Catching up: The book (and a chance to win it!)

So in addition to an inter-state move, running my own small business for the first full year, many many teaching trips, and trying to spend as much time with my family as possible…

…I wrote a book in 2014.


And I haven’t really had much time to tell you about it yet! Knit Wear Love has an official release date of March 17, so you’ll be hearing and seeing more about it as the month goes on, but I didn’t want to get too much further without at least introducing it – and giving you a chance to win a copy!

Knit Wear Love grew out of the same place that birthed CustomFit:

I want to help you use your knitting skill to make your own favorite clothes.

Wearing garments that are made for us is such an amazing feeling. It’s something we hardly ever get to experience anymore, in this quick-fashion, ready-to-wear world. And it’s an amazing enough feeling that I want to help make the whole shebang as easy as possible for you. The first step is knowing what kind of silhouette you like on your own fabulous self. That’s what Knit to Flatter was all about.

But even once you’ve got the silhouette down, how do you create a sweater that matches your life? That looks good with the clothes you already have? That’s practical for the things you need to do each day?

As a designer, I’ve got dozens of sweaters that fit me well, with flattering silhouette. Why do I wear 4 of them, and leave the rest on the shelf?

Knit Wear Love answers those questions. This book, CustomFit, and Knit to Flatter work together to give you a great set of sweater resources:

  1. Knit to Flatter tells you what kinds of silhouettes you are most likely to love.
  2. Knit Wear Love tells you what kinds of materials and flair you’d like to add to that basic shape.
  3. CustomFit creates a pattern where all the numbers match your gauge and body.

In addition to having patterns (I’ll write more about those later), I wanted Knit Wear Love to be a great reference book for the kinds of changes and alterations you should feel empowered to make to a pattern so that the sweater is uniquely you. So there’s a whole chapter on things like how to swap out stitch patterning, yarn choice, and basic silhouette pieces to create a look that’s very you, rather than one that’s like the model.

Want a sneak peek at some of the samples?

(24 sweaters is a lot of knitting!)

Giveaway time!

I’ve got a series of posts planned that will give you an inside look at the choices behind some of the samples I created for Knit Wear Love, and a few more about technical sweater topics – but I wanted to take few minutes for a quick introduction, first. Knit Wear Love forms the backbone of what I’m thinking, designing, and teaching right now. It informs the way I use and design for CustomFit, it gave rise to some of my most favorite classes, and I’m so tremendously pleased with the way STC’s wonderful team brought the whole thing together.

I hope you like it as much as I do. I’ll have more giveaways as release time gets closer, but since books are such special things, I’d love to kick off this introduction with one too. Knit Wear Love starts off with a question:

What’s your personal style?

So, for a chance to win a signed copy of the book, tell me something about your style. It can be anything: What kinds of colors, materials, fabrics, or shapes do you like to wear? What’s your very favorite piece of clothing? What thing have you made that you wear all the time, or that goes with nothing in your closet?

I’ll take comments until midnight EDT on Thursday, March 12, and choose a winner randomly on Friday morning. I can’t wait to read your comments!

403 thoughts on “Catching up: The book (and a chance to win it!)

  1. The book sounds really interesting. I have certainly fallen into the trap of buying or making something that just sits on the shelf. Because I don’t enjoy shopping I tend to pick up things just to get it over with rather than spending the time to thoughtfully choose something I love. I already own Knit to Flatter and found it very helpful.

    Because there is a large difference between my bust measurements and my shoulders/waist finding a well-fitting button down shirt is practically impossible so I usually wear knit tops, either made or store bought because they have more give. But even then it wasn’t until I read Knit to Flatter that I realised how often the shoulders just don’t work in most of my tops. So thank you so much for that.

    I spend most of my day chasing a 2year old around so I am usually in jeans and a t-shirt or sweater. I like to feel put together but able to move and play. I have a blue top that I absolutely love to wear. I like the deep-v neckline, the way the shaping hits me and the way the fabric drapes. I got that top more out of luck than planning though and that needs to change.

    1. My favorite colors are teals and bright pinks. I’m trying to branch out into greens but they are still on the blue green side and not yellow green. I found a few sites that tell you how to determine if your skin undertone is warm or cool. After taking the test I’ve discovered that I have cool undertones….therefore the teals, blues, pinks, and purples are my colors, and if you look into my closet what will you find? Yes, those very colors.

      I use scarves and small shawls for accents they draw the eye up to my face and away from my pear bottom. Works well just like Amy says. My favorite sweater is one I re-knit using Amy’s design techniques. The before and after pictures show clearly that her custom fit and styling ideas work for me.

      Looking forward to her new book.

      Thanks a million Amy.

  2. What I would call my style is classic clothes with modern or unexpected details. My current favorite sweater I made is out of very soft sport weight Marino wool in a very soft pale beige with a yolk patterned with tiny cables and peacock colored beads

  3. I think I have more than one style … either that, or I still haven’t settled on what style I am! I have a sporty-casual preference when I’m out in nature (hiking, canoe-ing) and a “bohemian chic” style when I’m teaching and facilitating and a cozy-comfort style when I’m relaxing at home.

    This might explain why I have lots of clothes … but it occurs to me that sometimes I get clothing that is designed for one activity, but is actually one of the other styles and maybe THAT is why I never seem to wear those pieces … hmmm … this has got me thinking!

    1. That’s a really great way of articulating that! I have the same problem (although you can replace bohemian with classic/vintage-inspired).

  4. Thanks for the giveaway! My style is to coordinate, not necessarily to be matchy-matchy (e.g., shoes — usually flat or close to flat — must coordinate with top, so I don’t wear my beloved red shoes on a green sweater day unless it’s Christmastime). I don’t worry about jackets/coats, but if a sweater is my outerwear, this rule applies. Pants are rarely a problem (usually black or jeans), but brown corduroys may require some special consideration. Same approach for selection of fingerless mitts on any given day (e.g., green or turquoise top could work with green, turquoise, blue, orange, natural, brown, or black mitts — all of which lie in wait in my office drawer).

  5. My favorite sweaters to wear, are fine-gauge caridgans. I love the knit a lace design into these cardigans, but I am learning that multi-colored yarns do not show this lacework off, in it’s best possible light. I need to return to knitting with solid-colored yarns. I hope I WIN!

  6. I’m tomboy and minimal mix but unfortunately not tall and skinny. Navy blue and white, button up shirts + skinny pants, pencil skirt, always flat shoes. No drape ever – and here the problem with sweaters comes. Most of designs and of the yarns are made to flow around your shapes, while I’d like sweaters to keep it’s own shape but not to be bulky and oversized.

  7. The clothing I wear most is pretty dressed down: jeans and a sweater during the cold weather months. While I absolutely love the sweaters I’ve been making lately, I’ve found that I’ve been knitting colors that look best when paired with black, yet I only own one pair of black jeans. I’ve come to realize that I need to expand my color choices so that I have sweaters that look great with blue jeans as well!

    I’d also like to include more casual sweaters during the warm weather months. That’s an area of my wardrobe (and stash!) that is especially lacking.

  8. I like classic fits with a fun flair, whether it’s color, fun buttons, or a cool zipper. I made a striped dolman last year that I love and can’t wait to pull out of storage when the weather is right.

  9. I guess my current personal style is the Eileen Fisher aesthetic–stylish yet comfortable clothes that look great on a 50+ woman. I do like to add color to what is often a neutral palette with Eileen Fisher’s garments, but that is easy enough to do…particularly with hand-knit accessories!

  10. My style? Just the basics, I guess. What I reach for most are solid-color, fine-gauge pullovers in soft wool. It’s predictable, perhaps even boring, but the truth is that I don’t wear things that make more of a statement as often.

  11. Sweaters and boots. I always look forward to fall!

  12. Since I’m outdoors a lot for work, I aspire to a Title9 catalog look (though really purchased at Cost-co) for work accented with knitted accessories. I like to dress up more on the weekends and like classic, vintage looks.

  13. My style is modern, classic, and a bit funky. I love natural fibers and comfortable clothes with clean lines and maybe one striking or unexpected detail. I also, really really love texture – cables are my favorite.

  14. I always end up wearing simple, casual outfits. This is convenient for my current lifestyle (finishing my PhD while chasing after a 2 year old), but I find myself longing for outfits that are not only comfortable but a little more unique: an interesting collar or neckline, small details that take it beyond your average sweater. Obviously, as a knitter, the world is my oyster! But most of my, currently limited, knitting time gets spent on toddler clothing since it’s quick and it doesn’t matter if the fit is a little off; kids look adorable no matter what they wear! If I’m going to make a sweater or cardi for myself I want to be sure it will be something I wear so that the time investment is worth it. So, Amy, when I’m ready to take the plunge I will obviously be checking out your books and designs!

  15. I love rich fall colors and tweedy yarns. I also love a great tailored fit with extra long sleeves.

  16. I work from home, so my basic wardrobe is comfortable. I wear layers, and sometimes even a cowl in my cool basement studio. My shape is rather round, and I prefer a loose silhouette, yet need sleeves with a narrow cuff to accommodate my quilting machine.

  17. My style is classic when getting dressed up, but I am t-shirt and jeans otherwise!

  18. My style is classic casual. I prefer simple silhouettes in solid or tweedy colours with a fairly tailored fit; boxy or oversized garments are not allowed anywhere near my closet. I love cables and stripes, or if feeling a little wild, a panel of lace (crazy!). I have a really hard time finding store-bought sweaters I like!

  19. I’m a plus-size woman so I carefully select items to wear. I don’t wear anything knit in bulky yarn. I wear layers, with open cardigans. Most of my tops are solids, but I do have a few print tops that I wear under a cardigan. Today, I am wearing a skirt, which is a rarity for me. I’m all about comfort while appearing professional – not always an easy task.

