Twist Collective, Fifth Anniversary Issue

I have the utter and complete privilege of being featured in Twist Collective again, and I couldn’t be happier. Two of my designs are featured in the jam-packed Fifth Anniversary Fall Issue.

topside_z_500 literati_a_500
(Photos copyright Jane Heller and used with permission from Twist Collective.)

These sweaters are so different, and yet I feel like together they’re the perfect pair for me, right now.

Topside (Twist Collective link) eases you through the summer-to-fall transition. It’s soft and snuggle-worthy enough for the crisp nights that are juuuust starting here in New England (particularly in the delicious Classic Elite Magnolia)…


…but that snuggly goodness blends with a more breezy-and-carefree set of design elements.

  • Boat neck. Almost enough said, right? They’re classic, and simple, and evoke all of the best things of summer (i.e. anything dealing with boats of any kind).
  • Tunic length. Another super easy summer staple. Over shorts, over skirts, over cut-off jeans, tunics are flattering and lovely and in heavy rotation most summer nights.
  • Textured stitches. I love a good textured stitch pattern. Fabric interest that’s easily memorized and doesn’t disrupt my reading-while-knitting flow? Sign me up. Textures are good any time of year, but this one seemed especially warm to me.

topside_c_500 topside_d_500 topside_a_500

Literati (Twist Collective link) is pure, unadulterated fall. It’s tweedy, it’s warm and cozy, it’s loaded with texture and shaping and everything you love in your favorite fall cardigan.


(Special kudos to the wonderful folks at Twist, by the way, for not only showing my sweaters on diverse and beautiful models, but for paying so much tribute to our fiber craft. Fiber is everywhere in this issue) Literati has interest for the knitter, and is classic and fun enough to blend right into your closet:

  • Argyle. I love argyle, I think it’s wearable and classic and 9 kinds of fun. I wanted to explore how one might interpret argyle in unexpected ways, and this lace-and-cable version definitely fits that bill. The larger motif on back is re-worked in smaller form on the fronts.
  • Buttons. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this here, but I kind of have a button problem. I don’t have a huge yarn stash, but the buttons… they’re kind of out of control. These adorable bicycle buttons are from the wonderfully infamous Jennie the Potter, and could not be a better match for the cardigan.
  • Shaping. I probably sound like a broken record on this score, but I truly think that nothing adds that final, perfect touch to a cardigan quite like some subtle waist shaping. It takes something cozy and makes it something that curves you up, too.

literati_c_500 literati_a_500 literati_d_500

I do hope you’ll take a few minutes and glance through the incredible knitting inspiration that is Twist’s Fifth Anniversary issue. Sweater season is here, and I for one am beyond ready.

(In fact, because we can’t get enough of sweaters around here, come back Friday morning for another Fashion Friday pattern release!)

3 thoughts on “Twist Collective, Fifth Anniversary Issue

  1. Both of these sweaters are lovely I like the simplicity of the blue one but love the vertical details of the cardigan.

  2. As well you should be featured in “you name it”. You are a very talented knitter.

  3. OMG stop designing so many beautiful sweaters (including Dalriada). I can’t make them all and I can’t choose! 😉

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