Lauren’s Summer Knitting

Oh hey! Remember me?

Things have been a little crazy at Amy Herzog Designs recently, and we’ve been quieter on this front than we’d like to be. I’ll let Amy tell that story when she returns to the land of the internet, and instead bring you an update on what I’ve been knitting this summer!

The Summer Sweater KAL is well underway. I’ve made good progress, depending on how you like to measure progress! Thanks to a few plane rides and a road trip, the two pieces of my Saco Stripes + CustomFit mashup were finished in just over a week.

… and that was nearly a month ago. Since then, I’ve been working on a few things.

1. Avoiding weaving in the ends on my #SSKAL tank.

photo 1 (1)

Exhibit A. There are 14 stripes on the front and 14 on the back. 28 ends per side, 56 ends total — and that doesn’t even include the main color! Ordinarily I love finishing work, but for some reason I haven’t been able to face it yet. Do you blame me?

2. Knitting baby sweaters.

A number of my family members and friends are bringing new babies into the world this fall. What better way to procrastinate on my own knitting than to whip up a couple of super-adorable, super-quick sweaters? I can’t let future babies, especially those born in prime sweater weather (we’re talking October and November due dates, y’all) go un-sweatered. So here’s the first and the makings of a second:

photo 4

The pattern is Small Things by Carina Spencer. I highly recommend it — so sophisticated. A good sophisticated sweater is an important part of any newborn’s wardrobe. (Actually, I think the maroon one is a 6-month size, or maybe even 9-month! I don’t have kids, so when I don’t manage to get gauge I just work on the fly, figuring it will fit a baby at some point! They grow quickly, right?)

3. Deciding what to knit for my next #SSKAL!

Here’s where I need your help. I have a couple of good ideas floating around, but I’m not sure which to pursue next. Our first contender is with some beautiful Mrs. Crosby Train Case that Amy gifted me. It’s got a gorgeous sheen to it, AND it’s my favorite color. I’m trying to decide between a CustomFit version of Berenice (for my adult self, not kid-sized), or maybe Amy’s own Afterlight. I think this yarn would be a great fit for the latter, but I am also very drawn to Berenice’s delicate styling.

photo 2 (1)

Option two is a CustomFit cardigan using the stitch pattern from the beautiful Effervescence Cardigan. The version in my head looks a little different, but I love the stitch pattern the designer used. I’m planning this using some absolutely gorgeous Sweet Fiber Cashmerino Sock I brought home from Stitches West.



And finally, I’d like to make a lighter-weight version of my color block pullover. I have some fingering weight Swan’s Island that would make a lovely casual sweater. I’ve even knit about five and a half rows of a swatch! Or maybe I’ll go back to my Colorblock Pinterest board and see if I want to try something new with colorblocking.

Whew, that was a laundry list of options! Vote in my poll on Ravelry here — I’d love your opinion.

How’s your summer sweater coming? What else are you knitting to beat the heat?

5 thoughts on “Lauren’s Summer Knitting

  1. Girl, you need to learn to weave in ends as you knit! It’s a fair isle technique, and the second-best thing I’ve learned in 51 years of knitting (first was working a dropped stitch back up). Get thee to the YooToobs!

  2. Did you know it is not necessary to weave in ends when doing stripes back and forth? use a long circular needle and knit the new color from which ever side it presents itself, knitting on a knit row or purling by sliding the the needle down. It may be “out of sequence, but makes no difference. Just slide your stitches along the cable and begin knitting from the other end. Easy on stockinette stitch with short stripe sequence.

    1. I was able to carry the MC up the side with no problem, but with 6 rows of MC between CC stripes, it was just a bit too much! So each stripe of CC had two lovely little ends hanging out. Fortunately I managed, just took a good deal of procrastinating and this blog post to kick me into gear 🙂

  3. Where is that grey and black jumper with the faux sweetheart neckline from?? Is it a handknit? It’s lovely! And it’s guaranteed to make anyone’s boobs look great.

    1. It was a mystery image from Pinterest! I’m considering trying to handknit it, but haven’t yet.

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