  20. I find I love simple cardigans with a nice detail or two. I like light weight because I live in Las Vegas.. Simple is important to me because I hate adjusting clothing/jewelry/scarves all day. I think that’s what is appealing about learning more about fitting things properly. You can have confidence it looks good without continual fussing!

  21. I tend to wear a lot of neutrals, but look for details to spice things up. A bit of lace or a bright pop of color go a long way! My favorite knit (right now) is a bias-knit rainbow pastel scarf that stands out against my camel coat.

  22. I typically go for sporty classics. Jeans or slim pants in dark colors (LOVE corduroy!) with cotton knit tops (V- or scoop-neck preferred). That serves as the base for my favorite clothes—cardigans and shawls! Thanks to the magic of knitting, I can choose among many colors and styles. With the exception of this horrible winter (grrrrrrrrr), my feet are enclosed in hand-knit socks and Dansko clogs. I’m all set! And looking forward to knitting even more sweaters!

  23. Comfy…above all, I want my clothes, knitted or otherwise to be comfortable. Thanks for the give-away!

  24. I’m pretty casual/classic in my style, and tend to wear more pants than skirts even though I love skirts and have several. Of course, that *could* have something to do with the cold weather too! Anyway, I like bright cheerful colors, black, white and grey. Pastels don’t look good on me (or is it that I don’t look good in pastels? ), and beige is banished from my wardrobe – I look like I just got out of my sickbed if I wear beige by my face! I love pullover sweaters, but also wear lots of cardigans over tees, my favorite sweater right now being the CF one I just finished, and I pair it with jeans or slightly dressier pants. See? Classic/casual! I’m *really* looking forward to your book!

  25. My personal style is usually pretty relaxed but I do enjoy dressing up. I prefer natural fibers and I’ll give almost any color a go. I don’t wear a lot of stripes because I don’t find them flattering on me, but I love argyle!

  26. So, while I love the look of edgy, asymmetrical, somewhat avant-garde clothing, why did I wear my LL Bean fleece-lined shirt almost every day this winter? It was so cosy in the ridiculously frigid winter weather that we had in New England, but did I really need to look like a schlub every day? Even if no one in Cambridge would even notice? I’m guess I really need this book!

  27. My style is jeans and sweater when I get to choose, and dress pants and a sweater for work. Ideally with a cowl or turtleneck in the winter, and lightweight / shorter sleeved for spring & fall.

  28. I love knitting and wearing luxury fibers. Soft, elegant and beautiful fiber blends which include silk, cashmere and merino to name just a few. This way I have the pleasure of handling the delicate yarn while knitting and then wearing it when the garmet is finished. This doubles my pleasure and helps me build a one of a kind, classic wardrobe collection. Even better using the CustomFit pattern lets me design the perfect sweater that is unique to me, works with my fiber choice and fits perfectly once I’ve done the swatching. It is a win/win all around!

  29. i like the idea of bell sleeves. They look cute, but for a winter sweater sweater that will go under a coat at least twice per day, they are just impractical. (And thus while the CustomFit sweater with them I made this winter is lovely, it does not get a ton of wear.)

    Part of the impetus that made me take up knitting was that spending good money on cute tops that people never see is kind of silly (to me, at least – I’m always cold, so it’s rare for anyone to see me without a sweater of some sort). Making beautiful sweaters that fit well solves a number of wardrobe problems I used to have!

  30. I’ll describe my style as “making sweaters work in a mostly business casual environment.”

  31. My style is mainly about comfort. If I feel comfortable and don’t have to fuss with what I’m wearing, I can think about more important things and feel confident. I choose clothes that are simple, casual, and timeless.

  32. My style is very casual. Jeans always. I prefer my clothes on the loose side. Nothing worse to me than advertising my muffin top. I prefer natural fibers, though I do like to be able to use my washing machine. I already spend an inordinate amount of time handwashing garments. My jeans are my favorite piece of clothing and I live in them. This winter I’ve worn my knitted scarves to work every day, but other than my scarves, there’s really nothing I wear all the time. The handful of shawls I’ve knit don’t go with anything I own and I almost never wear them. Sad, but true. I put them on and I just think…meh…and back in the drawer they go. Thanks for the giveaway.

  33. I like bright colors, wearing jewel tones as both tops and bottoms (though not together!) and simple, classic shapes. However, when I knit, I need something more interesting than plain old stockinette going on, so I’m still working out my sweater style.

  34. I know that nearly everyone loves their jeans, but I’ve given up on pants, especially jeans. To me they are just too uncomfortable and constricting. There’s just too much fabric where there’s already a lot going on. I will settle for corduroys when it’s cold or loose fitting linen if I can find a flattering pair. With that said, I stick to skirts and t-shirts, with a cardigan for warmth. Even when I dress up I tend to skirts and t-shirts with a fancier cardigan. Rut? Maybe.

  35. I love tunics. Dolman tunics, or just general long and fitted tunics. I am short with a long torso, so tunics work so well on me. As well I find them super comfortable and I can wear them to work or just to hang out over the weekend. I love them so much!

  36. I love simple and cozy. Your new simple collection for CustomFit is fantastic — they are all sweaters I would wear all the time! I just need to start wanting to knit simpler things. I love knitting lace and cables, but wear them less often than I would like.

  37. My style? I don’t think I have one. I basically live in jeans and a t-shirt, usually black. I work in scrubs, so polite pyjamas. I love all kinds of clothes and have bought a wide variety of shapes and colours but never end up wearing any of them. Having an idea of what looks good and then feels good would be super helpful as then I might actually wear something other than the jeans and a t-shirt.

  38. Vests are a favorite. I bought my most favorite vest from J Jill. I have now knit two additional. Living in central Texas, the weather is rarely cold enough to wear sweaters or jackets. I like V-necks and 3/4 sleeves in garments i knit or purchase. My style is casual classic. I’m knitting socks and hats when i need a break from the two custom fit sweaters i’m currently knitting on. Thanks for give away.

  39. I’m a total jeans and t-shirt gal. I love neutrals with a splash of jewel-tones. My clothes have to be comfortable, usually cotton except for my knitted items which are made of wool or wool-cashmere blends.

  40. My style is probably a combination of comfortable, classic, and comfy. I am a high school science teacher, so my outfit must be flexible and not too fussy. I absolutely LOVE a cozy sweater with cables – I’m a sucker for cables. Anything that can be paired with jeans is a win in my book! So excited for this book!

  41. Your questions seem so easy until we have to answer them. I’m guessing I like classic clothes with a modern feel. I like structure and shape. I don’t like loose fitting and bohemian. I love cardigans that I knit but I never wear the shawls that I make. So one of my 2015 goal was no more shawls.
    I can’t wait to read your newest book.

  42. I absolutely love greenish blues. I try to force myself into choosing other colours I also think look good on me – reds, dark greys and blacks, browns. I went to buy wool from a show this past weekend with two plans in mind: a black cardigan with white/pale grey Fair Isle owls and just a hint of pale bluey-green, and a brown cardigan with a zigzag yoke in creams and reds and purples. Instead I came home with 9 to-die-for luxurious skeins of…blue-green and, as a contrast colour, DARK blue-green. I did manage one of purple just to compliment the rest (can you tell I’m feeling into colourwork?).

  43. I have probably knit myself two dozen sweaters in my 30 years of obsessive knitting. Only one has fit and it was an accident. I’ve sworn off knitting clothing for myself but would so dearly love to figure out how to do it. I wish you were my sister and you’d have time to spend with me 🙂

  44. Why is it allways so hard to define one’s style? I definitively like to feel comfortable, I don’t have a work dress code so I often wear jeans, but i don’t like to look too unkempt either. I guess I have more of a casual style but with some refined appointments.

  45. My personal style … I’ve been searching for the words to describe it for at least months, probably years. There’s a little boho, but you have to throw in some practical, or tailored, or … something like that, along with it. I like color. I like to mix materials in an outfit. I wear natural fibers almost exclusively. I like to surprise people.

  46. Classic Casual. I wear jeans every day to work, usually a t shirt and a sweater in the fall and winter. In the summer jeans and a t shirt, maybe a scarf, very little jewelry. I’m in my 50’s and rarely if ever dress up any more.

  47. I am anxiously awaiting your new book! Your first was such a help. I’m excited to see how you built on that.

    I guess I would say I like comfortable, tailored clothing with lots of color. I even like my workout clothing to look fitted – no baggy or tapered pants for me!

  48. I so need “Make Wear Love” to determine my style. I think that I gravitate toward classic styles. My absolutely favorite hand knit right now is my CF Morning Coffee. I feel like I wear it ALL the time. Thank you SO much Amy! Carol

  49. I wear casual clothes almost all the time. The sweater I wear by far the most is a simple cardigan I made with the help of your first book. So now I am making a new cardigan with a custom fit pattern.

  50. Hey, thanks for the giveaway! My style is mostly solid-coloured shirts with colourful shawls. Or with a colourful skirt. Or maybe both. I am still intimidated by knitting sweaters. I continue to research and will hopefully actually knit one some day soon.

  51. I like a classic look but with some interesting detail. It has to be comfortable to wear too and I enjoy wearing a variety of colours. This book looks like it could really help take my knitting skills to the next level.

  52. I love cardigans. One of my favoritesis a plain brown cardigan with a shawl collar that fits me just right. Not all my sweaters fit me in the most flattering way, though, and I’d love to learn how to knit sweaters that I really love and look great on me.

  53. Jeans and tees for me, all year. The knit I wear the most emulates a sweat shirt. The most boring knits get worn the most and I’m ready to change that and make the boring knits more interesting to work on. My question to you Amy is how to flatter the aging body.

