Where did January go? (a little giveaway!)

January hit us hard here at Amy Herzog Designs! After we got back from TNNA, I came down with a killer cold that laid me out for nearly a week. I could barely knit, which is the worst kind of sick. And just a few days later, my fiancé and I packed up our apartment and moved to a different neighborhood. Sadly, packing (and then unpacking!) boxes is not conducive to finishing a Deep Winter KAL sweater… but I’m trying my best. photo

Meanwhile, on the other side of the country, the flu hit Amy’s kids hard. I won’t go into detail, but let’s just say there’s been some puking. The one good thing (?) about sitting with sick children is that you get a lot of knitting done… she’s on track for several sweaters this KAL!


As for Jackie, she’s been working hard to wrap up everything before her little one arrives sometime in the next month or so.

We’re still getting a bit of knitting done, while planning for the next sweater too.

photo (1)

How’s your Deep Winter KAL Sweater? Have you made good progress? Lots of folks have already posted sweaters in our Ravelry group, and there’s some great in-progress shots under the hashtags #wintersweaterKAL and #makewearlove on Instagram!

Even though January’s got us under the weather, we’re looking forward to February. Want to know why? All of us are big football fans, and there’s a little something going on the first of February …


To thicken the plot, we’re rooting for opposite teams. Being from New England, Amy and Jackie are die-hard Patriots fans. And you know I live in Seattle — home of the defending champions, the Seahawks, my favorite team since my junior year of college.

We’re upping the stakes! Amy and I have decided to make a bet on the winner of the game — and the winner of our bet will be one of you. Post a comment predicting who will win the Super Bowl, and what you’ll be knitting while you watch it (or while you don’t watch it).

(Hint: the right answer is the Seahawks.)

(Amy would like to note she disagrees!)

We’ll pick a lucky knitter from one of you who chose the winning team, and the loser of our little bet will send the winner a sweater quantity from her stash, plus one coupon for any CustomFit sweater. Let the games begin!

Who’s going to win, and what will you be knitting?

Thanks everyone! Comments are now closed, and we’ll be crowning a winner in the next post.

330 thoughts on “Where did January go? (a little giveaway!)

  1. The actual correct answer is the Denver Broncos, but seeing that their season is already done… Seahawks all the way!

    I plan to be knitting a hat. I cannot expect to really be paying attention to anything knit on Superbowl Sunday so it will be something easy and brainless for me!

  2. OK, I know nothing of (American) football and since I’m in Europe, I won’t be watching. But I’ve been to Seattle on holidays and loved it, so I’m saying the Seahawks will win. I bet New England is lovely too, but I’ve never been there, so…

    And while not watching, I’ll be starting a Peabody Sweater, that has been in my Ravelry queue for years.

    Enjoy the game and the knitting!

  3. Pats, probably…

  4. Pats, probably – and I’m working on Mystik Spiral socks in Gynx yarn!

  5. Patriots all the way!
    Knitting a lined hat for my husband’s ice fishing escapades.

  6. I will be watching the Seahawks win and knitting a swatch for my Madrona class, taught by, who else, Amy!

  7. Oh come on, Patriots all the way! Okay, in truth, I’m not a football fan (go Sox!) but I hate how grouchy everyone gets around here if the Pats lose. I will be watching the Superbowl for the commercials, and knitting on my Calligraphy cardigan during the actual football.

  8. Go Seahawks! I plan to knit a lace scarf or if things are too exciting then I will switch to a simpler cowl in corrugated ribbing.

  9. Go Patriots! Go Seahawks! … In no particular order, since I’m not a football fan and agree with aprilshowers’ comments. If I should be watching though, I’ll be knitting my Color Affection in SF Giants colors from Cascade Heritage Silk and Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light…I do wish baseball season would hurry and get going…

  10. Definitely the Pats! I hope to be finishing a lace shawl.

  11. I don’t watch sports at all much any longer, but I’d have to go with the Seahowks for this one. I am working on a colorwork minecraft hat for my son, so that’s probably what I’ll be knitting on superbowl Sunday. Either that or swatching for a new CF sweater. 🙂

  12. We’ll be rooting for the Seahawks – even though they beat our beloved Packers! I’ll be knitting on some socks for my son while I watch the game – hope to finish them so I can start on a custom-fit sweater next month! 🙂

  13. Go Hawks! I will be knitting on a new Custom Fit Acorn Trail. I think I will start with the sleeves so I can watch the game.

  14. Go Seahawks! Easy knitting required for Sunday so probably a shawl that is in progress.

  15. Fingers are crossed for the Seahawks, and I’m contemplating casting on something new just for the occasion!

  16. Go Hawks! A summer sweater out of cotton yarn is currently on my needles.

  17. I live in Vancouver BC, and I keep hearing everywhere that the right answer is the Seahawks. I admit I don’t know one way or the other, but I wish everyone good luck. I will be knitting socks for my dear Granny, whose birthday is February 23 and who lives on the other side of the country, so I gotta get these socks done and in the mail soon!

  18. Definitely the Seahawks!

  19. i think the Seahawks will win again. I’m hoping to get started on my mama vertebrae – it’s watched, I just have to commit to a size and dive in!

  20. Go hawks! Okay, maybe living in the Seattle area has influenced my opinion a little. I’ve got plain ribbed socks ready to go.

  21. hope the Seahawks win… I’ll be knitting on my wip shawl but also picking out my next sweater pattern now that the switching is done.

  22. I have to pick the Seahawks as I love Russell Wilson (sorry, Amy & Jackie). I won’t be knitting as sweater as I do pay attention to the game but will be working on my Bygge wrap with the delicious Woolfolk Tynd yarn which feels like cashmere even though I’m assured it’s 100% wool. I have only 4 more sections to knit so maybe I’ll finish during the game (except for the crochet pick-up as I’m going to need a little help with that bit.

  23. I will absolutely be watching the Seahawks win while knitting on a pair of easy colorwork potholders so I don’t miss a minute of the action!

  24. Seahawks! And I think I’ll start knitting up some gorgeous Cat Mountain Fibers yarn into a linen stitch cowl while I watch them win.

  25. We’ll be rooting for the Seahawks from our home in Boston. I hope to put some work towards finishing up a shawl so I can move on to a sweater soon.

    What do Seahawks Say? Win win win Win win win

  26. I’ll be cheering for the right team, the Patriots. And I’ll be knitting on a Honey Cowl that’s my current TV-watching project and possibly a plain sock as well.

  27. Go Seahawks! I’ll be working on socks. Not sure if they’ll be for humans or chair legs.

  28. I have to admit I won’t be watching, but I still always like to pick a team when there’s a big sporting event and this year I pick the Seahawks.

  29. Rooting for the Seahawks… knitting a basic ribbed sock so I can pay attention to the commercials.

  30. I’ll be working on my CustomFit Caulfield while I watch the Patriots win!

  31. I’d prefer that the Seahawks win, but my gut feeling is that the Patriots will, so consider this a vote for the Patriots as Super Bowl champs.

    I’ll be knitting a block for my bedspread. Boring knitting, but extremely easy to pick up and put down as needed during the game.

