Rhinebeck, Step III: Presenting Tucci

It’s a veritable sweater-fest here at Amy Herzog Designs this week, between Rhinebeck and the CustomFit launch. Today, I’ll present one of my two Sunday Rhinebeck sweaters, both new designs.

Introducing Tucci:


I’m such a sucker for stripes. They brighten my mood, they’re cheerful, and they’re a great way for me to work colors that I love, but don’t want all over, into my wardrobe. So Tucci combines an easy-to-modify silhouette with sassy, cheerful stripes and simple (optional) embroidery for a stunner of a cardigan. It’s great for using up small amounts of that knockout yarn (or a color you want to use sparingly) and giving your sweater some interest without going overboard.

It’s constructed in pieces from the bottom up, then seamed. The collar is picked up and knit after seaming. Button bands are worked inline with the front pieces, making for easier finishing. Optional blanket stitch is used to give the seed stitch edges some colorful interest, and the stripes are placed on the collar and sleeves for visual balance and easy modification options.

Spirit Trail Fiberworks’ Brigantia is an incredible blend of Polwarth wool and silk. It’s got a lightweight feel, lovely fluidity, great drape, and a gorgeous sheen. When this utterly awesome fabric is combined with the intense, subtly-shaded colors that come out of Jen’s dye-pot, the result is intense and fabulous. I can’t recommend it enough.

I’m doing something new, for the first time, with this pattern release, and that’s releasing Tucci in two ways: One that’s standalone, and one that’s a CustomFit recipe.

Which leads me to some details that I didn’t explicitly lay out in my post on the CustomFit release yesterday:

CustomFit accounts, storing body measurements, and storing swatches, are all free. And always will be. When you’d like to knit a sweater pattern, step through the sweater design wizard, triple-check (and tweak) anything about the sweater you’d like. Then, each pattern costs US $9.99.

We think this makes tons more sense, given the amount of time it takes to make a sweater, than a huge up-front cost or a subscription model.

Keeping that in mind, Tucci may be purchased in one of two ways from from my ravelry pattern store:

  • As a standard pattern for $7.00 (with CustomFit recipe included in addition to standalone pattern instructions). This is a pattern very much like any of my others; it includes complete instructions for all 12 sizes, plus modification advice and a detailed schematic. To purchase Tucci this way, click here:
  • You may also purchase a CustomFit recipe (without standard pattern instructions) for $2.50. The CustomFit recipe provides full instructions on how to use CustomFit to make a Tucci that will fit you perfectly from hem to neck and everywhere in between, including:
    • Which construction options to choose to get Tucci in the fit and shape as shown above
    • Instructions for stripe placement
    • Finishing directions, including wide collar instructions, and how to work embroidered edging

    To purchase Tucci this way, click here:

Which should you choose? It depends on whether you’re typically comfortable knitting (and modifying) a pattern as written, or whether you’d really like to get instructions that fit you well with no modification required. The CustomFit recipe involves a perfect fit and no math but does require the purchase of a CustomFit pattern, for $9.99 to get a complete set of instructions.

Please let me know what you think of pattern releases with two options, this way. It’s a new idea and I’d love your feedback.

Either way, I hope you like Tucci as much as I do. I’ll be wearing its sassy, chipper stripes on Saturday morning at Rhinebeck, and I can’t wait to see you there.

tucci-second-pass-9 tucci-second-pass-6 tucci-second-pass-8 tucci-second-pass-4

16 thoughts on “Rhinebeck, Step III: Presenting Tucci

  1. I like these colours a lot – I’m a sucker for blue and orange together.

  2. Amy, you are on fire! I would buy anything from you, any way. I don’t think I can give good business advice. Ordered red Dream in Color Classy to try a CustomFit sweater. Dropping all other knitting for it!

  3. What a great idea Amy! I absolutely love this cardigan!! I have been a bit nervous about creating my first pattern with CustomFit so it will be a great way to try it with a specific design. Love it!!

  4. I love this idea. I hope you will add this option to other designs as well. I have a not so little list already!

    1. Thanks Barbara-

      Yes, it’s definitely on my list to start the CF recipe changes next week, beginning with my simpler patterns like Afterlight. Those who have already purchased the pattern will get a CF recipe in an update, and I’ll also create a separate recipe-only file, I think.

  5. Wonderful colors on you! Have a wonderful time at Rhinebeck!

  6. Cute sweater and excellent idea using the custom fit program to make one. I’ll see you at Rhinebeck.

  7. Amy-

    i love the idea of having two options, but i would be willing to pay for both and would love that third option. in your more recent releases you had included the custom fit instructions in the pattern, and i really liked that. i wonder if it is possible to do that again and simply add up the costs?


    1. Hi Anna-

      Yes! Absolutely. The full pattern definitely includes the CustomFit information, too. So the two options are “both” or “just CustomFit”. Sorry that wasn’t clear!



      1. oh! thank you!

  8. LOVE LOVE LOVE the separate recipe for 2.50, I never use the other sizes in the pattern so love going to CF to customize the sweater for me! Any chance an e-book of recipes would be made to compliment the Fit To Flatter book? I would buy it in an instant!

  9. Amy,
    I love the addition of the Custom Fit recipe part. I’ve been pondering my first CF sweater and I think this will be it!

  10. I love love the Custom Fit recipe option. In particular, I would like it for Dalriada. Hope you get to that one soon.

  11. So to get a custom-fit Tucci one has to pay $2.50 plus the standard custom-fit $9.99? I seem to be misunderstanding something here. Maybe a bit more explanation, please?

  12. I love the new options for Custon Fit and am looking forward to retrospective recipes for other patterns, such as Petrea and Ayana perhaps.

    I love CF and am enjoying making my first CF sweater with more to come!

  13. I’m confused about what you get with the Custom fit recipe (for $2.50)if you don’t buy the pattern. How can you have all the instructions for a Tucci without the Tucci pattern??? “The CustomFit recipe provides full instructions on how to use CustomFit to make a Tucci that..”

    I must be missing something.

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