Rhinebeck was, naturally, glorious.






The trees were beautiful, our CustomFit meet-ups were super fun, I signed some books (which still gives me a thrill), and I spent some fantastic down time with dearly-missed friends.

…And since karmic balance is a real thing, I came home with one of the worst colds I’ve had in years. I don’t remember the last time when a simple cold caused me this much grief! I’ve spent a couple of days looking groggily at the people around me, sipping tea, and knitting. (I finished the pieces for that #FFKAL sweater, by the way, and immediately cast on for another garment which is now almost finished. I love that my fingers know what to do even when I’m not coherent enough to string 2 words together.)

And today I’m headed to Chicago, for Vogue Knitting Live. I love these teaching weekends, and it’s always a bonus to go somewhere I haven’t spent a lot of time, so I’m especially looking forward to this one. I’ll be bringing the one secret project I’m working on, to finish, and I’ll also be plugging away on this:


My Tern (in color Barnacle) arrived for my Featherweight, and I had to take a half-hour or so and get started. Isn’t it a lovely color? I’m working the Tern at about 6.5 stitches to the inch, which is about as loose as I can ever imagine going with this yarn, and I can’t wait to be wearing this thing.

4 thoughts on “Rhinebeck!

  1. OK – the last photo before the text, the group shot with the woman in the white sweater dead center? That is the exact style I have been trying to come up with for myself. (The attempt currently sits in a bag on my basement floor.) Name of pattern, please? All of the sweaters are great, but that is the one…

  2. You walked by me at one point and I did a double-take–it was so weird to recognize you from the internet! It was my first Rhinebeck, but won’t be my last. Had a wonderful time.

  3. Amy, I also came home with a cold. I hope your ears are not plugged for your flight today! My pilot husband advised to me take some meds an hour before landing…good luck!

  4. “I spent some fantastic down time with dearly-missed friends”

    I loved the Rhinebeck post and photos (especially all of the glorious sweaters everyone was wearing) but this was my favorite part of the post!

    Enjoy Chicago to the fullest! What needle size(s) are you using for your Featherweight in Tern?

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