  54. I’d call my style classic casual. My normal outfit is khaki trousers and a fitted t-shirt or polo. The knits I wear most are classic cardigans and my handknit socks.

  55. Thank you for an amazing giveaway! I’d have to say that my own personal style is a causal, relaxed type. I love to look like I’m put together by wearing a hand-knit sweater so that my outfit is “fancy” than simply a store-bought shirt. Yet, by wearing a cozy, comfortable sweater, I am able to achieve a causal style with minimal effort. Knitting is what makes me happy, so by wearing styles that suit my figure, would make me so joyful to own this book.

  56. Jeans and hand knits are my wardrobe favs

  57. My style? After reading your fit to flatter series on your website I really started trying to figure out my style and what looks good on my body type. I have never made a sweater that I would wear in public. Only my knit accessories leave the house. I am looking forward to your book so I can take the plunge and hopefully knit something that I will actually wear!!

  58. I try to have my style bra touch vintage and elegant but easy to wear. At work, I try to dress just a touch more formally than the average employee.

    1. I meant to write, “I try to have my style be…” Silly ipad!

  59. My style is probably best described as a combination of boring and eclectic. I live mainly in jeans and long sleeved t-shirts. However I have a few pieces that are “different” and I love them.

  60. I don’t really have a personal style. I work at a university and dress casually for work. But I do love to wear a nice cardigan in one my favorite colors (olive, rust, purple, teal) with a scarf to add color, especially during the cold months.

  61. I recently went back to work after being a stay at home wife for 10 years, and I’ve discovered that I don’t really have a style anymore. Being at home all the time meant I wore jeans and whatever was comfy, now I’m having to redo my whole wardrobe to accommodate work appropriate clothing. I’m just getting into sweater knitting and will be filling my closet with transitional cardigans that will fit MY body shape. I can’t wait to add your new book to my collection.

  62. What kinds of colors, materials, fabrics, or shapes do you like to wear? I love eggplant color, made out of the softest yarn I can find. Because of my size my clothing shape is rather “sackie” not by choice but by practicality;

    What’s your very favorite piece of clothing? Shawls because no clothing is flattering.

    What thing have you made that you wear all the time, or that goes with nothing in your closet? My purple shawl but it does go with my clothes. Everything in my closet goes together.

  63. My style is style-less sadly. I love comfort and I’ll trade it over fashion any day. I’m working on it. 🙂 I have a few nice pieces and the ones I love the best are my Custom Fit sweaters. Seriously! I never really liked any of the sweaters I made before CF.

  64. My favorite piece of clothing is a cardigan. It is a nice cool grey & crosses in front for maximum warmth with simple details.

  65. I’m all about turquoise and teals. They look great on me, make my eyes pop. I love tops that have a bit of waist shaping, that falls at the right place. But seeing that I am petit that very rarely happens. I have one t-shirt that is a petit, and I love it. The proportions are right for me, and make be look good. Unfortunately it is starting to look like it has been loved. Tops that are proportionate to me is why I want to knit sweaters. Jeans and pants, you can find petit lengths, but tops are nearly impossible to find. Thank you for all your work to help us look good.

  66. A few years ago I did some research into dressing with flattering colors and shapes. I purged my wardrobe of unflattering items and have made a point of thinking of these things when I shop or make. That being said, I prefer casual items that allow me to work unhindered while still looking good. I like to layer cardigans and tend to live in jeans when cold and skirts in the summer. I am really looking forward to your new book. Thank you for the opportunity.

  67. I spend a lot of time with kids (at home and volunteering), so I wear comfortable clothing in neutrals, adding some interesting piece like a cowl or sweater or striped tights for fun. So casual + fun?

  68. I’m pretty tiny (4′ 11″) with a large-ish bust so I usually go for jeans or skinny leggings and a looser fitting longish top of oversized sweater or cardigan. I enjoy wearing my knitted creations regardless of some, a-hem, ‘design features’. I always learn something new from my mistakes some don’t beat myself up too badly when things don’t look as good as I’d expected. If I had to state a style, I’d say, that I have a sort of split personality! I enjoy dressing up every once and awhile in an above the knee cowl top dress and heels but mainly spend my time in decent fitting jeans teamed with man-tailored shirts or turtlenecks, topped off with one of my knitted cardigans or jumpers in the autumn and winter. I can’t wait to knit one of your patterns. Am excited about dipping my toes in custom fit.

  69. The topic of this book sounds like something I could really use. I think I am aesthetically drawn to designs and styles that don’t realistically mesh with the way my life is (kids and a new puppy) versus the way I actually wear clothes (comfortable and functional). I admire greatly women who seem to look trendy and elegant with ease, but I very rarely manage that and the clothes in my wardrobe that get worn most are jeans and a comfy sweater. They don’t have to be baggy or unflattering, but I need to be able to move freely.

  70. I love bright colors! Taking a colorway I adore and turning it into something I can wear to work is one of the greatest feelings ever

  71. Anything that goes with jeans…usually henleys in the winter and tshirts in the summer.

  72. I love cables, textures and color knits with a scoop or vneck or henley and i like raglan. comfort is they key. I love textures that evoke nature. I really love a sweater with a beautiful lace pattern as well.

  73. Well, this books sounds like it will be right up my ally, frankly I need help in the fashion department. I am the queen of buying lovely items and then letting them sit in my closet because I don’t know how to match them. I love wearing cardigans, I am always cold, so you will even see me wearing one in warm weather. I work in an office, but with computers, I am often in jeans and boots. I love looking at other women and girls for clothing ideas. Looking forward to picking up your book, I am about to embark on a sweater using the techniques I learned in Knit to Flatter.

  74. I’m a stay at home mom so I need comfortable clothes that are easy to care for. I have always gravitated towards clothes that are slightly more masculine but also accomodate my large breasts, so lots of knit tops without patterns or embellishments. I have always paid a lot of attention to how flattering clothes are on me.

  75. I love wearing linen. I have knit a linen blend cardigan sweater that fits like a dream!

  76. Personally, I’m not sure about my style yet. I’m more of a colour person and try really hard to match things up, because that’s the style I grew up with. Red shirt with red shoes. Blue jeans and blue headband and so on. But ever since I started making clothes for myself (i.e. knitting sweaters) I started to think differently. Basic sweatshirts and jeans are my favourite thing to wear, because it goes so well with colourful cardigans. Black and white basics bring out the bright green of a knitted vest…
    I love that empowerment I also got from taking your Craftsy class and really look forward to this new book!

  77. My style is casual and comfortable. Jeans and sweaters are my favorite thing. Most of my sweaters are some shade of green. Can’t seem to get away from it. Just love it. My favorite one is a quarter zip pullover. The favorite one that I made is a blue, cabled cardigan. But it’s really, really warm, so it has to be pretty cold out to wear it. Would love to knit more sweaters for all seasons. That last one I started was huge, and I frogged it. I started again, but it seemed to be going off the rails again. I need to learn how to make sweaters that fit! I’ve purchased your craftsy class. Now I need to find time to focus and go through it.

  78. My style is probably best described as simple and leaning to casual… But I want items that can go from kid activities on the weekend/evenings to work meetings during the week and that, most importantly are comfortable and make me feel confident. I love simple silhouettes, but that have unique details, whether color, texture, or embellishment, that stand out as different from the mainstream. I love color, but have a hard time getting things to coordinate well sometimes, and have a hard time fitting my body since having kids – nothing stayed the same size except my feet!

  79. I am a jeans and tshirt gal, but I like to spruce up my skinny jeans with boots, a nice scarf, and cardigan. Trying to stay a little modern even though I am a sahm.

  80. I can’t label my style. I need clothes that can take me from volunteering at the school, to representing my husband’s store at various meetings, to dance class and the ball field. Something easy that goes with everything!

  81. I call my style Lazy Chic. I stick to the same silhouettes and color palette as much as possible. It’s boring, but hey–everything matches. 🙂

  82. My workplace is very casual, so my default is jeans, a camisole under a button front shirt or under a v-neck tee, layered under a fleece for the colder months. Hand knit socks are the norm, and occasionally I’ll sneak in a hand knit cowl if it is really cold. Non- work is pretty much the same, although I do get to forgo the non-slip shoes! The few times I dress up, my style tends to be rather classic (so no one realizes that I’m wearing 20 year old pieces). I’d love to augment my away from work style with hand knit cardigans, but being more round than svelte and more short than tall, fit is a challenge – and my CF sweater is on a long term time out because apparently I can’t read directions.

  83. Right now I’m into colour. I like the look of fitted clothing but I also can’t stand feeling cooped up or hemmed in in any way so I love being in yoga pants and a casual top or sweater. I’m looking forward to knitting my first garment this year. That’s my big goal. I’ve been pouring over the CustomFit patterns and will re-watch the Knit to Flatter Craftsy class and go over the book to pick the one for me.

  84. My clothing style is classic but casual. Since I retired, I don’t wear skirts, pantyhose, or high heels any more. Slacks and flats are my everyday wear. So, knitwear needs to be able to fit in. My choice is to layer so most of my sweaters are cardigans and I like to wear them long to cover my retirement-sized butt. When (if) it gets cold here in Tucson, AZ, I do sometimes wear turtlenecks.

  85. I have been examining my style over the past few months. I don’t have much of one, since baby #3, but I love retro fashions. I am leaning more towards retro, with full and a-line skirts, straight-legged trousers, and classic cut tops. I love a slight puffed sleeve, and I hope to get that on my next sweater. Thanks for the giveaway!

  86. I like a classic look. Mostly neutrals but love some surprise. A pop of color or a unique design element. Something a little fun. I’d love to try your new book!

  87. My style is make do with what you have! Mix and match from my closet clothes that I have purchased or thrift shopped. I am all about basics…black or navy…combined with an eye popping knit accessory. (Made, of course, by me!). It really works for me.