  32. I am a Pats fan, for sure, but I’m afraid I think the Seahawks will take it this year. But who knows? I hope I am proven wrong! Either way I’ll be finishing up some striped toe-up socks.

  33. Best giveaway! I totally want.

    I live in western Mass so it’s the Patriots for me. And I’ll be working on a hat called wurm. It won’t require too much attention which is a good thing.

  34. I love watching the Superbowl, as it is the perfect time spent eating and knitting. I’ll be pulling for the Seahawks and finishing up my “Charlie’s Cardigan”.

  35. I’ll be cheering for the Seahawks! 🙂

  36. I’m in Indiana, so I’ll definitely be rooting for the Seahawks after that debacle of a game between the Patriots and Colts last week. If I manage to find somewhere to watch the game (no cable, just Netflix), I’ll be back to knitting a long-forgotten sweater for me after finishing a collection of baby patterns due this week, hooray!

  37. Both are great teams but after all the Deflategate foolishness, I think the Patriots will win because they are really ticked! I am frantically working on the Emberwarm Shawl for a class that I am taking. Then, I have hat commitments to do before I can get back to my sweater-knitting. Yes, the plague has hit many of us! yech! Stay warm!

  38. I’ll take the Seahawks, though I probably won’t be knitting while the game is on — several reasons, but not because I’ll be watching. LOL! However, if I do manage to knit, I’ll be working on Fiori di Cuore, which I’d like to finish before beginning my first CF project.

  39. Seahawks! I’ll be knitting socks, so that I can give most of my attention to the game.

  40. Seahawks, because it’s the team my football-loving friend likes, and she could use something nice happening.
    I won’t actually be watching the game, but I’ll be knitting on my Stormcloud Mitts and maybe also a sock design I’m working on while I discuss store strategy over brunch with my boss, and then hit a local quilt shop’s only sale of the year.

  41. I have no particular attachment to either team, but I’ll be rooting for the Patriots, since they fall higher in my weird hierarchy of “teams I’ll root for.” I don’t know what I’ll be knitting. I may take along a large number of small projects, and with any luck, I’ll be able to work on at least one of them. (Last time I forgot the right needles, or that I hadn’t wound the yarn, or the pattern, or other small hindrances to working on the several projects I had packed.) Thank you for the giveaway! 🙂

  42. I think the Seahawks may take it this year, thought I’m not a pro football fan at all. Much prefer college football – go Hokies! We may be watching tho, at least for the commercials. 🙂 I’m hoping to be swatching for my first Custom Fit sweater. I’ve been wanting to try one, but just had to get through a queue of stash stuff first.

  43. I’ll be rooting for the right team from the right coast, my beloved Patriots! Not sure what I’ll be knitting, but it will probably be a hat. Or my Cushing Isle. Or any one of the number of projects just waiting for their turn to be loved 🙂

  44. The Seattle Seahawks will win, of course. I will be finishing up sweaters for my children, and as soon as they are done, I will reward myself by casting on a sweater for me. Yea!

  45. Legion of BOOM! They have been so much fun to watch the last 2 years! Community spirit has soared! Re-Pete? I have my fingers and needles crossed finishing up sweaters for Eric and Gunner. Go Hawks!

    1. Legion of BOOM indeed. I like your attitude, Gay!

  46. Hawks all the way, and I think it’s going to be a blow-out! If I can concentrate enough, I’m going to work on my Cushing Isle.

  47. Yeah, I think I’m picking the Pats this year. I watched the Packer v Seahawks. Seahawks need to get their act together because they didn’t decide to play until the last 1/2 of the last quarter. :/ They can’t do that with the Pats, because the Pats will take advantage of every scoring opportunity.

    Hope you get some good knitting time in during the game!

  48. I think the Patriots will win…although I have no allegiance to either team (I am a lonely Vikings fan living in Chicago). I will be watching for the commercials and working on the Elemental Pullover by Veronik Avery. LOTS of stockinette!

  49. I live in New England, so I have to say the Patriots. But the truth is, I will be working on a hat for my friend’s birthday while attending a Banff Mountain Film festival screening. I’d much rather watch people do cool outdoorsy things than football, any day. 🙂

  50. I have no dog in this fight but I’m going with the Patriots. I’ll be knitting a beaver. Yes, a beaver. It’s a gift for a friend’s soon to arrive son.

  51. I’ve got to go with the Seahawks. I’ll either be working on a Henley-style sweater for hubby or a Guernsey Wrap for myself.

    1. Patriot I believe. But I actually know near to nothing about American football. We goes for soccer in Denmark where I’m from. There my team the Black Wolf’s are in the leading position of the national league

  52. I’m not a huge sports fan, but I’ll go with Amy and Jackie and say the Patriots will win!

  53. I’m not much of a football fan myself, but I was raised deep in Patriots country by die-hard Patriots fans. So, go Pats!

  54. I don’t follow the NFL, but I know that if my friend Beth EVER finds out I said anything but Go Pats, my life WILL be in danger. I’ll be working on a pair of gift slippers on Sunday, since they need to be given on Monday. And I haven’t started.

  55. Continuing to work on Rowe during the Super Bowl, which the Seahawks will win!

  56. Sorry, Amy and Jackie, but I gotta go with the Seahawks! I’ll be knitting away on a sleeve for my CustomFit Birch Bark – I can’t wait to finish.

  57. Seahawks! I am living in the east now, but haven’t been here long enough to change my allegiances. I may always be a west coast girl. As for knitting, I think it will be a simple striped sock, so that I don’t have to look at my knitting.

  58. I’ll be knitting a Patriots hat for my husband whom I dragged 20 years ago from his happy home in Massachusetts all the way to Michigan. Poor thing has never been able to give up his Patriot addiction. 🙂 So – GO PATRIOTS!

  59. I predict the Pats will pull out the win this time, and will be working on (finishing?) a roll-neck sweater during game play, with breaks during commercials. I don’t really follow football anymore, but I agree with aprilshowers’ comment (about grumpy Pats fans) so I hope I’m right!

  60. I predict The Patriots will win (although I would rather see The Sameahawks win). I will be setting in sleeves on Alta – so excited to (finally!) wear this!!

  61. i’m just north of Seattle, so it’s GO HAWKS all the way! I’ll be working on Seamair while I watch the Seahawks win!

  62. Seahawks – working on a never ending scarf!!!

  63. Patriots are going to win. I’ll be working on a poncho for a friend.

  64. Total (Canadian) coin toss here but … Patriots?

    I’m hoping to finish up the front of my CF Shore Ledges on/by Sunday – I’m loving it and can’t wait to wear it

    1. Although my Dad just told me I should cheer for the Seahawks because they have two Canadian players (one who’s from close to my home town)…

      Can I just say “Go Sports!” ??

  65. Since my team can’t seem to get it together (c’mon Bears), I’ll probably be supporting the Pats for the sake of household harmony (and my boyfriend’s sanity) while I work on my Deep Winter KAL (a CF version of Ease). I’d be all for the Seahawks if they hadn’t hired my college football nemesis, Pete Carroll.

  66. I really don’t like either team,, but if I had to place a bet it would be on New England. The Packers beat themselves. I’ll be knitting on a test knit while I watch the game.

