Deep Winter Travels

I always forget how much back-to-back extended travel weekends trash my productivity in other areas. Email, blog, laundry, the code… all of it falls by the wayside when I’m gone 10 days in a row.

But our travels to TNNA were great (did you see Lauren’s video of me seeing Knit, Wear, Love for the first time?), and I’ve taken my quick one-day laundry/kid-hugs break, and now I’m off again!

This weekend, I’ll be in New York for Vogue Knitting Live NYC, which is one of my absolute favorite events each year. I hope to see you there! In addition to my classes and lecture, I’ll be speaking at a panel on design on Sunday at lunchtime in the marketplace. It should be a blast.

And in addition to a wonderful TNNA, those cross-country flights are great for knitting productivity: I have already finished the knitting for my first Deep Winter KAL sweater.


(Not shown: Sleeves that have not yet been seamed on.) How are yours coming?

6 thoughts on “Deep Winter Travels

  1. Love the cowl on that sweater, Amy! Is this a new Custom Fit design? Or did I miss it somewhere else?

    1. It will be released in CustomFit very soon!

  2. This looks exactly like the kind of sweater I’ve been searching for! I hope it comes soon!

  3. Nice to see it all sewn together. It’s going to be SO warm!

  4. I LOVE how comfy and cosy that sweater looks. Now I need to find an excuse to buy another sweater quantity of yarn, because I don’t have any super bulky alpaca in my stash.

  5. I have been looking for a similar design
    And looking forward to seeing it released

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