  88. As a woman of a certain age and “space efficient” in stature, I would best describe my personal style as proportional comfy casual. I am very mindful of how proportion can change your image – length of a neckline, sleeve length, length of a garment. As knitters, we are so fortunate…we can change these elements to work for our individual bodies and with CF, it is even easier.

  89. Cannot wait to see this book! My style is basic, simple and not too feminine! Ilove the “grandpa” type sweaters 🙂

  90. My style is eclectic, funky, bright. I like to mix colors – a yellow handknit cotton skirt with a spring green tank top and coral cardigan, chunky blue jewelry, and purple tights. I love wearing scarves and shawls and funky accessories. I like putting things together in odd ways: a purple denim miniskirt and a green cabled cardigan. I’m trying to be very selective in what I add to my wardrobe, as I have way too many pieces that don’t get used. I like the idea of button-down shirts, but rarely wear them, and half of my layering camisoles don’t go with any of my cardigans.

  91. My style is very casual, and I rely on my hand knits to add a bit of pizzaz to what’s really a boring jeans and T-shirt look.

    I love cabled sweaters, v necks, and big collars. That being said, I live in Phoenix so very warm garments, like worsted wool sweaters, just don’t get worn. In fact it’s isually too warm for my hand knits. But that doesn’t stop me making them!

  92. My personal style is casual and a little arty. This is why I love to knit sweaters that nobody else owns. My favorite clothing would be skinny (ish) jeans, with a long flared cotton top and a hand knitted sweater. I love blues, greens, and purples paired with neutral colors. When I find a top or pants I love I buy it in several colors.

  93. I think I’m pretty casual, with a classic touch. My favorite sweater is a Parcel pullover I made recently, but I’ll be making my first CF sweater very soon. Our weather here is quite hot most of the time (I live in the desert), so what I need most often is something I can thrown on over a tee or blouse when I’m in a public, over-airconditioned area. Cardigans do that really well, as I can wear them as intended or just thrown over my shoulders. My favorite colors are in the blue/purple family, though I also like red. How wonderful it would be to win this new book of yours! 🙂

  94. I’ve recently noticed a disconnect in my wardrobe. I wear fairly structured clothing lately, with my transition from grad student to professional. My knits don’t really fit that style any more. I have three or four sweaters that are good for work, but the rest are drapery cardigans that don’t look good with business attire. It’s like I have a work style and a home style. I’m working on it!

  95. My style is semi-fitted with clean lines in solid colours. Not all one colour though. Too matchy-matchy. Several neutrals and/or earth tones that work together, with one surprise accent colour. My current favourite is ivory/grey/charcoal with a sunny yellow or scorched lime. If I’m going to add any embellishment it will be texture or cables. not multiple colours or lace. I like a finer gauge with drape rather than bulkier. I’ll layer for warmth. I’ve never finished anything and then not worn it, but I have frogged many a thing just before it was done when I realized it was lovely but not something I’d ever actually wear.

  96. Classic, fun and covered in dog hair 🙂

  97. Very casual and classic with lots of layers over jeans. No muss, no fuss!

  98. I like simple and modern. Nothing too out there.

  99. My style is comfortable & I can really move in my clothes. I have become like my mom, in that I have a hard time buying new things for myself to wear. I keep it simple and a bit more casual than I prefer. Who am I kidding?? I totally dress like an unorganized busy person who doesn’t own a full – length mirror!

  100. My style is relaxed casual or business casual, with a desire to be more than that. The problem is that I’m plus sized and so much plus-sized clothing is ridiculous or ridiculously expensive. I love my worn-open cardigan in bfl sport, and I want a comfy sweater to snuggle in to next winter.

    I love CustomFit and am looking forward to owning this book!

  101. My style is classic full of all the wonderful Autumn colours. I wear separates most of the time both at work and casual. I knitted myself a shawl collar cardigan using Possum Yarn and it only gets worn on the coldest of days as it is just too warm.

  102. What I wear most days (business casual to work) is actually pretty different from my style, which I think is girly, geeky and bohemian all rolled into one. 🙂 Favorite thing to wear: my dark brown fitted drapey T-shirt with a Nikki McClure motif of what is probably a ball of twine, but to me it looks like yarn.

  103. I tend toward the relaxed end of the classic spectrum. For work I tend to live in cardigans, flowy tees, and pencil skirts or dress pants. A lot of black, gray, or navy with pops of color.

  104. Tailored, but not constricting. I used to think I wanted Stevie Nicks’s wardrobe… but I’m most comfortable in clothes that are trim and neat.

  105. I make a concerted effort to avoid clothing with polyester or “fake” fiber content. I also prefer to buy American…..but it is harder and harder to accomplish. My color palette is mostly neutrals…..with some colored accessories.

  106. My style is really classic – clean, simple lines, clothes that fit my rather odd shape and that suit my colouring and lifestyle as a retiree living on a farm enjoying the occasional trip to the big city. I still like to feel well groomed and appropriately dressed but my main challenge is that no-one really makes clothes for me except – well, me! Your advice, books, website, blog are all invaluable to me. Please keep up the great work!

  107. Hmmm hard question. I definitely go for comfort first. I wear mostly jeans or pants. I don’t know I guess I’d consider my style somewhat tomboyish but with some feminine touches light bright nails, colorful handbags and bright cardigans. I love my mustard yellow cardi.

  108. When I think about my style, the best description is probably modern grunge. Lots of jeans and comfy T-shirts, but I’ve moved beyond flannels to more refined outerwear – hopefully sweaters I’ve knit! My palette is pretty much black, blue, and purple.

  109. My style is timeless casual. I tend to keep clothes for a *long* time, so I can’t really justify getting trendy pieces much. I also rarely need to dress up, so I love comfie, casual sweaters and pants. I love wool and cotton.

  110. I think that when it comes to my work life I have a pretty classic style, but I like to throw in a bit of a funky edge when I can – like today, I wore a black dress and tights, my CF Aislinn (in a deep turquoise) and a pair of funky light brown shoes with a deep turquoise strap. Doesn’t sound like it would go, but it both ties together and stands out at the same time, and always results in compliments.
    At after hours it’s about comfort, but that could just as easily be a maxi dress as a pair of jeans or yoga pants.
    I can’t wait to see what the new book brings to the table.

  111. My favorite style is a classic sweater that flatters in all the right places. I dress for comfort not necessarily fashion, yet still want to look current. I really love a great fitting v-neck, cardigan with positive ease. I prefer fine quage sweaters for year round wear. I too am looking forward to seeing your genius designs!

  112. I think my style is classic. I still haven’t knit a sweater for me that I like. I bought Knit to Flatter and signed up for you Craftsy class because I don’t want to repeat failures. Thanks for a chance to win your new book and keep learning.

  113. now that I’m retired I live in jeans and t-shirts. My style is casual but classic. Since I live in Southern California my favorite sweaters are cotton blends and fingering weight wool blends

  114. I spend most of my time wearing very casual clothes, leggings and tees. My dress-up-to-go-to-town is usually a knitted shawl or cardigan most knit from handspun yarn. Sweaters I prefer something rather basic with maybe a small cable or some very small added design feature, no overall lace, as for shawls I’ll add a few beads or a lace edging again most are rather basic. I wish I could wear a pullover but I’m at that age (gasp), need I say anything more.

  115. I like the classics with the nice details. A semi soils yarn with a while stitch pattern. Then a bit of lace. And tubular cat on and bind off. Love texture, and the little details like howa stitch patten continues at the necklin, rather than just ending.

  116. I love soft, comfy clothes. I always run very warm so I like light, airy sweaters, shawls and scarves.

  117. My style is hard to determine because I so seldom really dress to it. I am a 55+, but 25 at heart, shy but mouth, wear lace shawls with my required industrial uniform. I am not afraid to step outside the box, or at least push the limits.

  118. My personal style, although I wouldn’t call it a style exactly, is to wear what feels comfortable and not fussy. Anything frilly or floppy just doesn’t feel like me. In addition, I like a very narrow color palette (for some reason): If it’s black, it’s good, and the further it gets from black the less I like it. Until it reaches white, and then I like it again. And sometimes red makes an appearance. But 90% of my clothes are black, 8% some form of gray, and randomly a few other colors, usually in the green/moss family, fill out the other 2%. And while on one hand, wearing just one color makes it easy to put together “outfits,” on the other hand, people have begun to notice that my wardrobe is a bit funereal. But I think the color suits me, and I never tire of it. .

  119. I love the look of cropped cardigans with dresses… but the one knitted item I’ve worn the most is a regular-length slouchy hoodie! It doesn’t go with any of my dresses but in winter, I wear it with jeans or around the house 100% of the time!

  120. My style is very casual, jeans or sweats every day, but this winter my go-to sweater is the Easy Folded Poncho made with my handspun merino/silk blend yarn.

  121. like many, I have several styles depending upon the occasion. I do not wear pastels or yellow or Kelly green. I love aubergine, reds, black–all winter colors. I love knitting with fine wools but I do not wear wool. I wear linens, silk, and cottons.
    My latest outfit of choice is yoga pants and cotton a-line tunics.

  122. i would say my style is classic and timeless. I don’t buy or make things that will date quickly- in fact, most of my wardrobe has been around for quite a while, with things mostly just replaced for wear and tear or a change of size.

  123. I can’t say that I have much of a style but it’s something that I’m hoping to develop soon. I tend toward comfy (oversized) clothes in dark neutral colors.

