Sweater Week: Stonington

For the last sweater release of Sweater Week, I wanted to share something that makes me think of New England fall. Meet Acorn Trail’s little sister, Stonington:


Stonington started with a yarn, and a desire to create a sweater similar to Acorn Trail, but that was simpler to knit.

The yarn is Harrisville WaterSHED. Watershed is a wonderful yarn to work with – it’s woolenspun, so it’s lightweight and lofty. But it’s spun a bit more sturdily, so it will wear beautifully over time. It comes in a beautiful color palette, and is rustic enough to evoke everything warm and woolen about knitting.

With such a classic yarn, I wanted Stonington to match: To be a classic cardigan shape with a definite fall look, but on the easier side, skill-wise. It is both extremely simple to knit and has just enough detail to produce a timeless, wearable sweater. The lines evoked by the 2×2 ribbed sleeves and ribbing detail on the cardigan’s fronts allow it to be dressed up, and the earthy tweedy wool makes the sweater equally as comfortable with an old pair of jeans.

stonington-finals-5 stonington-finals-3 stonington-finals-2 stonington-finals-6

As written Stonington has a low-hip length and full-length sleeves, but as usual (now) you can change those options when you create it via CustomFit. And like all of my other designs being released this week, CustomFit is where you can get a Stonington of your own.

Click here to get started!

I hope we’ll see you at the festival on Saturday or Sunday, but either way: Stay tuned for a post from Lauren tomorrow, and another post from me (on Featherweight fabric) on Sunday.

Have a great weekend!

5 thoughts on “Sweater Week: Stonington

  1. This is lovely! I ordered a skein of Waterspun today so I can swatch. I’ll have a hard time choosing a color, too. I plan eventually to make Acorn Trail, but when I swatched, I found that I row out badly with the Highland. I’ll have to use that for something else and find another yarn to use for Acorn Trail. In the meantime, I can have this!

  2. I’ve been waiting and this is the one I want! Now I have to get someone to measure me

  3. I love it.

  4. Sorry, but I find anywhere to download or pay for stongington pattern. Could you please point me in the correct direction. Thanks Paula Szabo

    1. Hello Paula! The Stonington pattern is available as a CustomFit pattern in your gauge and measurements. You can buy a credit for the pattern here, which comes with instructions for how to get started with CustomFit. https://amyherzogdesigns.com/product/stonington/

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