Tearing along

The Knitter’s Review Retreat is a very special kind of event, for the teachers as well as the attendees. It truly carves out a separate space in time, special and honest and deeply personal. It’s a place for exploring big ideas, and reminding myself why I have made this my life’s work.


It’s restorative and I need it oh-so badly by the time I hit November, hurtling at break-neck speed through the many events and designs and interactions that make up the fall, in the fiber world. (Not to mention the new book and the new site.) The ability to not only spend that precious classroom time with students, but to also engage throughout the weekend, is a gift unlike any other.

Getting pictures of my next design, and sharing a few new sweaters with the group was all the more special.


And ending with a lovely drive home, filled with thoughts about clothing that truly honors who we are, while finishing one sweater and starting another?


Perfection in weekend form, really. I feel blessed to have been there, and so incredibly lucky to be chasing my passion. Even at break-neck speed.


Speaking of chasing that passion, thank you so much for the wonderful outpouring that has made the launch of CustomFit such a success. It’s thrilling beyond words to see the sweaters you’re all creating, and the happiness and pride with which you’re wearing them. I have so much planned and so much I want to share and experience and do with you all!

That doing has been hampered, recently, by the amount of time it takes to keep things running behind the scenes. So Jackie and I are very very pleased to announce that the wonderful Lauren is now working with us to make sure everything is in tip-top shape. Please give her a warm welcome in the comments?

And may you all have a generous, warm, and restorative week, too.

17 thoughts on “Tearing along

  1. Welcome Lauren! looks like you’re going to be a fantastic addition to the team!

  2. It was a memorable time for me as well. I will never look at knitting a sweater quite the same. Congratulations and welcome Lauren!

  3. The weekend was truly special. It was great to see you and Jackie, and I loved how many people were psyched to get measured!
    Welcome, Lauren, you lucky devil.

  4. Good for you that it was such a weekend! Good for us that you’re so passionate about your work. And welcome to Lauren as a member of the fabulous CustomFit team.

  5. Amy — you personify those very attributes of the Retreat that you described above — special, personal, honest. And let us not forget fun! Welcome to Lauren. You are joining an amazing team!

  6. I did have a restorative week, I took a few days off to clean out closets and file cabinets. I donated a lot of “I’m not in love with this yarn/project/color any longer” yarns with an eye to making room for more sweater yarns. And it’s all your fault Amy! Welcome Lauren!

  7. Dear Amy,
    YOU made the weekend magical! I am happy to be starting a whole new BETTER relationship with my body, thanks to you. Yay! Can’t wait to start my first custom knit sweater. It was wonderful to meet Jackie and welcome to Lauren…you are all so lucky to be supporting each other in chasing your passion. Sprint on, dear women, sprint on! And thank you so much.

  8. I have attended 3 funerals in the last 9 days and suddenly got a year older. Still, the weekend was very restorative–finished my second Amy H. design (with changes and mods) and showed and told both of them at our guild Monday night. I am delighted with both of them (someone accused me of losing a lot of weight!) and am now working on number 3! Thank you wonderful Amy and welcome Lauren!

  9. So excited for Lauren! Great team!!

  10. Wonderful to see you, and to meet Jackie in person! Welcome Lauren to a fantastic team. The Dalai Lama of the knitting world, indeed.

  11. I’m having a proud big sister moment here. Congratulations, Lauren! You’re going to rock it.

  12. Congrats on it all! Hoping you have a bit of down time soon. And welcome Lauren!

  13. Welcome, Lauren!

  14. Welcome Lauren! You’re working with the best!

  15. Welcome, Lauren! Keep Amy going strong!

  16. Amy, it was so wonderful to see you again, to meet the wonderful Jackie, and to (re!)-take your fabulous class. Custom Fit is the best thing to happen in knitting in years. So exciting!

  17. The interwebs won’t open Ravelry right now, so I can’t stalk Lauren. But welcome! What a wonderful team you are part of now. If Amy and Jackie give you the thumbs up that’s enough for me!

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