  124. Not sure I have a style…but it is A-line skirt and fitted top more often than not. I like clothes that are wearable and that fit. I am a UK 14 hourglass so adding in waist shaping to designs and bust darts revolutionised my knitting…that and being Horst with your measurements:)

    1. I meant being honest with measurements!

  125. I love fitted and semi-fitted garments, loose fitting stuff makes me feel frumpy. My favourite item I’ve made is a wool/angora Central Park Hoodie with a collar and zip; the cables give it some fitting and it’s navy blue so goes with 90% of my wardrobe. It’s also very warm which is important too.

  126. I like to wear basic designs, what material the clothes are made of is as important to me as the design. I usually check the fabric content label even before I consider trying something on. My favorite material is wool and the store bought item I use the most is my cashmere cardigan. My favourie project I knitted myself, and have used the most, is a gray round neck pullover.

  127. I like clothing that I just put on and not have to think about for the rest of the day. One of my favorite knits is Bob from the early Knitty, I have two and yarn earmarked for a third. It fits closely, but not tight, has an interesting detail at a flattering place and if I could I would have one in every color. I have a red and a green one, next up is blue, my favorite color. I wear pants most days, often in the form of dressier jeans in black or dark blue.

  128. I like earthy colours and natural fabrics and whilst I look at glamorous dresses, I don’t feel comfortable in them and mainly wear jeans/trousers with t-shirts or blouses. I prefer cardigans to sweaters and, again, whilst I love looking at gorgeous patterns for shawls, I feel awkward wearing them. Give me a great big scarf/wrap any day! Thank you for the chance to win your book, it can live next to your ” Knit to Flatter” by my bed. ☺️

  129. I love to wear greys and browns and then add a brightly coloured scarf – my favourite is neon orange! I dress quite androgenously most of the time, and often find myself ogling pretty feminine clothing wondering if a change would be good. In the end though I usually find they don’t look as good on or flattter my figure as well as I would hope, and I feel more confident in my usual styles. As a knitter and sewist, I am always looking for ways to make clothing fit better and find new shapes that suit my taste and figure.

  130. When I need a boost of confidence, I wear my handknits!

  131. As most of my friends and coworkers could tell you, the colors I wear lean heavily on purples, with an occasional foray into other jewel tones. For work, I like cardigans, with an average fit, and frequently with a v-neck. For casual wear, I prefer a more relaxed silhouette and pullovers.

    Thank you for the opportunity to win your new book.

  132. In the office, I tend toward classic clothing with a definite retro twist when it comes to accessories. I love cold weather because I can add a knitted item every day!

  133. Simple, Simple, simple. I’m small and too much of anything- jewelry, accessories, complicated clothing- doesn’t work for me. I love stretchy knit tops and bottoms, especially skirts with tights. The handknits that I reach for most often are those that FIT and are a good color for me. Like so many others, it’s hard for me to find a good fit. When I do, I will wear it constantly!

  134. This is what I want my style to be. Pulled together and polished without being stiff and uncomfortable. I’d like to have a smallish wardrobe that all works together. With a few pieces that are wow items, for a dressier occasion.
    I can’t wait to read your book. Thanks for the opportunity to win it.

  135. First, thanks for a chance to win a signed copy of the book! What shall I tell you about my style? The first word that came to mind was eclectic, but that conveys a haphazardness that isn’t me at all … The different disparate elements that constitute my style are quite well integrated. I value fit (one reason why knitting brings such satisfaction) and flattering comfort (no, that’s not an oxymoron, thank you!). Looking in my closet, I see that most of my pieces are multi-taskers — able to be combined in a variety of ways with other pieces to make various outfits. I don’t follow trends unless they suit me, in which case I am often ahead of them, so to speak, or behind them. I favor richly hued colors like burgundy, navy, deep forest green, chocolate, and the like. Accents of vivid teal or winter white are typical. My environment is 85% summer/spring and 15% autumn, with no winter really, so fabrics and materials are medium to light … Cotton, linen, silk, summer-weight wool (superwash, of course) are favorites, along with blends. Shapes that I like to wear are generally elongating, proportional (to me), not too fitted, classic (clean lines) … No bobbles, ruffles, decorative bows … My favorite piece of clothing, to be quite honest, is one you’re not going to see; it’s a well-fitted, properly-sized bra that makes all my other clothing look great! In terms of what’s visible, my favorite outfit is a dark blue custom-tailored pair of pants (perfect inseam, rise, hip, and waist) and a rib-knit mock turtleneck with short sleeves in about the same color; it can be dressed up or down any way at all. The thing I have made that I wear all the time is something that I designed; it is viewable on Ravelry, where my ID is gkgreen, and it is called the Celtic Ruana. The only thing that goes with nothing else in my closet is a piece kept for sentimental value; it’s a Wedgwood blue stole of my late grandmother’s. Whew! Think I answered all your questions … Hope to be reading your new book soon!

  136. My personal style seems to be a mix of things– from classic vintage and rockabilly to combat boots and dresses, to jeans and t-shirts dressed up with cardigans, shawls, and scarves.

    One thing is for certain: I’ve been falling in love with clean, Audrey-Hepburn-esque lines and I keep a pretty muted color pallet. I prefer rich color as opposed to bright color (with the exception of red and fuchsia).

    Finally, I love anything feminine and practical that I can dress up or down depending upon the occasion.

  137. Since I wear a uniform for work all ((almost) my clothes are super casual. I mostly wear jeans and plain T’s. If I had to name a style for myself it would probably be “classic/traditional” . I usually stay away from trendy preferring to be able to use my clothing over an extended period of time and still look good.

    I often think I should knit with neutrals that go with anything although I really don’t have many neutral hand knits. One of my favorite cardigans that I made is a deep, rich plum. Another of my “go to’s” is a medium blue. I’m not sure if the color of these sweaters is the draw or the style and fit. I tend to choose patterns for the finished object rather than the knitting experience. Often this makes for a “boring” knit which usually takes much longer to finish!

    I’m excited about your new book!

  138. Anthropologie has the clothes for the imaginary life I don’t actually live, but in reality they don’t even suit me… I’m still figuring out what my style is. I don’t even know what colors look good on me! Well… I’m always learning! 🙂

  139. I am so excited about seeing your new book! I am definitely a jeans and t-shirt kind of person. I am trying to change that up and my t-shirts are getting nicer and instead of sweatshirts, I’m trying to wear sweaters.

  140. I love cardigans I deep rich colors! I’m happy that I’m seeing more “oversized” sweaters these days. I don’t think that the negative ease is good on me.
    Thank you!

  141. My favorite style is classic and I prefer to knit in DK or smaller sized yarns. I like classic pullovers, cardigans and vests.

  142. I wear casual clothes most of the time and like to dress up jeans with a special sweater, often simple design with a bit of detail; I have been knitting for over 40 years now and enjoy making sweaters that fit nicely, not like a tent!

  143. I’m super excited about your book because I’m really looking to help myself better understand my style and what really works for me.

    What do I know about my style already?

    The biggest thing is COLOR COLOR COLOR. I’m a fan of colour and I wear a lot of it – I rarely can be found in a neutral anything (except as an accent) and I like to wear patterns as well as plain colours. As a result I’ve a large collection of patterned skirts that go with solid coloured tops, for example.

    The other thing is that I’ve finally realized that what I pull out of my wardrobe on a daily basis are the more styled items when it comes to my tops – perhaps because that is the more flattering part of my figure. The oversized super comfy things just don’t get the wear except on a weekend – and anything overly ‘edgy’ is not getting much wear either. But a top with a single special feature be it cables, lace motif, stylish collar, or the like -t hey get pulled out every single day.

    Another thing I’ve trying to do, since I love to knit shawls and scarfs, is to start pairing them with knit tops and planning them in advance as projects – this is my next step in making my knitting more ‘wearable’.

  144. Congrats on your many achievements! (Do remember to relax and take care of yourself, too!) As for style, I like edgy conservative, if that means anything. Like if I wear a suit, I want the lapels to be dramatic in some way. Or I’ll wear classic pieces but in wild colors. Comfort is always king – if the shoe pinches, I don’t wear it. Thanks for the giveaway!

  145. My style, I would say, would be simple with a flare. I like basic pieces but with a splash of lace insert. I am a sweater gal, sweater weather is my favorite season. Rarely do I go a day without wearing a sweater, so all weights are important in my wardrobe. I have yet to complete one for me, I have one in progress, but as time goes on, I am thinking of frogging and starting it over with the splash of lace that I now feel more comfortable adding. Now to add that pop of color as I typically tend to be a neutral color for sweaters, I do have a deep purple one and a bright pink and they definitely have their place, Now for a tropical blue one, hum what should that look like. Hopefully with the addition of this book to my collection, it image will be created.

    Amy and team, you have definitely brought sweater construction out of the dark ages for many of us.

  146. With 2 small children and a large dog my clothes need to be practical…but I’m working hard on making more coherent choices so I have a “wardrobe” rather than just a cupboard full of random clothes. My favourite item is a linen vest top that I made last year…it fits like a dream and so is a delight to wear…usually with my favourite knit. A CustomFit Aislinn. At the risk of being a suck-up, it’s such a joy wearing knits that fit after all these years of hit and miss.

  147. i love textiles; particularly natural dyed ones so my favorite things to wear are ikat jackets, Guatemalan pants, …. Coordinated but not matching, jewel tone colors for me,

  148. I have a strong silhouette that I prefer – tunics that are fitted through the bust and flare below over slim pants. I use scarves or flowing sweaters over to accessorize. I am drawn to knit classic styles of cardigans but they don’t really mesh with my wardrobe. I need to get better at selecting sweater I really want to wear – In fabrics that maintain their good looks with little care. I look forward to reading your new book!

