In review, looking ahead

Happy holidays, from our little team!

We hope your knitting has been gifted, and you’re now luxuriating in family, friends, and a shorter to-do list than in early December. And while we’re still snuggling with our loved ones and enjoying a little family time of our own, I wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for being here, and reflect a bit on 2014.

My family experienced 2014 as a pretty tumultuous year, honestly. A good year in many ways, to be sure… …and a challenging one in others.

2014 was my first full year working for myself (and with an incredible team). It included more trips than I’d like to think about (16 before summer, which is when I stopped counting very carefully, even though I love teaching with all my heart). Our family made a huge move to a much less expensive place to live (but yay for continuing to be able to work on my passions!), with all that entails: new schools, new surroundings, exploration of this place we now call home. And more than that, it included a lot of introspection: What would we like our lives to be like? How much of that is under our control, and what can we change to bring ourselves closer to the family we want to be?

I feel incredibly lucky that we were in a position to make some big changes, and we’re ending the year in a place that (while still more tenuous than we’d like) is filled with light, and joy, and love. Even the bad days are easier, here.


(Family out-take time!)

Ravelry tells me that I also knit 25 sweaters, though you can’t see most of them until the spring:


(Knit Wear Love is coming this spring to a location near you!)

And lots of other work that has been keeping us busy this fall is under wraps until spring-time, too. All in all, 2014 left me feeling hopeful, more centered than I have in a long time, and very very excited about 2015.

How did you feel about 2014?

However your year went: Happy New Year, to you and yours. May this night be filled with light, knitting, and wonderful company. See you on the flip side!

7 thoughts on “In review, looking ahead

  1. Happy New Year, Amy! I took one of your Fit to Flatter workshops at Rheinbeck two years ago, and because of that finally finished my first sweater – one that fits and looks great! I’ve got two more in the works (sandwiched in between other knitting projects and harp gigs), and I understand the process so much better now. Not just with sweaters, but knitting and how things fit in general.

    2014 has been a very bittersweet year for me; we lost our beloved dog in July, and it’s colored the remainder of the year in grief. But looking back, I can see the many positive things that happened as well. I’ve been working at a LYS for a year now – a knitter’s dream job if there ever was one! Because of that job, I’ve been challenged to learn new techniques, and knit new things. I’ve become a professional knitter, and been paid for both projects and teaching. And my harp business really began taking off, with a good many new gigs by the end of the year, far more than the past few years combined. My eldest daughter started high school, and thoughts of college (and her leaving the nest!) are rising to the forefront.

    Thinking back makes me realize all the good things that happened this year. I’ve really enjoyed your patterns, and your blog, and I LOVE your new CustomFit site, it’s absolutely fantastic!

    Thanks for reminding me to look back and count my blessings, and look forward to new ones as well. Here’s moving forward into 2015!

  2. Amy, you are an amazing designer, a knitting innovator, and an exemplary human being. What a treat to see that photo of your beautiful family. Thanks for your candid and inspiring post, and very best wishes for a wonderful 2015. xo

  3. May a glorious & happy, creative, healthy, productive & love-filed 2015 greet you every day! Many thanks for all you ALL do to make this a cooler knitting world. XOXO

  4. Happy 2015 to you! I’m saying goodbye to a great 2014, due in no small part to the “aha” enabling that you’ve provided for my knitting. It’s wonderful to know you’re excited about what 2015 will bring; may yout enthusiasm continue and pay off for you in ways both hoped for and unexpected.

  5. Amy, I love seeing the photo of your family…you’re so beautiful together! Thank you for bring CustomFit into the world…it has truly revolutionized my knitting and has let my creativity soar. Happy New Year 2015, and I’ll see you again at the MWL retreat in Maine! xxoo Kelly

  6. You all look well-suited to each other! I see lots of mischief and creativity in all of those eyes….power to the redheads!

  7. Happy New Year, Amy! What a beautiful family you have 🙂

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