Travel-o-rama (TNNA!)

The whole team is freshly returned from TNNA’s summer show, the largest industry trade show for the needle arts. It’s always an exciting show, full of new things and fantastic people and great ideas – and this year was no exception. There’s no photography on the show floor, but since we were there exhibiting CustomFit LYS, we can share a few snapshots of our own booth!




We were thrilled to have the chance to connect with so many of our existing stores, and bring so many new ones onto the team! We’ll be updating our list of CustomFit stores over the next couple of weeks, so please check back to see if yours is listed. (And if they’re not, the best way to help them become a CustomFit stores is to let them know about us and have them write [email protected]!) You can also see in the middle picture that we were recognized with a TNNA Business Innovation award. We feel so strongly about helping the LYS thrive, and we were honored to be recognized as part of that larger movement.



(We definitely had a lot of fun crafting for the booth.)

The weekend was such a whirlwind that we don’t have many other pictures, but our heads are full to the brim with excitement, plans, and hopes. We can’t wait to share more of them with you. Until then, though, here’s a picture of the three of us in our booth. It’s so rare for us all to be in the same place at the same time!


We’re all looking forward to settling back into a more sane schedule around here. So you’ll definitely be hearing more from us soon. (How is your Cardipalooza cardigan coming along? Ours are getting there – Lauren is trying valiantly to persevere in the face of black fingering weight Stockinette, Amy’s is nearly ready for release, and Jackie’s is well underway.)

3 thoughts on “Travel-o-rama (TNNA!)

  1. What are the three designs in the first photo?

    1. Great question Penny! They’re Nantasket, Cushman, and the third is a CustomFit recipe called “Tenby” that will be released very soon.

  2. What a smile this put on my face! Congratulations on the award :-), well-deserved. The flip card about sweater yarns; have you said (or will you say) what it contains?

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