  67. I’ll be working on my CF Burrard swatch, not really a sports fan but the Patriots winning would make work a lot more bearable next week 😉

  68. Let’s go Pats! I will be knitting on a Custom Fit grey cardigan (to hopefully finish before spring comes here to New England) and the second sock of a pair for my husband. And watching the Patriots win another championship, of course 🙂

  69. New Hampshire-ite here… Obviously the Pats are going to win! I’m wearing my Pats shirt to work today, it even has rhinestones on it! Woo! I will most likely be knitting on an obnoxiously neon green cabled scarf I have in progress – I can’t get enough!

  70. I’m going to say the Seahawks. Mostly because my daughter is rooting for the Patriots. While I won’t be watching the game, this weekend will be picking up and hopefully finishing the collar on my sweater. Then, I will wear it in celebration of football season being over.

  71. seahawks all the way (on the basis of geographical loyalty since my hometeam, 49ers, isn’t playing)! I’ll be working on my CF/Pomegranate pullover during my work dinner hour at the library!

  72. I’m a Canadian and an Argos fan but I also like to watch most sports. I will say New England and since I need something easy to knit if I am going to be watching football I will be working on an pair of socks.

  73. I don’t like football. Since I’m a diehard Red Sox and Bruins fan I’m going to say the Patriots will win.
    I’m working during the Super Bowl but, work on my Silver Gin Fizz cowl(have to still swatch for my winter kal sweater) during my break.

  74. Seahawks!

    I’ll be working on my CustomFit V-Neck Cardi with the lace pattern from Charlie’s Cardi. Just casting on today! 🙂

  75. Well, the Patriots, of course. I am from Boston, after all. I don’t follow football (not American style, at least). So I’ll be listening to an audiobook and working on alternately on my Effortless Cardigan (Hannah Fettig), Pop-up Paws (Mary Dockman), Thorn (Bristol Ivy) & a yarnbombing project.

  76. I’m going to be rooting for the Seahawks, for no other reason than I like their uniform colors this year! I’ll be knitting on my CustomFit vest recipe – I called it ’50 shades’ on Ravelry, because the yarn has many shades and the stitch pattern really plays them up.

  77. Seahawks! & I will be working on a Hannah Fettig sweater and some vanilla socks while keeping my hands out of the appetizers.

  78. I predict the Seahawks (wouldn’t want to be disowned by my adopted hometown!) will win! While watching, I’ll be working on my CF Dark and Stormy pullover. Maybe I can knock out a sleeve during the game (wishful thinking)?

  79. Seahawks. Because they’re named after a bird.

  80. Routing for the Patriots while working on my Shale baby blanket (Brooklyn Tweed design). I must add it is very tough to knot with all sorts of body parts crossed! Go Pats!

  81. Go Hawks! I’ll be working on my Hebrides. First time I’ve ever worked with such thin yarn. Its worked in Kidsilk Haze. I used the standard the Classic Crew neck cardigan in CustomFit as the basis.

  82. Since I’m from Wisconsin and seeing as Russell Wilson played for Wisconsin and the Packers aren’t in it, I say go

  83. Who can know? I think it will be close, but I’ll vote for Seahawks. 🙂

  84. Not a football fan, but I’ll be working on a cowl while waiting for Downton Abbey.

  85. Another New Englander here – Go Pats!! I’ll be working on a pair of simple socks or swatching for a Charlie’s cardigan during the game.

  86. Oh, forgot the knitting part. Gasp! I’ll be working on socks.

  87. Seahawks! (There are two Canadians on the team! ) I’ll be finishing up a vest I hope

  88. Finishing (I hope) my Nantasket vest. Go Seahawks!!

  89. I normally am an AFC gal, but I have say, I’m getting a little tired of the Patriots. But, the Broncos are my team, and they got beaten last year by the Seahawks! So hard…but I’ll be rooting for the Seahawks, I’ve decided. And I’m going to be knitting on my honey cowl that that has taken me far too long to finish – here’s to finishing it this weekend!

  90. Seahawks! But I will mostly be watching the commercials. All the while knitting a CF version of Amy Miller’s Boden. 😀

  91. Forgot to say, I may be cheering for the Pats, but
    I think Seattle will win!

  92. As an east coast gal, I’m rooting for the Patriots. I probably won’t watch the game. If I’m knitting, I’ll be working on vanilla socks using desert vista dye works self-striping in the Dia Del Los Muertos colorway. I need more socks I my sock drawer. I have a few pairs that are about to get holes.

  93. The Seahawks are my pick, and I am working on my CustomFit Bridgefield sweater. Can’t wait for the game and the uninterrupted knitting time!

    Go Hawks!

  94. Seahawks!! I’ll be finishing a sweater for my four year old granddaughter.

  95. Patriots

    Don’t really care who wins (unless the Steelers are playing), I’m in it for the snacks and the commercials!
    However, if I do win stash based on a Patriots win, I’ll be checking to see that the quantity has not been deflated!

  96. Patriots!! will be knitting on baby blanket for neighbor and lightweight cardigan for daughter.

  97. The Seahawks, of course! Why? Because I love visiting Seattle; they have the best logo in the best colours! And while we are watching, I will be working on my husband’s Cowichan style “I’m the Dude” sweater (pattern from Mary Maxim.)

  98. I don’t do football at all so I’ll go with your Seahawks having no clue if either really is a better team. 🙂 I’ll be watching movies and knitting on my Deep Winter sweater – back done, one front done – I’ve got a lot of power knitting to do.

  99. Rooting for the Seahawks. Knitting a custom fit Acorn Trails and loving it.

  100. It’s really bad when you type your own first name wrong like I did in my original comment! LOL

  101. I’m sad to say the Patriots. I will be finishing up some mystery socks I’m knitting in a purple glimmer yarn. Very lovely.

  102. Seahawks!! I’ll be working on a pair of socks using Hazel Knits Hometown Football. 🙂

  103. I guess I will go with Seahawks, although I don’t really care much about football. I will be working away on finishing my CF Courant while my hubby is glued to the TV.

  104. These Super Bowl teams are my among my least favorites, but I think the Seahawks are likely to repeat as the champions. I’ll be knitting on a seed-stitch cashmere wrap whether or not I watch the game. I hate that this will be the last chance for football knitting until late summer!

  105. I think I will go with the Seahawks. I will watch mostly for the commercials. I hear that Budwiser is pulling out all the stops and have added a puppy to the “our plan is to make you cry” commercial. I will be knitting on Ysolda’s Follow Your Arrow #2 and weaving.

  106. The Seahawks! and I’ll be knitting Easy by Martini Behm 🙂

  107. I hope the Seahawks win, but I expect the Patriots to win. I’ll be knitting a CF version of Vika, copying JennEmerson’s Shameless Vika. Unless the stress level gets too high, and then I’ll have to find some non-sweater knitting.

  108. Go Seahawks!!

    I’ll be knitting my winter KAL, CF Acorn Trail, using DK wt yarn in Distant Mountains colorway that I am testing to add to my line of handpainted yarns.

  109. The Seahawks will win the game while I work on a “Caramel Cable Hat” with a cherry red Paton’s classic wool.

  110. I’m not at all a football fan, so I won’t be watching the game. But I’ll bet on the Seahawks (no reason, just because), and I’ll be working on my CF Ayana sweater all weekend. I may even get the knitting done!

