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How is your cardigan coming along? We’re all knitting along slowly but surely. The Ravelry thread is on fire — some folks have already finished their sweaters! Dare we suggest they go for two? Here’s an update on our progress!


This week, Amy is working on the photoshoot for her next book! She’s knit something like two sweaters per week for the last month! Fortunately her fingers haven’t fallen off yet. Once the big push is past, she’ll have a chance to get back to personal knitting (and she can’t wait for that!). Look for a more detailed post on her cardigan in the next week or two. In the meantime, she’s been posting sneak previews of the sweaters in the next book on our Instagram! Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 9.04.19 PMLauren

I’ve got a few sweaters on the needles, but I’m extra excited about my Cardipalooza WIP. I talked about my inspiration on Facebook last week — I’m replicating a favorite black cardigan I used to own. A black stockinette cardigan is slow going, and the WIP pictures aren’t very exciting, but I know it’s going to be a wardrobe staple when it’s finished. I’m especially excited to use the handmade buttons I got from Buttonalia. photoJackie

I’ve been swatching, swatching, swatching, in pursuit of that perfect fabric (you may have seen my sleeve-sized swatch photo on Twitter). It became apparent that I was trying too hard to make that yarn something it didn’t want to be, so I changed courses. Here’s my swatch! photo (1) I’ve found a fabric I love now, and it’s just a matter of inputting my gauge into CustomFit and deciding what choices to make. Here is my inspiration — I’d like to end up with a sweater like this one. jackie inspiration I couldn’t be more excited to wear this sweater. I can see it with a pair of khaki shorts and a dark blue American Apparel tee, with my topsiders and sunglasses. A perfect thing to throw on as it gets cool at night, or in the a/c. Now all I have to do is knit it! What was your inspiration for your cardigan? If you have a Pinterest board, use #makewearlove or #cardipalooza — we’ll repin your ideas onto our board!

3 thoughts on “Cardipalooza update

  1. I’ve got about 2/3 of the sleeves to do (doing them at the same time) and I’ll have the knitting done so I can block & pick up the stitches for the edging…and my cardigan will be done! Doing my 1st CF.

    I wanted to get it finished so I can take it on vacation to Maine the 1st week in May.

  2. I started the Acorns cardi on April 1 and had to frog because the yarn (Flicker) was wrong for the pattern. So I’m no using Fit to Flatter to make a Chanel-type cardi for travel. Can I sign up for cardipalooza or does it have to be a specific pattern?

  3. Oops, that should be “now” rather than “no.”

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