  149. I wear jeans and tees most of the time and have made two CF cardigans that I adore. As a plus size woman, I never thought I would be able to knit anything that fit and now I can’t stop knitting sweaters! That is great because here in Minnesota we need them year round.
    I like cardigans, not pullovers and no ruffles or fuss. I do like interesting details to classic designs–lace panels, rib details etc. I am always attracted to autumn colors.

  150. This is such a hard question for me! At age 40, I’m still trying to find my personal style. I work from home and comfort is my top priority so for years I didn’t think about “style” at all. My favorite piece of clothing is a well-fitting pair of jeans. I can dress them up a bit with a scarf or cozy down with a thick wool sweater. I’d like to put a little more care into how I dress, but am having trouble figuring out what I like that is also comfortable. I need to get away from the mounds of plain t-shirts that I own and find good layering pieces to go with my sweaters. I am currently knitting my first CustomFit and am excited by the possibilities! I have a bunch of cardigans already but would love to stock my closet with warm and stylish pullovers. Can’t wait to see the new book!

  151. I think my style is classic but with something unexpected – either a bold color or a fun detail like a zipper or hood. It’s very much a jeans and a sweater every day kind of style! So looking forward to the book – congratulations, Amy!

  152. Losing 50 pounds and keeping it off has rocked my world!!! Now I want sweaters that fit instead of hide my body. I live in classic but casual clothing with something to set it apart and be noticed by others, a special trim or collar, etc. I try to challenge myself with each pattern to do something I have never done before. Who knew darts could make such a difference. When I wear my custom fit sweaters, I receive complements from many folks. Through that dialog, I find myself with an opportunity to teach beautiful ladies the tools I learned from Amy’s class in Texas about how to dress for your shape plus intrigue them about fibers and knitting. Recently, I was asked to teach a class of young ladies who don’t get many opportunities to learn about fashion. Much to my surprise, their mothers also attended the class. We had a blast. I would never have been able to do this without the first Amy book, dogeared, marked up, read over and over again and then especially the face-to-face class where I learned so much more. Keep up the great work, you are an inspiration.

  153. I’m very jeans and tshirts casual pretty much all the time. However, those tshirts and any accessories I wear are usually as brightly coloured and as clashing as you can get them 🙂

  154. A few years ago I took a sewing class and made a dress in knit-fabric. Great fun and easy to make – but I almost never wore it. So a few months ago I decided to make a tunic from it. Now I wear it all the time, either with a cardigan over or long-sleeved t-shirt under.

  155. My personal style involves stacks of super soft, super stretchy long sleeved crew neck tees. I live in these year round. Love the way they fit and the way they allow me to move. I’m also very fond of sleeves that I can push up or leave long as the mood strikes. My dream sweater would have the fit, feel, and durability of my favorite tee.

  156. I love jeans! And that’s what I wear most the time. And I love classic styles that can be dressed up or down. I made 2 Seguin sweaters this winter and love them and practically live in them. I’ve also knit a few simple cardigans for those extra cold days.

    I can’t wait to see your new book.

  157. My style is pretty basic, I wear blacks and reds, pinks, greys. I like form fitting but not too fitted. I have made 3 garments and two of the three were too big even though I was on gauge and picked the right size. The one other garment I made a woman from a shop I want to helped me twice a week for 6 weeks to make a dress and that fit perfectly because she was able tell me where to alter the garment where I wouldn’t be able to do that otherwise

  158. My style has always been a little old fashioned, classic lines in earth tones. And I love cardigans! To me, they’re the perfect way to layer. And layer I must, as I always seem to be warmer than most people — even in the dead of winter!

    I’m also one of those people who just can’t follow directions. I see a pattern I like, and then immediately go “yeah, but I’d change /that/.” In the end, I often end up making my own patterns, just to be sure they’ll fit me.

    Knit Wear Love sounds like the perfect book to add to my library, in that case!

  159. I live in jeans. I like flowing lines ,loose fitting clothes and I also like classic tailored looks. I lived in Florida for 15 years. The funniest thing anyone ever said to me was about my clothes. I told them I was from New England and he said I know I can tell by the way you dress! Still not sure what that means?!
    Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of your new book.

  160. I pretty much live in black yoga pants and colored tank tops, unless I’m teaching, when I’ll wear something more professional like a skirt and a button down. When it’s winter I throw a cardigan over my tank top, usually knit in bright yarn!

  161. My style is pretty eclectic. Sometimes it’s high-tech-outdoorsy, sometimes it’s artsy, other times it’s very classic/traditional. It depends on where I’m going, what I’m doing and what mood I’m in at the moment. My sweaters tend to be in neutral colors so I can mix and match with them more and they tend to be well-fitting, simple in design.

  162. My style is comfy casual, nothing fitted closely. I wear jeans and t-shirts most often and am currently on a vest making marathon. I love cables as long as I can knit the project top down, have had disasters trying to knit bottom up sweaters and then trying to incorporate sleeves as part of the yoke.

  163. Amy, as someone with a conventional job and no kids or pets, I see women online like you as inspirational: if you manage to do all of those things and not catch fire from working so hard, then surely I can find a way to balance all of my interests! As for style, that’s something I hope to pin down over the next 14 weeks using the Coletterie’s Wardrobe Architect series and Knit to Flatter, as I know what I like and don’t like but I don’t have a signature look or cohesive wardrobe. All I know for certain is that I live in sweaters 3 seasons of the year and desperately need more of them. Bring on Knit Wear Love!

  164. My style would be comfy classic. No wild styles for this girl. Soft, good fit, and bright colors.

  165. I just finished knitting my second sweater ever and it was your pattern Stonington with Custom Fit. I’m so happy with the fit.
    I am starting my third sweater using your pattern Acorn Trail and I feel quite assured that it will fit beautifully too. Thank you for sharing your talens with us. I’m very happy creating my own beautiful sweaters


  166. You have hit on the toughest spot for Women, we are very hard on ourselves. I still find it hard at time to allow myself to relax, to fell good about myself and let that inner glow show through. It is hard to change something that you’ve been doing since you remember. I am 5’3″ and about 140 lbs. I’m 55 as of March 2nd and the mother of 4 children, grandmother to 2. I guess I’m pretty well balanced but wish I had longer legs. I am very hard on myself, even when my loving Hubby tells me I’m being silly. It ends up he always makes me laugh and who can feel bad then?
    I’m looking forward to your new book and will put it to great use!

  167. My style is probably best described as casual alt/goth/punk with a green obsession. The jumper I wear the most is also the one I have had the longest which is my olive green tweedy Rogue. The yarn is rugged and the jumper is a brilliant alternative to a coat/jacket in the autumn and winter. I just throw it on over whatever I’m wearing.

  168. Thanks for the giveaway! I love your patterns – in fact, my 2 most loved knitted items are both based on your Afterlight pattern. One knitted essentially as written, and one altered a bit to be a tank top instead (I was knitting with a limited quantity of handspun silk – my first garment with my own handspun yarn, so that’s double the reason to love it!).

  169. I’d love to be able to dress up, but I don’t have anywhere to wear dressy clothes so I mostly wear casual stuff. I like clothes that make my stomach look smaller

  170. Hmmm…this is a difficult question! While I’ll wear a variety of styles, I guess I prefer classic styles with modern/updated details. I prefer a little positive ease in my clothing; the big thing for me is comfort and I feel my best while wearing attractive, well-fitting and flattering clothing. In sweaters, I prefer cardigans, which are easily layered (and removed for those “personal summers”!).

    Congrats on your new book! It looks fabulous.

  171. I like simple cardigans–good lines and classic muted colors . . . that said, I have a thing for purple and that is probably the only real pop in my wardrobe. Just finished a cabled cardigan–in purple and I’m picking out the buttons now. I’m simply amazed by the idea of 24 sweaters in one book–wow.

  172. Business clothes rule my closet since jeans aren’t allowed. My favorite piece of clothing – my first CF sweater – Shore Ledges. It’s the sweater I throw on over slacks when I wish I could be wearing jeans to work. 🙂

  173. My style is pretty simple. My favorite thing to wear is a sweater for various reasons. 1. They keep you nice and warm. 2. I love to knit them and I might as well wear them. 3. I like that they fit somewhat loosely around me. 4. They are great to wear with almost anything. I think my favorite color is green, but I rarely use it to knit with. That’s ood!! This new books looks amazing.

  174. At work I am business casual, and I like structured, tailored clothing. My favorite things to wear are the ones I can either wear to work with a skirt and heels or wear with jeans on the weekend. Many of my earlier sweaters and most of the summer tops I’ve knitted just sit on the shelf unworn because I saw a pattern I liked and knitted it, not giving any thought to whether it would work with the rest of my wardrobe.

  175. I’d say my favorite handknit sweaters tend to be cardigans knitted in fingering to sportweight yarn. They tend to be somewhat fitted and skim my body but are never tight. Although I enjoy doing colorwork and cables, stockinette is the way to go for me.

  176. I have learned so much from you Amy! I’m short and middle-aged, so a little thicker around the middle than I’d like. I’m also a fairly novice knitter, at least at sweaters and garment construction, so I have a lot to learn :*) My style is jewel colors and a cofortable fit that is not too tight around the hips. I prefer necklines that cover my chest area, which cuts out many cute styles unless one knows how to alter the patterns. And of course I always have to adjust for length! Your books have been a source of such help, and I’d be thrilled to win a copy of your newest one! I’m also enrolled in one of your Craftsy classes although I haven’t been able to spend much time with it yet. Thanks for sharing your talent with us!

  177. Thanks for doing this giveaway! I love classic shapes with interesting architecture. I like playing with geometric designs in cables and lace and colors (I wear a lot of knits, both mass-produced and handmade). I definitely do a fair amount of color blocking (and what I like to call texture-blocking!) in my personal wardrobe.