  111. I’m thinking New England will win!! I’ll be working on Arm Candy–still swatching for the perfect yarn(s) and look I want.

  112. Seahawks!!! We have a bet at our house too but the stakes are only around a $1.00. 😀 I’ll be casting on a plain vanilla CF sweater.

  113. The Seahawks of course! I’m a WestCoast gal. I’ll be finishing my CF Dorica and watching the game off and on. Catching a glimpse for the score.

  114. I hope it’s the Seahawks, but I will be watching Puppy Bowl and trying to make headway on a plain pullover that has me very unmotivated.

  115. Since I’m not really a fan of either team, I really don’t care who wins just as long as it is a good game and not a blowout. That said, I guess I think the Seahawks will win – but I think I will be close! And I will be knitting on my plain vanilla socks, since they are easy to pick up and put down when the game gets exciting!

  116. I’m going with the Seahawks, only because their team colours are really close to the Vancouver Canucks, and let’s face it, hockey is truly the only sport worth watching. (ducks)

  117. I live in Seattle and will be rooting for the Seahawks! We can catch and pass a ball with any amount of inflation.

  118. Well I will be cheering on the Halks! Also my very overdue baby needs to come this weekend (or else.) I will be knitting Wood, by Carrie Bostick Hoge. Im super excited for a new sweater to wear when the baby is here! Im doing it jn a lovely brown in Brooklyn Tweed Loft called Nest.

    What a weekend!

  119. The Patriots of course! I will be working on a lap blanket, perfect for sitting under while I watch. I’m not sure how much knitting will get done though as I tend to get very involved in the games. Go Pats!

  120. The answer is Patriots. I will be working on Mailin.

  121. I’ll be rooting for Seattle while I work on a reversible cable scarf.

  122. I’m rooting for the Seahawks. I’ll be working on my Wingspan shawl.

  123. In a game where I have to choose by who I dislike more…..I will choose the Seahawks. And in their honor, I will be swatching some green Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmarino while trying to decide which lovely Custom Fit sweater it is destined to become. Hope every feels better!

  124. I’m rooting for the Seahawks, down here in Portland. I’m hoping to get some work done on my Postgrad, it’s a donation for my son’s school auction.

  125. Hahaha! I don’t know what game some of you will be watching, but I’ll be watching the New England Patriots give a lesson to those PNW bird-people on how to play “real” football! Hahaha! All kidding aside, I’m really looking forward to the associated knitting time. I’m hoping on finishing a shawl and then onto swatching for a cardigan. Go Pats!!

  126. Seahawks! Knitting? Maybe Island harbor sweater if I get passed the patterned section.). If not, my Kelias shawl or wingspan.

  127. i won’t be watching the Patriots win while working on my customfit Tucci for my sister.

  128. Rooting for Patriots but wishing I were watching hockey instead! Working on Adriana by Julie Weisenberger.

  129. Seahawks!!!!!!!! And I will be knitting a CF version of Jankee’s Vertical Impressions!

  130. Seahawks! And I’ll be working on my gradient version of Seguin. Almost halfway through the first sleeve now…

  131. Seahawks. I’ll be working on my Ursula Cardigan with colorwork because I think it’ll be a slow, low scoring game. I’ll probably have to watch that amazing Lynch run on playback because I’ve missed it looking at the chart.

  132. I’m going for the SeaHawks, just because. I’ll be watching for the commercials, will un-mute t.v. for them and of course the halftime show, while I catch up on podcasts. And hopefully, I’ll be finishing up a sock and a shawl on the needles. Oh and yes, we are suppose to get 5-7 inches of snow, guess I’ll watch that come down too!

  133. Rooting for New England. I have a Lopi sweater in progress so I’ll probably be knitting a sleeve.

  134. I’m going with Seahawks strictly because that city has better coffee. There. Take that science. 🙂

    I’ll be pacing around Sleeve Island of my CF Cushman in Plucky Traveler. Sigh. Life is SO hard sometimes.

  135. Seahawks, same as last year. Seahawk colored garter stitch washcloths, same as last year. I don’t care too much about gauge during the game.

  136. i will be knitting a zip up hoody. I say the Patriots will win the game.

  137. I’m not a football fan but I probably will watch the Super Bowl when the Australian Open finals are over. I’ll be knitting Ishbel by Ysolda Teague and finishing it up soon!

  138. I pick the Seahawks based on no actual knowledge of football. I will be watching with my in-laws and knitting s stuffed frog for my expected new arrival if I ever finish my husband’s scarf.

  139. Seahawks all the way!! I’m a Pacific Northwest girl transplanted to the NE

  140. Seattle! I’m trying to finish my double-knitting Duvino Cowl this weekend. Next up… a Custom Fit sweater. Can’t wait!

  141. I’ve planned and swatched, sent for a Custom Fit pattern, and switched some more. On Sunday, I’ll be casting on for a Lilium cardigan while rooting for the Patriots——New England girl.

  142. Seahawks
    Will be knitting on my scarf, at work….

  143. New England all the way! I’ll be knitting on lala’s simple shawl as a prayer shawl for my SIL’s mom just diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. I know she’ll be rooting for the pats too.

  144. Patriots! And my go-to for TV knitting are socks.

  145. I think that the Seahawks will win & I will be knitting wrap.

  146. I’d rather choose neither, since I don’t care about football (oh no!). But in this game, I’ll choose the Seahawks! I hope to be knitting my Askew sweater!

  147. Sorry Lauren, I’m with Amy and Jackie. Being a true New Englander of course I am going with the PATS all the way.
    I will be continuing to work on my Winter KAL, Bridgefield.

  148. I’m not a football fan, but for some reason (unknown to me) I just feel sure that it will be the Patriots! And I’m knitting on three things at once – cowl, socks and shawl. The sweater projects are still only in the planning stages.

  149. Seahawks! Of course. I’ll probably be spinning instead of knitting… But the yarn will eventually be turned into a cardigan.

  150. It pains me to say it…..Patriots. Still bitter about last weeks game, so I hope they put a hurt on the Seahawks.

  151. Lauren, I am with you! Go Seahawks!,,, I will be knitting on my CFpilot House during the game. Carol

  152. Hoping for a Seahawks win !!! I’ll be knitting on a lovely little cowl for myself – trying to finish it up. Or, my Antler mittens if those aren’t done yet. Hoping my Bills get to play in the big game again next year 🙂

  153. i live in San Diego so I’m hopping on to the Seahawks bandwagon. I would love to see them beat the patriots!!! I’ll be watching the commercials but during the game I’ll be knitting on a fingering weight blanket – what was I thinking? – so I can get that off the needles and move onto a custom fit featherweight!

  154. The Seahawks, though I won’t be watching it, football is not a big thing over here in New Zealand. I will be knitting during it most likely though and the project I’ll be working on is my Evenstar shawl in some Colourmart Cashmere.

  155. I will be rooting for the Seahawks! We live in southern Washington, and everyone was wearing their blue today! I will be knitting in blue also, as Im working on the second sleeve of a custom fit fair isle yoke sweater! Go Hawks!

