Happy New Year to you and yours! I’m really excited about 2014. 2013 was such a tumultuous year for our family, one of such massive change. Through it all, I managed to knit rather a lot of sweaters. And now after a lovely few weeks focusing on family and soaking up the time with my kids, we’re all ready to get back to “normal life”.

Of course, I’m sure there are changes lurking in the coming months, too, but for the moment it feels great to just pause, know the shape of the next few months, and dive into a wonderful, woolly pile of work. I love the New Year holiday every year for this reason: Somehow, I always start the year in a place of optimism, hope, and a readiness to dive in.

Naturally, I have a lot of travel coming up. Want to find me? I’ll be here over the next couple of months:

  • Jan 9-14: Winter TNNA show in lovely San Diego (which I will probably not see even a little bit of, so don’t get too jealous!)
  • Jan 16-20: Vogue Knitting Live, NYC
  • Jan 31-Feb 2:The Studio Knitting Retreat
  • Feb 19-24: STITCHES West – we’ll have a CustomFit booth in the marketplace!
  • Feb 28 – March 2: Classes TBA at Windy Knitty in Chicago
  • March 13 – 16: Vogue Knitting Live, Seattle
  • March 23: Stitch House, Dorchester
  • March 31: Iron Horse, Natick
  • April 10-13: STITCHES South – I’m the keynote speaker and will teach all weekend. Hope to see you!
  • April 30 – May 4: TNNA Summer show in Indianapolis
  • May 16-18: AR Fiber Festival
  • June 5-8: Squam!!!

And if you’re going to be any of these places, I’d love to see you. The next book is full-steam-ahead right now, too. Which is exciting in its own chaotic, inspiring, messy way.


(Ever wonder what a book looks like, mid-way through? There you go!)

Normally, this would make for a pretty crazy couple of months and you’d see me again in May…

…but I’m going to try to avoid a repeat of last fall and spend more time doing things that recharge my batteries and my creativity. I expect more knitting, more time soaking up great conversations with friends, and more time here on the blog. I’ve missed you all.

One of the by-products of this is that I’m likely to change my pattern releases to be more collection-based rather than one at a time. I think there’s something exciting about the promise of a group of sweaters, and I’m excited to share the first set with you. I think it makes sense to do the same thing with CustomFit Recipe releases. For future sweater collections, there will be an option for a “Recipe collection” at the same time.

In addition, lots of prople have asked about recipes for my previously-published patterns. I’m in the process of creating those now, and will be releasing them in in collections of five pattern “recipes” each.

There will be three sets:

  • Collection 1: Adelina, Ayana, Beacon Hill, Nantasket (both options), Newtowne.
  • Collection 2: Aislinn, Arm Candy, Caulfield (both options), Petrea, Seamair.
  • Collection 3: Alight, Alta, Sebasco, Trimmings (both options), Wintry Mix.
  • The Sebasco Collection will also be available as a recipe collection.

The first is ready for you, and I’m excited to share it!

adelina-9-c-splityarn final (7 of 7) final-05173 nantasket-final-8

final-04736 nantasket-final-13

Please note that this collection is for CustomFit recipes ONLY. You will not get complete pattern instructions, and when you knit the sweaters an additional CustomFit pattern purchase will be required. On the up-side, the recipes give you instructions for creating these sweaters in your gauge, for your body, with no math required.

I hope you like the idea! You can find the e-book in my Ravelry store, and I can’t wait to share a whole new year of sweaters with you.

16 thoughts on “Incoming

  1. Looking forward to seeing you next weekend in San Diego!

  2. I personally dislike “collections,” as I rarely want to knit more than one thing in them. I much prefer to buy my patterns individually. I do buy books, which of course are collections, but I rarely buy an ebook where a designer has collected patterns, even though it’s a designer I really like. And, although offering “recipes” for previous designs is an awesome concept, it would make me very crabby indeed if I were a new user to CustomFit to find out that to get the “recipe” for Ayana , I’d have to shell out ANOTHER $10 in addition to the CustomFit pattern.

    1. Thanks for letting me know how you feel! I’d planned on offering the individual sweater patterns at the same time (much like I did with the Sebasco Collection); if folks want me to do so I’d be glad to do the individual pattern CF recipes too.

      1. Hi Amy! I would have to agree about wanting them individually as well – will this mean that you won’t release patterns as often? Looking back it seemed like I could look forward to 1-2 a month which was perfect for how quickly I could knit one up, will I have to wait longer in between releases now?

  3. Every collection may not be for *everyone* but if the classic Amy Herzog patterns you have been waiting for in Custom Fit are grouped together, your ship has come in. Having access to these patterns in Custom Fit is a plus in and of itself. I’m really looking forward to Collection 3, Amy. Great move!

  4. Wonderful! Can you do the Custom Fit recipe for the Flutter pullover in the next collection? 🙂

    1. Great question Elizabeth! I’m still working out the best way to release recipes for patterns in books and magazines. I’ll let you know what we decide for the Knit to Flatter patterns, for sure!

  5. Thanks for the Ayana recipe for CF.

    I’ve got a comprehensive question: Will I get a recipe for all of your patterns I’ve purchased before CF was “born”? And what about the Charles Collection? Will I get the recipes for that (your) sweaters, too? Or only for the single patterns released later?

    1. Great question. The answer is of course! You’ll get pattern updates for each pattern you’ve purchased when the recipe comes out.

      The Charles Collection is slightly different; since it was a collaboration I don’t actually have Ravelry access for updates. And of course, I don’t have recipes for the sweaters that aren’t mine. But I”m happy to give the NewTowne and Beacon Hill recipes to collection purchasers – just need to figure out a way to do so.

      1. Great to hear!

        Doesn’t exist an overview who has purchased the collection and is a Ravelry member?

  6. I love this and would knit three of these sweaters in a heartbeat so I will buy the collection. Question, though, as I am still in the weeds on this, will I adapt the purchased pattern to what the CF Recipe is? Or can I just buy a complete CF pattern with all adaptions included?

  7. My daughter The Collection will have several booths at the show. Needlepointt.

  8. I am so looking forward to meeting Amy and the team at Stitches West!

  9. Hi Amy,
    I’m a little confused. If I purchase the full pattern Aislinn today will my pattern be updated with the CF recipe when it’s released under the pattern colloection policy?


  10. I really really hope you do individual releases of the CF recipes. I am a lot less likely to buy a collection of recipes– especially if I know I need to pay another $9.99 for the pattern. $9.99+$2.50 is a lot easier for one pattern I really want than $9.99 + $9.99 for one pattern I want plus a bunch I might never intend to make. Not that all your patterns aren’t fantastic.
    Also, I really want to make Birch Bark. Will that be released as a standalone CF recipe? It already is included in the full Birch Bark pattern, and the Acorn Trail, released around the same time, has a separate CF recipe. Don’t leave Birch Bark out! Thanks!

  11. Amy I was wondering if you would share the name and color of the pretty yellow yarn in your book in progress picture? I am a sucker for a pretty light yellow. Thanks.

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