Did you knit that?” queries. The detailing is simple and streamlined. It’s a subtle but great showcase for your knitting skill, because it’ll fit seamlessly into your daily life.
  • nantasket-final-15

  • It’s a great layering piece. Whether over a crisp button-down, like above, or over another tank, Nantasket is going to look great blended with/under/on top of your other favorites.
  • nantasket-final-3

We styled Nantasket two ways: With my favorite button-down shirt and a jeans skirt, and with a fabulous summer shorts/tank outfit. (Not pictured: Jackie’s amazing mile-high espadrilles, because who really wants to wear those on the beach?) I love the way the pullover version made my button-down/skirt outfit look more pulled together without adding any bulk. The fabric moved with my clothing, and I felt elegant rather than blanketed. I also really liked that the cardigan version looked great when layered over long sleeves, but equally good over another tank. It unified Jackie’s bright tank top and crisp shorts, without looking awkward.

I hope you love the sweater, and can imagine ways it might fit into your wardrobe. If you’re willing, I’d love if you’d share with us: How would you wear Nantasket? What makes something a summer wardrobe staple, for you?

10 thoughts on “Fashion Friday, Pattern Release: Nantasket

  1. Nice Tank!! Love the name wish I was at Nantasket right now!

  2. Both versions are beautiful! I imagine that the cardigan would be great to toss on over a light summer dress. How nice to feel cool, comfortable, and pretty at the same time 🙂

  3. I love Nantasket!! It is already in my Rav library and will be the next project I start. Now to get my hands on some Firefly!

  4. Hi how is everyone on this very hot Friday morning? I truly love both of these patterns, I will be purchasing in the near future. Thank you for the beautiful workmanship and I gives me something to look forward to making.
    TerryLee Diemert

  5. I already have too many summer projects! I love the idea of a light-weight summer layering piece. I think the tank will make a perfect early fall/late spring layering piece to add to my collection of “teacher clothes” and then transition really nicely to a casual summer top.

  6. This design is exactly what I need for Georgia summers— light and cool. Off to search for Firefly!

  7. I’ll admit this seems like two different patterns. I’d use the cardigan version to dress up all of my nursing tops for work! I’m in Hawaii and need something cool. Thank you.

  8. It’s been over 30C and humid this past week so I’ve been living in tank tops and shorts. These are lovely tops for the cooler days to come. I can see both of them becoming wardrobe staples. Thanks Amy!

  9. I love the cardigan! It’s hard to find good summer patterns, so thank you!

  10. Repeating what I said over on Rav:

    Dang it, woman, stop designing gorgeous sweaters so fast! I’m knitting as fast as I can and I can’t keep up!

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