make. wear. love. retreat: west coast registration is OPEN.

The Knitter’s Review Retreat is over once more, and Jackie and I are en route back home as you read these words, happy and inspired but ready for some family-time, too.

We had a wonderful event at the utterly fantastic Yarn Culture in Fairport, NY after the retreat ended. (No seriously, utterly fantastic.)


But you don’t care about that at all today, right? You care about this:


So here you go! A registration form, just for you. (By the way – if you didn’t see this post instantly, and you want to come to the retreat, don’t despair! Even if the retreat happens to be full when you contact us, the wait list is definitely not pointless – plans can and do change, and spots open up.)

As a quick reminder, after submitting your registration you’ll next hear from us on November 19, when we’ll contact everyone and take the next steps.

We hope you can join us, but either way – have a wonderful Monday, and we’ll be back shortly for more yummy knitting goodness.

2 thoughts on “make. wear. love. retreat: west coast registration is OPEN.

  1. Hi, I filled in a registration form for the retreat in may and I was wondering when we would hear back about if we got in? I will need to let my work know soon so I can get the time off! ; ) Thanks Darala

  2. Alas I’m only on the wait list. This looks like the best knitting retreat (I’ve been looking and dreaming of attending one for the last 5 years and thought this one was possible). To have both yourself and Stephanie at the same event would have been an incredible experience of a lifetime. We are starved for these events on the west coast. Perhaps you could consider having another retreat in California next winter?

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