  178. My style is simple, classic-but I love adding extra details such as lace and cables to make items in my wardrobe flexible. So, I enjoy tops and sweaters that can be dressed up with a simple pair of slacks for Church, dinners out and business casual wear, while at the same time they can be dressed down and look great with a pair of jeans. This book sounds fantastic! Congratulations Amy!

  179. I don’t think I have a style… so it is hard to define it. May be random? I know I would like my cloths to be comfortable, casually elegant and flattering. I really don’t care for fashion and trends, but it feels nice to look nice.

  180. Sporty casual and classic design. I made a custom fit sweater that is a favorite. Purple fingering weight, it is very versatile and comfortable.

  181. I think of my style as casual classic. I’m not comfortable in anything that is too tight or too baggy. My color preference is blue, but I’m trying to branch out into different colors. And im always up for a challenging pattern!

  182. My style is casual and comfortable. I usually wear jeans, and layers on top. I don’t like anything too form fitting. Most sweaters and tops from the store have arms that are too short, and I don’t like the 3/4 length. For this reason, I wear a lot of vests. Natural fibers are a must and I like a lot of color. Fav colors are purple, blue and green.

    I have a few vests that I love, and a couple in progress on my needles. And I love a great cardigan with interesting buttons. My fav one was a lacy sweater, and all of the buttons were different. Lots of fun. The sweaters that sit on the shelf are the ones that are just too hot to wear inside.

  183. I am allergic to wool and my knitting is limited to Cotton and Silk. That’s not exactly knitting hell, but I feel that I miss out on a lot of wonderful colors and fabrics, so I am constantly trying to find patterns that will adapt well to Cotton or Silk. This has become a big challenge. One of my favorite sweater coats isn’t worn a lot, and it is because the shoulders don’t fit well.

  184. Hi Amy, I’m either wearing rather formal business attire in a courtroom or very casual weekend clothing in a large, cold sports facilities watching my kids play volleyball and knitting in a folding chair. For work, I wear short fitted jackets or sweaters and on the weekends, I wear a warm hoodie, jeans and tennis shoes.

  185. I love stripes! I also love knitting with linen. I am allergic to most animal fibers, so I am always looking for patterns that work well with plant fibers.

  186. Warm, deep fall tones comprise my classic casual wardrobe. Almost all solid colors, my garments get their interest from tweedy/chunky textures or design lines. I add chunky necklaces and earrings. Finding sweaters that work in the right colors has always been such a challenge–until I started knitting!

  187. I dress in classics because, really, it’s the easiest for me. At work, wool trousers, a neutral top, great cardigan and, of course, a scarf. This is my year of vastly increasing my options by knitting nothing but sweaters for me (with Custom Fit’s help). I’d love to learn how to vary patterns so that they are one of a kind. And I’m veering towards knitting primarily with skinny yarns because I think the look is a little more refined and easier to wear for a small person.

  188. I don’t know how to define my style. Do I have one? A friend did a wardrobe make-over and thought I fit the “artsy” label, but I don’t think so. I love colour and details that make something unique, not just “ordinary”. I won’t sacrifice comfort or warmth for style, and texture is important. Mary Anne’s description way at the beginning resonated with me – jeans, cords, clogs and basic knit shirts are my wardrobe staples.

  189. My style is “just rolled out of bed.” As such, my favorite items of clothing are comfy and soft, with just enough structure to make it look like I’m not wearing PJ’s. I adore my hard-wearing custom-fit sweaters!

  190. I think classic casual describes my style. I prefer light weight fabric, never bulky.

  191. I am so excited for the new book! And I love thinking about style and what makes people look so interesting. I think I’m a little bit hippy, a little bit preppy but with a va va voom edge. I like my clothes to be close fitting (not tight) and I can’t fight my shape, which is tall and curvy so I embrace it. I’ll do a pencil skirt with my gladiator birkenstocks and a tank top. I love color. I think that knitting has helped me get better at mixing colors and wearing a lot of it. Instead of just one bold color and a neutral, I’m better able to mix bold colors together and not have it look like a mess. I also love patterns and stripes. Also bold jewelry. Love it! Some of my basic staples included: slim cut jeans, pencil skirts, leggings, maxi skirts/dresses, faux wrap shirts, tights and a plaid skirt in the winter. I tend to buy a lot of my clothes from Lands End and LL Bean, which could seem boring but when you take nice, classic clothes and mix them up with bold colors and accessories, you can have a lot of fun.

    Comfort is important. But I work at home so on most days I’m dressed very comfortably and not necessarily very stylishly. So when I do get out of the house I sometimes will sacrifice comfort for style but mostly I ruthlessly search for stylish options that are also comfortable. I have these awesome tall brown boots that are so comfortable and darn it why didn’t I get them in black, too? I’m so happy that birkenstocks are in style right now b/c that’s all I wear I the summer.

  192. I run in and out of the car all day and I love something where the sleeve length fits me and I can throw it on and off. I love 3/4 sleeves so I don’t have to shorten them. I love knitting because you can look wonderful, soft or colorful or toasty or lightly fresh even if it’s just carpool and pickups.

  193. My style is very casual. I am a scientist, so I pretty much wear jeans every day. I love the look of colorful clothing, but almost every shirt I own is black. 🙂

  194. I wish I had a personal style. I have extra weight that I am always trying to lose and then gain back. Because of this, I mostly wear baggy sweaters that hide the lumps and bumps – but hang poorly and make me look bigger. I love my “Knit To Flatter” book, have taken the Craftsy class of the same and also was given a Custom Fit gift certificate from my sister this past Christmas. I’m looking forward to the new book and taking my first step in getting a Custom Fit pattern and knitting something that fits – regardless of my or the sweater size. I’m excited to get the new book and learn more. 🙂

  195. Thank you for the giveaway! I’m a huge fan of your first book, and a total CustomFit geek – it’s changed my life (well, at least my knitting life and the way I look at clothes now). So I’m looking forward to the next installment.
    I think of my style as mostly casual and classic. I’ll use mostly solid neutrals (or jeans), with one piece of color or pattern (usually shirt or sweater). And maybe one accessory with lace or color variegation. I like classic and mostly tailored lines – not much for ruffles or too much decoration.
    And I like to be able to pair pieces differently, so there’s no “set outfit” but things go together with many pieces in my closet.
    Thanks again!

  196. Living in sunny Arizona, sweater season is very short, and skinny knits are the most useful. I love “sunset” colors (go figure!) and a V neck or shallow scoop neck. Looking forward to the new book!

  197. Comfort is my style. 99% of the time I wear jeans and a cotton top. If it’s cool weather, I do enjoy a sweater just as long as the fibers are not too hot. Colors – anything goes with denim, but blue is my favorite color, but I do wear lots of different color tops.

  198. My style is classic, but practical. This often results in smart casual clothing, with a clean outline.
    I love a good jeans, enjoy wearing natural fibers (wool, silk – love my last Knit to Flatter sweater ), but recently discovered that sometimes synthetic clothing ain’t all that bad per se.

  199. My personal style is casual, like 99% of the population these days. I like a sweater that sits lightly on me, that doesn’t have to be tugged at, that skims rather than clings. Cardigans more than pullovers, though the right pullover would be welcome, one that doesn’t make me look ….chubby. Something with some interesting texture, that doesn’t look as if it came off a Target rack – unique, but doesn’t scream “Lookit what I did!”

  200. My style is getting simpler and sleeker as I age. Jeans have always been the basis of my wardrobe, but I used to pair them with bohemian-style sweaters and tops and add big (huge) earrings or a busy necklace. I used to love long flowy skirts too.

    Jeans are still a basic, but my skirs have gone up to just above the knee. I love trapeze skirts. The tops are sleeker, with edgy or asymetrical details sometimes, in cold, bright colours: all blues, greys, blue reds, black, white, with the occasional neon yellow, emerald grey or bright pink. This makes it very easy to coordinate them colour-wise.

    My favourite knit tends to be my latest one. So right now I practically live in my light-grey Ondawa sweater (pattern by Michele Wang), an oversized boat neck sweater covered in twisted stitches and cables.

  201. My style could be described as sporty casual. I like easy going clothing. Nothing fussy. Lots of t-shirts and jeans. I love sweaters with cables. Fun to knit and fun to wear. I like soft, warm colors. Grey is my favorite right now. I do not like bulky yarns. They are fun to knit but not very flattering. Congratulations on your new book. And thank you for the opportunity to win a copy.

  202. well, never thought about having a real style…but comfort, yes! I like lightweight garments, since I live in San Diego. Also it must be soft against my skin…..I am ‘allergic’ to wool but am now able to wear most of it due to the way they are processing it, the Superwash process or whatever it is I am grateful. I also like it a bit fitted sometimes and sometimes draped is good. Conflicting, maybe, but depends on what it is. About to start a Laika cardigan by Ysolda Teague…..I really like the stitch pattern and would like to know how to adapt it more customized to my body……but also want to maintain knitting it either top down or bottom up to keep the seaming to a minimum…anyway, rambling a bit. Would love a copy of this!

  203. I’m a proportional shape and my favorite style is casual classic. I’ve just turned 50 this last year and find it’s time to truly become more comfortable with my personal body type and frame. I’ve learned so much from Amy’s workshops, Fit to Flatter book, online class and newsletters – which is truly helping me to become more comfortable with…me…at this time in my life. I favor clean simple lines and fluid fabrics. I must say my favorite sweater style still seems to be a v-neck pullover, I am, however, excited about creating some new relaxed fit cardigans as well this spring season. Thank you, Amy for all the expertise you pass along that continues to inspire my pleasures in knitting and helps me understand how to create items that flatter my body shape and personal taste! Looking forward to your new book!