  156. Well, the opinion at work seemed to be for the Seahawks winning, so I guess I’ll go with that! I’m on the home stretch of a Jackson Creek Cardigan using principles from Knit to Flatter. It should be lovely!

  157. Since I was born and raised in Oregon, I must hope that a team from our neighbor to the north, the Seahawks, win. I’m not a big fan of watching sports on television so I’ll be watching something on PBS, History, or National Geographic channels. I starte Multnomah Shawl before I started my Christmas knitting. Now I’ll pick it up again. This one’s for me. 🙂

  158. Go Patriots – go Brady

  159. Seattle’s going to win and I’ll be knitting swatches for the online Make Wear Love sweater class…

  160. This non-football fan is guessing Seahawks! I’ll be having Mexican food with friends and working on a pair of sleeves for my current sweater project (hopefully).

  161. The team that scores the most points will win. How’s that for sitting on the fence?

    I’ll be trying to finish up my CustomFit Sprossling.

  162. The Seahawks will win. I will not be watching but I will be knitting a Stockholm sweater for my sister’s 70th birthday.

  163. I’m a west coast fan, so rooting for the Seahawks! I’ll be knitting a sock yarn slouch hat.
    Mimifan on rav

  164. Seahawks; a lace masquerade mask for my friend’s birthday! Or possibly a shawl for a relative in Poland.

  165. I’m a San Antonio Spurs fan, but they don’t play football. I promised a friend who lives in Tacoma, WA that I will root for the Seahawks in the Super Bowl, so I vote for the Seahawks. I’ll be working on clue #5 of the Jimmy Beans Downton Abbey Mystery KAL Shawl. I’ll receive the clue directions Sunday morning. I usually avoid such “mystery” projects like the plague, but this one has been great thus far.

  166. We are rooting for the Patriots in my house…I’ll be knitting my CF Afterlight for the KAL.

  167. In our household, we root for A-B-P. Anyone But the Pats. OTN: a Brooklyn Tweed cowl that’s mindless enough while I fantasize about knitting a CF sweater!

  168. Hawks all the way! I’ll be working on socks for my hubby.

  169. Patriots, of course! You can’t stop the Brady-Belichick machine. (Can you tell I’m from NH?) I’ll be working on a Windschief. Either finishing one for my daughter or starting one for me. Gotta have a warm hat this time of year.

  170. Of course the Seahawks will pull it out to win! And I’ll be working on a Worsted Boxy – my filler sweater until I start my new cardi in the Spring Sweater online class.

  171. I’m hoping this give away is open Internationally! I don’t follow any specific team but I do enjoy the spectacle that is Superbowl and get myself organised with appropriate food and drink.I shall be knitting my first (I’m sure it won’t be my last) Hiro by Julia Farwell-Clay. I won’t have to concentrate too hard on the knitting as I’m on the stocking stitch body. Here’s t a great game. 😀

    1. And I was so excited at the thought of some new yarn I nearly forgot – Seattle to win!! (I always love the film Sleepless in Seattle) x

  172. I am cheering on the Seahawks (although a Pittsburgh native, I am diehard Steelers fan) I really do not want the Patriots to win. I am working on a top down raglan icelandic sweater, and a shawl.

  173. Patriots!! I will be using the time between the commercials to work on a blanket. It’s made up of already knit squares I bought from an estate sale. So I feel like I”m finishing someone else’s project. But what can I say? I couldn’t leave someone’s knitting unfinished– I had to finish it for that knitter!

  174. I’m not much for football, but all of the guys at work are. So I’m going with the Seahawks. And i will be working on socks for my youngest and husband.

  175. Go Seahawks!! I will be knitting my Hitofude sweater :-).

  176. I’ll be knitting my CF Enfield, and hopefully making a lot of progress on my very long sleeves! I’ll go with the Pats, since I am from Boston, but truth be told I’ll not be paying any attention during the football part but will perk up for the commercials!

  177. Seahawks. I’ll be working on a hat.

  178. Seattle! I’ll be knitting socks.

  179. I’ll be cheering for the Seahawks because I like their colors. LOL Mostly I’ll be enjoying the knitting time, the food, and the commercials. And of course there will be a sweater on the needles.

  180. I think the Patriots are going to take it this year. I’ll be finishing my CustomFit Aislinn and then a willow cowl.

  181. Naturally – the Patriots will be the winners! I live in MD (with a Ravens fan) but I’m FROM Rhode Island. I’ll be finishing sleeve #2 of Fern Ridge … loving the basket weave detail.

  182. sea hawks!!!! and I will be knitting away on some colorwork mitts and also doing a little spinning!!!

  183. I’ll routing for the Seahawks and I’m knitting on a Grey Havens sweater with some mods from the Fit to Flatter Book!

  184. Patriots!

    I’ll be knitting a CustomFit Birch Bark.

  185. I’ll be watching the game with DH and son. Hubby will be rooting for the Seahawks and I normally cheer for a close game is all! Makes it more exciting!

    I’m coming to the end of a sweater cardigan called High Hopes. Have the button band to work on during the game :))

  186. GO PATS!! I’m working on the Pilvi pullover (a feminine twist on the belichick sweatshirt 🙂 in Malabrigo Silky Merino (yum) … but not sure how much knitting I’ll be able to focus on. We’ll see ….

  187. I’ll take a stab and say Patriots will win. While I may or may not be watching, I’ll be finishing up an overdue test knit for Laura Aylor.

  188. I think the Seahawks will win while I knit socks!

  189. I’m rooting for the Seahawks and will be knitting a baby blanket. I have 3 to make by the end of June with the first one needed by Feb 21. I’d like to be working on a sweater!

  190. Go Patriots!! Not much of a football fan so you know I will be busy finishing a pair of socks.

  191. Seahawks. But I’ll mostly be watching for the commercials. I’m knitting a dress right now but hope to finish so I can finally get started on a nice sweater!

  192. I’m rooting for the Pats while knitting my first socks!…

  193. I” be rooting for the Seahawk… well, as much as I root for any team and finishing up a Rhea Silvia cowl that I should have had finished by Christmas.

  194. GO Seahawk ! I’ll be wearing my Jersey in Jersey!

  195. GO Seahawks ! I’ll be wearing my Jersey in Jersey!

  196. i am finishing Wallingford scarf and then switching shore ledges.
    Go patriots!

  197. Go PATRIOTS!!!! I’ll be working on an under-inflated cardigan hee hee 😉
    I’m working on an allegro cardigan by Marjorie Dussaud

  198. The Seahawks will win!!! I will be watching and knitting swatches for my first custom fit sweater. Just joined the Custom Fit Maker Plus group and having a lot of fun with it.

  199. Of course it will be the Patriots, no contest. And I, in Massachusetts, will tell that to my brother, who lives in Seattle. I’ve already watched 1/2 a football game this season, and that’s about my limit. So, I will be watching Downton Abbey while knitting on my CustomFit Calligraphy in Parsley Green Wollmeise DK. I hope to finish up the back today and start on a front.

  200. I will be watching the Seahawks win!! While working on my custom fit Morning Coffee!!!

  201. Duh, Seahawks, of course. I mean, Russell Wilson, guys. He’s our Wisconsin connection, and if it can’t be the Pckwrs, he’s as close as we can get this year. But, watch out next year…the Pack will be back!

