Cardipalooza pattern: Cushing Isle

After the madness of knitting all of the book sweaters, and the travel of this spring, I was looking forward to cardipalooza like nobody’s business. A sweater just for me? Sign me up!

Of course, it didn’t hurt that I had a sweater’s worth of Clara Parkes’ new Cormo 1.0 colors waiting for my needles. I took time out from the production knitting schedule to swatch it as soon as it arrived, of course! So all through the end rush of the book I knew I had a beautiful textured cable stitch cardigan waiting for me.

The yarn lived up to its promise.


Buy the full Cushing Isle pattern for $7.00
Buy the Cushing Isle CustomFit recipe for $2.50

Clara said, about this yarn:

My goal was to produce an ideal sweater yarn, the kind of yarn that almost leaps off the skein and onto your needles while you aren’t looking. I chose a heavier gauge to let Cormo’s innate thick sponginess shine through. In fabric, I can’t think of anything else I’d want to wrap around my body.

Me either, really. It’s both comforting and lovely to look at.


Of course the yarn is all gone now, but the pattern is still available for your cardipalooza pleasure. You can find all of the details on the project page, but here are a few of my favorite things about this cardigan:

  • I eliminated the waist shaping on the front of this cardigan (but kept it on the back), giving a nice relaxed fit through the tummy while keeping the essential shaped look of the sweater. That, combined with the super-deep V neck, give this sweater a real “boyfriend” feel, in the best possible way. (By which I mean, I get all of the comfort while still looking shapely.)
  • The textured stitch pattern gives a beautiful weight to the front panels of the cardigan. The little 1×1 cabled stitches don’t pull the gauge in perceptibly, but they do give the fronts a wonderful stability and structure.
  • The back and sleeves are in plain Stockinette and the edges are trimmed with 2×2 ribbing, all of which combine with the larger gauge to make the sweater a nice, easy knit. It’s as relaxing to create as it is to wear!


As with all of my patterns now, Cushing Isle is available in one of two formats.

If you’d like a traditional pattern in 12 sizes and plan to work the modification math yourself, choose the full Cushing Isle pattern for $7.00. (Note: You’ll also get the CustomFit recipe for completeness’ sake.)

If you’d like to use CustomFit to create Cushing Isle, choose the Cushing Isle Recipe E-book for only $2.50. It will tell you how to create a pattern within CustomFit’s custom sweater wizard that with a silhouette like Cushing Isle, how to eliminate the shaping on the fronts of your cardigan if desired, and how to work the Cabled Check pattern.


Jackie and Lauren will update you on their progress soon – but until then, thanks for your support! How is your cardipalooza sweater coming?

3 thoughts on “Cardipalooza pattern: Cushing Isle

  1. scrumptious!!

  2. I love this sweater! It’s next on my list to purchase. Must get back to my own Cardipalooza sweater – the back is finished but I have yet to cast on the first front piece. Wanting to get to Cushing Isle should spur me on!

  3. Hi Amy,
    I love this sweater! I want to be sure I understand. Don’t I need to buy the recipe for custom fit in addition to the pattern? Also, I must make my gauge fit the pattern as written right? Or, do I provide my gauge details for the custom fit recipe?

    Thanks Amy

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