    I’m going to be working on a shawl that didn’t get finished this month, to clear my needles to start a sweater. Yay! I win!

    1. Oops. That should be “Packers” of course. I suffer from FFS, fat finger syndrome. Sorry.

  202. I am going to say that the Seahawks will win, because their logo is much better than the Patriots’ logo. I will be working on my CF Dalriada.

  203. I’m going to predict the Seahawks although I am not a sports fan and I will not be watching. Not sure what I’ll be knitting but either a swatch for a sweater for myself or a child’s dress that’s in progress – or both.

  204. Patriots, woot woot!
    I’m searching for Charlie’s Cardigan, going to try cables. How do you decide how much extra yarn you need for cabling vs stockinette in a sweater?

  205. Go Pats! I am a transplanted Northern Californian who has lived in New England for decades. Tom Brady grew up right near me so I have all bases covered and know the Pats will win! I will be knitting a honeycomb cowl or a simple back for a sweater if things get too intense! No- way on the lace shawl. We will have neighbors over for my chicken chili so I will have friends knitting with me.

  206. Go Pats! I’ll be working on my traveling sock project while enjoying a winter break in the Florida keys.

  207. I’m not much of a football fan so will be watching the Super Bowl just the commecials. Living in WNY, I’m sticking with the East Coast team: the Patriots. I’ll be finishing up my Rock Creek Charlie.

  208. While I knit my Rose City Mystery KAL shawl, the SEAHAWKS will be victorious!!

  209. While watching the Seahawks win, I’ll be doing some easy, low concentration knitting on my Ruvene scarf.

  210. I thing the Seahawks will take it again, I believe these are the two best teams. Should be a great game. I will be working on the sleeves of my Charlie’s cardigan

  211. Given their performance in their last playoff game the Seahawks don’t deserve to win. Having said that, I am rooting for them since I’m a recent Northwest transplant AND because the Chicago Bears aren’t playing. I’ll be knitting monstersocken for my large-footed son. Hope you are all on the mend soon!

  212. The correct answer is the Seahawks


    I will hopefully be knitting my Custom-fit Louise-

  214. Patriots! If for no other reason than I don’t want to hear why they lost nonstop on the news for the next week.
    I will probably be knitting a hat to replace the one I gave to my neighbor. Took it right off my head when she said she liked it.

    Go PATS!!!!

  215. If I had to pick one team I’d select the Seahawks. Fortunately, I have a scarf to finish, for a friend, so i won’t know how the game really plays out, until the end. Thank goodness for knitting!

  216. The Patriots, for sures!

  217. A tale of two great cities: Boston and Seattle. I typically root for the underdog, so I’m all in for the Seahawks. Really I just wish I could be in Arizona–so sick of winter…

  218. Seahawks all the way! I will be wearing my hand knit Hawks socks while watching the game! GO HAWKS!

  219. Have to go with Hawks as my team (Broncos) didn’t get to the big party. Will be working on a Custom Fit scoopneck vest in Bugga.

  220. I will be knitting my Funky Grnadpa – hopefulling finishing the sleeves once and for all! I will be cheering for the Seahawks sinc e the 49ers are out.

  221. As my husband’s beloved Packers aren’t in it he has requested that we play board games during the game so I won’t be knitting. If I were, it would be my first sheep to shawl. A lovely 3/4 circle stockinette shawl of CVM from a local farm.

    As for who will win, we’re rooting for the Patriots since the Seahawks knocked the Packers out of it.

  222. The Seahawks of course. I hope to be finishing up my Harbor Island Cardigan.

  223. I grew up in Michigan, closer to the Patriots, but live now in Vancouver BC, so I guess I should go for the Seahawks. But do I get extra points for driving through Phoenix traffic on the day of the game? We’re on holiday down south, visiting family, and learned after we made the plan that a few football fans would be sharing the roads with us on Sunday…..Since I’m traveling, the knitting is just a cute little cotton neckwarmer, but I look forward to the next sweater!

  224. Seahawks baby Seahawks!!
    Knitting on a sweater and, when I hit a fiddly point on that, a baby blanket. (You have to keep half an eye on the action!)

  225. Seahawks all the way! Will be knitting simple toe-up socks or fingerless mitts while I watch.

  226. Amy has got it right. The Patriots are ready for a great game, and Tom Brady needs another ring on his finger!

    I will be knitting a scarf for my son. It’s a nice mosaic pattern that doesn’t need a lot of attention since I’ll be busy watching and cheering for the Pats.

    Go Pats!!!

  227. Seahawks (says the New Englander who lived in Seattle for 12 years)! Working on a stash-busting striped cardigan.

  228. Going with the Seahawks myself. I like the color of their uniforms better. What, that’s now how you pick a winning team?? I will be working on my third Ruby the Loveable Huggable Monster for a grandchild’s Valentines present.

    Let the games begin.

  229. I don’t really care who wins, I just watch for the commercials

  230. Go HAWKS!!!!

    I will be working on the Chesapeake Bay Sweater for my husband!

  231. Of course you’re right, Lauren. Go Hawks!!!!!!

    I will be started a pair of stranded mittens in Seahawks colors.

  232. Patriots of course!! I’ll be putting putting button bands on Trillium in between the winning plays.

  233. I wish the Broncos were playing. But I will be hoping the Seahawks win. And I will be knitting a custom fit scoop neck sweater.

  234. I’m not much for football but I think I would root for the Patriots since I’m on the east coast. I’ll be knitting a shawl.

  235. I wish the Broncos were playing. But I will be hoping the Seahawks win. And I will be knitting a custom fit scoop neck sweater. Go knitting!

  236. Well, since I’m from the Pacific Northwest, of course it’s going to be Seattle Seahawks! And I will be working on a gorgeous Acorn Trail sweater while I watch. Go ‘Hawks!!!!

  237. It’s going to be a repeat for the Seahawks!! Hawks for another Super Bowl win! Go Hawks! Will be working and a second sock in stockinette. That way when the adrenalin gets to pumping it will be easy an easy fix.

  238. Since being disappointed that the Packers were denied a spot at the adult table, I am reluctantly going to have to cheer for the Pats, deflategate and all.

  239. Another non-American living in a land where football means ‘soccer’ as its called in the US.

    That said, my DH spent many of his formative years living in northern CT and his dad is a big Boston Red Sox fan (I know, I know, wrong sport – we don’t really have much baseball here either though more than football) so I’m going to have to go for the Patriots in this little showdown

    1. Eep, forgot to add what I’ll be knitting – I’m on a non-KAL sweater, my Better Breton, which I must finish before I go back to redo my CF sweater with what i hope are much better measurements. In part, this non-KAL sweater was purposely made with set in sleeves to help me with the measuring

  240. I’m not a fan of either team (sorry ladies), but, I’m going with Seattle. I will be working on the picot bind-off of Romi’s Taygete, so, that I have it done before Stitches West which is happening in a few weeks. I will be watching it for the commercials and the half-time show.

  241. Seahawks of course. I live in Seattle!!

  242. Seahawks all the way! I’ll be finishing the front and starting the sleeves of a blue and grey Seguin in Baah Aspen. It’s so soft. I can’t wait to wear it!

  243. The Seahawks because they’ll be using nfl balls and the patriots won’t be able to cheat

  244. i am a West Coaster, so I have to say Seahawks. I’m not confident on this though.

    My plans are my Nanook cardigan, which means the bottom edge and ripping out the sleeve seams and bottom ribbing to replace it with garter. I doubt I will get it finished, but I would love too because then I can restart my CustomFit sweater. Finally!

    1. well, drat. I can’t edit my own comment. The above comment has a mistyped email. I caught it after I hit the post comment button. Oops. Sorry!

      1. Seahawks! And my Nanook cardigan. With luck and a long game, I might get it finished so I can move on to my first CustomFit sweater!

  245. SEAHAWKS = will be knitting socks for my granddaughter!!!

  246. I doubt I’ll watch, but if I do I’ll be knitting a pair of self-striping socks (Gynx yarns, Dream World colorway, probably a plain toe-up, gusset-heel sock). Oh, and living in Oregon, I’m rooting for the PNW Seahawks.

  247. I will have to go with the Patriots as I am from Boston, but football is not my thing even after 2 years of watching HS games since I was in the marching band. I’ll be working on a cowl of color changing yarn, so hopefully I’ll make a bunch of progress on that!

  248. I will be rooting for Seattle and knitting a squishy garter stitch (no thinking required) shawl.

  249. Seahawks all the way! I’m halfway through knitting Pavement and hope to make good progress during the game.

  250. Seahawks all the way, baby!! I will be knitting on my own design: cardigan with yarn over cables. …(in Seahawk blue!)

  251. I live five miles from the Patriots’ stadium BUT I am cheering for the Seahawks! I’m predicting they win and I will be knitting on my hitchhiker scarf!

  252. the patriots will win, of course! i’ll be knitting on a waffle stitch base layer pullover customfit pattern – because watching football demands a simple stitch pattern.

  253. Big football fan here. Will be rooting for the Seahawks and working on my sweater vest..

  254. Umm…I am so not a sports fan, but I am a huge fan of the Pacific Northwest so I’ll go with the Seahawks. And while I’m not watching the game I’ll be finishing up a pair of fingerless mitts for my granddaughter’s 10th birthday.

  255. Seahawks! I’ll be knitting my Waffleupagus (a CustomFit recipe by Kim McBrien Evans).

  256. My prayer is that we as adults all behave nicely and make wonderful memories for my grand kids. My family have been long time Patriots fans and my son in law is from Washington and his family are long time Seahawk fans. Our grand kids actually changed clothing last week to reflect what team was playing because they will tell you that they have two teams.
    I will predict the Patriots but just hope that the memories the kids have are of the year we all were together to enjoy the game we all love so much with the teams we share a love for.

  257. Oh… and I will be knitting and designing a shawl out of Ecowool for a dear friend who is turning 90 in March.

  258. Oh, man, how could I resist this lure! Um, the SeaPatriots – no, wait, the New England Hawks. Um, I think I am confused about football. But I am NOT confused about knitting; I am in the midst of my Bridgefield and every new day is a new knitting discovery. What a highlight in my life just now – it is kicking off an entire sweater expedition and I could not be happier!

  259. While I listen to “Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me” instead of watching the game where the Patriots win, I’ll be finishing the Diamond Lace Shawlette.

  260. Seahawks I think.

  261. Seahawks! If my yarn comes, I’ll be switching for a new sweater. Otherwise, I’ll probably work on a sock.

  262. Seahawks all the way! Go HAWKS! I’ll be watching and knitting Nordic Wind (or as one of our customers calls it ‘Viking Farts’). It is pretty mindless which is exactly what will be needed for this game.


  263. Seahawks! I will not be able to watch but there is a lovely little baby sweater that will be started for grandchild no. 4!

  264. Patriots all the way! I am working on a simple striped 1×1 ribbed scarf.

  265. Here in New Zealand we know nothing about the Superbowl teams, so I will oblige you and say Seahawks. Regardless, I’ll be working on a Mitzi by Sarah Hatton for my granddaughter to wear as a flowergirl at her parents’ wedding in April.

  266. I don’t actually care who wins, but my 7yo likes the Seahawks so I’ll go with that. I’ll be trying to finish a Ravens scarf for my sister. Her birthday was Jan 25th and I need to finish her present so that I can get back to my deep winter KAL.

  267. Seahawks! And honestly, I probably won’t knit during it, but if I was, it would be socks.

  268. im always nervous to jinx it, but PATS all the way!!! I will be working on my chocolate Morning Coffee.

  269. I will be knitting my TTL mystery socks and hoping the Pats are victorious!!

  270. The Seahawks will win (duh!), and I will be working on Aftur, a yoked Icelandic sweater in anticipation of a trip to Reykjavik in a few weeks.

  271. THE PATRIOTS! Go Brady Go!

    I will be crocheting scarves for a local Special Olympics team to wear to their regional games. Only 10 more to go!

  272. Well who else could be the winner but the Pats! Go New England.

  273. Well shoot, I fogot to say that I’ll be re knitting my scoop neck sweater with better measurements.

  274. I’m more into college sports (yay Ohio State football team on their National Championship!)…but I’ll be knitting away on my purple CF…and stopping to watch the commercials during the Super Bowl.

    That said…I think New England Patriots will win.

  275. Seahawks!

    I’m finishing the custom Featherweight I started before Christmas ( and which got interrupted by the holidays (should be done tonight or tomorrow at the latest). I love the Quince & Co. yarn.

  276. The Patriots, and I will be working on a baby blanket kit while I happily do NOT watch the Superbowl.

  277. Go Seahawks! (Although this is a hope more than a prediction!). I’ll be knitting some lovely socks! (Chevrolace)

  278. Okay, I do enjoy a little football, my husband claims he does to. But reality is he naps and I get a few glorious hours of knitting. I am torn, I am an Eagles fan, but I am a little for the Seahawks. I think they will be really on their game. I will hopefully be able to finish my turtleneck Sequin sweater. I am halfway through the second sleeve.

  279. Now all said and done, I feel the Patriots are a good team, but have a very tarnished look to them right now so they just might really put out an effort and win! I will hope that it rains, it will be snowing here. Lol

  280. I think it’ll be the Patriots? I’m obviously not convinced. I’ll be knitting a Baby Sweater on Two Needles for a February knitalong (inspired by Elizabeth Zimmermann). I won’t be watching the game, but I’ll be spending some quality time with my 3 yr-old while big brothers and Dad go to a Superbowl Party.

  281. My vote goes for the Patriots!
    I’ll be working on my Hazelwood Sweater

  282. the Patriots will win, thank god, and I’ll be slogging away on my cably cardi i freezing cold Boston. yay!

  283. Seahawks. I’m from the Pacific Northwest, work for a company based in Seattle and probably would be on the firing line if I thought otherwise…and I’ll be working on the second (never-ending) sleeve of an Arguyle sweater for my husband.

  284. I’ll be working on my first custom fit sweater while I watch the game with a lot of Pats fans here in Oregon. I predict a Seahawks win. Go local(ish) team go!

  285. I say Seahawks, and I’ll either be working on a poncho I’m in the middle of, or else re-starting my deep winter kal sweater.

  286. I am such not a football fan, that I am hosting an “anti-Super Bowl” party with friends from my weekly knitting group.
    We won’t be watching the game, not even for the commercials. But we will surely knit.
    As I live in New England, I will root for the Patriots (sorry Lauren, statistically, better chance for a new team than a repeat)
    And I will be working on my CustomFit Sapwood that is part of the Deep Winter KAL – I am quite behind wih only half the back done so far.
    Hope everyone enjoys the game!

  287. I’m picking the Seahawks because I don’t like the way the Pats handled “Deflategate:! I will not be watching (I actually do not own a TV and we’re not sports fans) but I will be working on my Charlie’s Cardigan. THanks for the opportunity to enter this!

  288. Of course it will be the SEA HAWKS !!! Why? coach Carrol cares about his players. They are provided with sports and regular psychologists, they practice yoga and mindfulness meditation, they are screen for sleep apnea, their nutritionist who provide them with locally grown organic food, the players are provided with financial counselors who assist them in management of their money, all the players are asked to participate in volunteer work on Tuesdays… I can go on with more that the team does for their young players. And then there is their work ethic and love for each other, their courage and selflessness. They are a wonderful team to watch.

    I won’t be able to knit anything during the game. The Sea Hawks are always too exciting to knit even the easiest of projects.

  289. Seahawks, though they eliminated my favorite team and MVP, Aaron Rogers, Green Bay Packers.

    I will be watching Downton Abbey; an addiction, and then football and if I can concentrate to knit I will be working on ZuZu’s Petals Cowl for my granddaughter. She picked out the pattern and yarn when she was home from college for a couple of days; naturally it jumped right up to the top of the list!!

  290. Seahawks! We don’t have a TV, but I’ll be keeping track online (maybe) while knitting my Hanging Leaves Shawl 🙂

  291. I’m going to teach my friend to knits cowl while we root for the Seahawks

  292. I’m rooting for Seattle and watching the commercials. I’ll be finishing a Honey Cowl (gift) and my Dichotomy.

  293. I’ll be knitting my Purl Bee Trellis Scarf in Ton of Wool Cormo. My prediction is that Ireland will win, but Krum will catch the Snitch.

  294. As a Washingtonian I’m required to say Go Seahawks! (But I secretly wish the Bills were in it)
    I’ll be working on one of the 4 pairs of socks I have going…which pair depends on how much attention I’m willing to give them

  295. I’m going to put a vote in for the Seahawks to win. I’ll probably be working on my neglected Round Cove Cardigan, or finishing up this week’s clue for the Follow Your Arrow 2 MKAL

  296. Well, my husband is rooting for the Patriots, but I’m calling Seahawks!!! 🙂

    1. and, I’ll be chasing a toddler around the zoo during the game, but hopefully tomorrow night I’ll be steeking Smokin, a Valentine’s Day gift for hubby!

  297. I’m sure the Seahawks will win 🙂
    And I think I will start a handspun cardigan while I don’t watch it.

  298. I say Seahawks, since I like the name more! I’m hoping I’ll be swatching for my next CF sweater, on the 1st Feb, having finally finished knitting my first ever (CF) sweater after 4 months!

  299. Seahawks. Probably won’t knit. We usually go to the grocery store once the game starts.

  300. Ill be doing my custom fit cardigan!!! The back with darts is done so just moving up the fronts. Of course being from Texas, would have rather watched a Cowboy/Texan game. Soooooo, will have to pull for Seahawks and some great commercials to watch.

  301. I live in Washington so it’s Seahawks all the way! They have the team that can win back-to-back Super Bowls. I will be working on a Dale of Norway baby pullover (until kickoff, of course).

  302. My vote is for the Seahawks! I’ll be knitting on my Block Island Sweater today!

  303. I’m from Maine, so I have to root for the Patriots. Just started knitting a cardigan. Next up is jackaroo, because I’m forcing myself to use finishing techniques instead of just working in the round.

  304. If I can’t have my Packers in the Super Bowl, I’ll have to settle for Russell Wilson, so Seahawks!
    I’ll be knitting socks- Pucker, by General Hogbuffer.

  305. Seahawks. And I’ll be knitting a baby hat for my favorite (and only) great-niece,

  306. The answer is obviously me, because I discovered the delightfulness of one Gronk this year. But since that isn’t an option I’ll go with the Patriots. I really don’t care, as I won’t be watching anyway (Downton is on, people!). And during the game I will be knitting my stripey sweater that I am terribly excited about having as an FO.

    katherinelynn04 on rav

  307. I will be enjoying the Hawks winning a second time while knitting a Brickless for my mom-in-law. Those long repeats are perfect Super Bowl knitting.


  308. Love you, Lauren…but I think the Pats are going to take it this year.

    I’ve got a crazy busy week coming up (class in Fort Worth with Veera and Joji, and then four days of watching the boy perform in “You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown”), and I’m a bit panicky about not having simple knitting OTN, so I will probably start on Sapwood today (back to keep it simple). I may also work on the collar of my Redfern Cardigan, but that textured stitch may require too much focus during the game! (We are DIEHARD football fans around here too.)

  309. Seahawks all the way! I’ll be knitting my CustomFit Harrogate while I go to play rehearsal and half-watch the game.

  310. Haven’t really followed things this year but I’ll take the Seahawks for the win. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to swatch for my Stonington.

  311. Oh, yes, I am supposed to choose a team playing today whom I think will win. My brothers say to pick the Patriots and I will comply. What I will really be doing though, is knitting through the game, watching the commercials and watching for Katy Perry for the halftime show for the win!

  312. I’m going to have to say I think the Patriots will be winning this year. I’ll be switching between working on a hat for my son and a new sweater design that needs sleeves!

  313. As a german guy is part of the patriots I hope they will win the super bowl. Because I am in Germany I’ll watch the game hours later after recording it tonight. It is nearly time for bed. So have loads of fun and enjoy the game. Go pats!!!

  314. Not sure who’s going to win, but any idea how long it will take my pizza to be delivered on game day? Heehee. I’m planning to finish up a pair of simple socks I’ve been knitting and maybe even add some French knots to them before the game’s over.

  315. I think the Patriots are going to win. I’ll be working on my Hitofude cardigan during the game.

  316. Seattle Seahawks for sure working on a vanilla sock until I leave to battle the snow land to work…….

  317. Rooting for the Seahawks!

  318. i’m rooting for the Patriots! And I will be knitting a baby blanket during the game

  319. I think the Seahawks, and given the time difference I will be at work still, So may have to knit during the replay! In that case, I will be working on the Bunty Mitts

  320. I have the game on…lots of knitting happening until the commercials! I am working on fiddlehead mittens for my daughters birthday next Saturday… Hoping for a snow day for me to meet my goal ! Being in MA I guess I am leaning toward the Patriots…however I find the commercials depicting positive males quite refreshing….go Advertising Industry!

  321. Patriots! I am not a fan of traumatic brain injury– oops, I mean football– but my household will be much, much happier if the Pats win. And we’re about to get another foot of snow so we deserve it. While watching (something else), I’ll be knitting Michele’s Mittens.

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