  204. Such an exciting time for you, and for all of us! My personal style runs to straight lines, classic (preppy even) silhouettes, punctuated by expressive gemstone/rock necklaces and earrings – without which, I feel undressed (some say their mascara is what is their essential finish and mine is earrings!) All of which needs a beautiful sweater beneath. Love luxurious/rustic fabrics – my favorite thing to wear is sweaters, surprise, surprise, and I am intending to be able to say that my favorite sweater is a CF one!

  205. Classic!
    Classic in style, classic in color.
    No frills, ruffles, or loud explosions of color.
    Button down and blazers, pencil skirt or a great pair of levi’s

  206. My brothers claim I could become a nun without buying anything new. My style is navy blue. I adore knitting cables and lace. Alas, the former make me look like a tufted sofa. I’ve knit myself seven sweaters and wore the most becoming six times. They have all vanished into the mists of time.

  207. Cozy, comfortable, easy care and goes with jeans. Being a scenic artist for many decades, my style has been clothes with paint all over them. Most of which were purchased at Goodwill or handed from painter to painter. Getting dressed up means clothes without paint on them. Now I work a corporate job without the corporate clothing. Lucky me. I’m still involved with paint everyday so most of my wardrobe has to be “expendable”. I love color and texture and my attention span is short. Most of my projects are infinity scarves, shawls or cowls as I can use lovely fibers like cashmere and not worry about getting paint on them. They are also great travel knitting. The fit I like for my tops is shirt tail or tunic, 3/4 sleeves and v-neck. I must admit, after a trip to Iceland for my 60th birthday I now have a passion for fair-isle. I definitely make, wear and love all my knitting projects. A sweater is definitely in my future since your book Custom Fit. Thank-you Amy.

  208. I love the classics and am a cable junkie. I tend to look best in deep scoop neck sweaters, as well as boat necks and v-necks. I love working with deep, rich colors because they look good on me.

  209. Simple & comfortable – Your book sounds great ! I often have trouble fitting tops!

  210. I love it all! The almost scratchiness of raw wools and tweeds, the drape and softness of fine gauge loveliness. The sweater I seem to find myself reaching for is really my mistake Acorn Trail! Mistake because I only checked gauge on my swatch and then zoned out for the knitting. Well, needless to say, I affectionately refer to it as my boyfriend sweater since it is so large! I love the color, the feel, the beautiful stitch work so I cannot rip it apart but it taught me many valuable lessons. I want one that actually fits me but…so many sweaters, so little time. Thank you for your gift of timeless classic sweater design customizable for today’s woman.

  211. I am looking forward to seeing your new book!

    My style is simple, not many frills, and comfortable. I must feel like I can move and breathe freely. I like loose clothing, but tight pants are fine as long as they are not to tight around the waist. I like clothes that are easy to put on and take off. Very interesting question to ponder! Thank you, I will think more about this.

    Good luck with the book, hope you sell a lot of it!

  212. My style is very casual. I love sweatshirts but I do love a nice warm cardigan sweater. I’ve made one and it does fit well but the color is a green and really doesn’t go with anything except black slacks.

  213. My style is casual and comfortable. As a busy mom, I spend most of my sweater-months in either jeans or cords. I like sweaters with timeless design and gravitate toward those with subtle texture, either an allover texture or a limited amount of cabling (I tend not to wear lacy styles or those with tons of decorative features.) Most of my wardrobe is in classic colors – earth tones, neutrals, navy and red. But comfortable is a deal breaker; I like clothes that I don’t notice as I go about life.

  214. My style tens towards the classics. I have classics in my wardrobe that I have been wearing for years. Classic style in Bright colours. That is me.

  215. I’m excited to see this new book! I love bright colors and bold patterns, but also like quieter colors at times. Something I can easily move in is a must, for those impromptu dance parties. Comfort is key, and I have to itch-test all yarn before buying it, especially for sweaters. My favorite thing about knitting my own sweaters is making the sleeves long enough; store-bought clothes are nearly always too short in the arms for me.

  216. My style is pretty simple. I love green. I feel v-neck shapes look better on me than crew necks. I love stripes (although what I love visually doesn’t always look good on me). 🙂

  217. My favorite item is a dark green button-down shirt with princess seams. Why? I am short, with a long torso and short legs, a thickened post-menopausal waist. The princess seams create the illusion of an hourglass figure, and the dark color, with dark jeans, gives an almost monochromatic look that I think elongates me. It’s loose enough to not pull across my bust, and long enough to mask my stomach. I pair it with my brown Custom-Fit Triangled sweater, which I’m thrilled to say fits both my large bust and narrow shoulders.

  218. I live in a small coastal town in Downeast Maine, so I would say my style is casual to the extreme. I rarely wear anything other than jeans, muck boots are a daily wear item, and clothing has to be able to stand up to mud, sand, and rough wear 🙂

  219. I find that sometimes the things I want to knit don’t necessarily go with my personal style. I really like simplicity and clean lines, but most of the time it is not as much fun to knit something more plain and simple. I do find that sometimes the plain and simple looking patterns do teach me new techniques. I guess gift knitting works for more patterns and less simple.

  220. I haven’t been able to make your class yet. I am hoping that this book will be a good substitute. I can wait to see the book and start knitting to fit me!

  221. My style is “I wish I could have a style.” I am a super plus size lady and due to that fact I cannot have nice things unless I have them custom made. If I were able to buy affordable clothes in any style, I think I’d choose a mix of boho/hippie-flavored long skirts and maxi dresses, jeans with fitted, cap-sleeved geeky tees, flirty sundresses, and sparkly ballet flats.

    I’d like to knit a sweater but I’m terrified to commit to that much knitting and potentially not have it fit or be something I love.

  222. I’m short and older, so even the petite ready-to-wear clothing doesn’t always fit me well. Custom fit sweaters will be perfect for me. I can make them in the jewel tone colors that look fabulous with my skin tones. I tend to gravitate toward the blues and teals, but love the deep reds, rich browns, purples and greens, too. I can also get the perfect sleeve & body lengths with just the right amount of waist shaping. My shoulders are narrow, so the sleeve caps will no longer droop below my actual shoulder.
    I like a variety of styles including zip-front hoodies for everyday, or warm cowl neck tunics for curling up with a good book. I dream of making a beautiful sweater coat for that special evening out and a matching tee and cardigan for a classic skirt. I love gradient yarns and cables, textured pattens and stockinette stitch.
    Grabbing a favorite pair of pants from the closet and creating different looks by knitting different sweater styles to go with it sounds like such fun. I can’t wait to get started!

  223. My style is evolving. I am trying to make/buy things that make me happy – styles, colors – and not so much what is easy or “right”. Purples are playing a big part! I went through cancer treatment and am now in remission, and have been taking stock in a lot of areas. Can’t wait for your book!

  224. I had my beart set on Jackaroo because of the pockets and the lace- but -not -too-lacy insets, and I had some merino reclaimed from a sweater that didn’t work for my son. I wanted it to fit really well, so I got a basic CustomFit cardigan and went back and forth between the two patterns, giving me my own perfect Jackaroo! Even though I rarely wear brown, this sweater, with it’s raspberry zipper, has become a favorite. I’m looking forward to your new book, won or bought, to help me personalize my growing sweater wardrobe. With CustomFit, I no longer have on “clothes and a sweater”, it’s all “clothes”.

  225. My style is very casual. Jeans and tshirt with a handknit cardigan is what I wear most days. I love neutral colors and mostly wear black or grey.

  226. I love clothes that are off the beaten track. That have an unusual detail, or fabric texture or shaping. I seem to be attracted to asymmetrical shapes (think Eileen Fisher) and wide cowl neck sweaters theses days–I have an olive green one that looks good with a skirt or jeans. Since I work in an office where we have thermostat issues (too hot or too cold) I find that I am needing more pieces I can layer easily–not a big bulky sweater but a more finely gauged sweater that I can remove or add as the thermostat demands!

  227. I’m definitely a casual dresser. My favorite piece of clothing would be a good-fitting pair of jeans. Soft and cozy sweaters that are classic and not too feminine are my go-to for tops. I’m a huge fan of your sweaters for this reason!

  228. I can’t wait to see your new book. I am retired. I have found that Dk sweaters are the right weight for me to knit and get the most use from.

  229. I wear jeans, t-shirts and sweaters most of the time. The sweaters I wear the most are the classic cardigans in bright colors with just a hint of texture or an interesting detail. I like the look of V-necks and scoop necks, but have actually frogged most of them when I am forced to admit that I will never wear them. When I put on a sweater, it’s because I’m looking for the warmth. The open neck would be uncomfortable in the dead of winter, and in the nicer weather, the sweater would likely be too hot. The same applies for 3/4 sleeves. They would probably be more flattering for my plus size figure, but I would be constantly looking for the “rest of my sweater.” For now, I’m sticking to classic sweaters in great natural fiber yarns. One of my goals this year is to actually use the mountains of handspun wool and alpaca yarns that I like to spin but rarely knit with. Thank you Amy for everything you do!

  230. I love wearing traditional clothing, often gender neutral. Think Gap, or Banana Republic. I wear these clothes over and over again, and love to change them up with sweaters, cowls, shawls etc. This book looks great. Congratulations!

  231. A fun sweater and jeans. I love this look because I can be casual, but throw on some extra jewelry and all of the sudden I’m dressed up!

  232. I love what I call a “blanket sweater.” A long open cardigan that you can wrap around yourself. Cozy and warm, and perfect for New England weather, no matter what season! It’s best with just a bit of wait shaping, and I can’t believe I haven’t CustomFit one yet, but rest assured, I’ve already got yarn set aside for it. 🙂

  233. Although I haven’t yet completed my first CF, I feel so hopeful that I will love it. And best of all when it is done I will receive constructive feed back on how to improve. I always feel as though I need extra length due to my apple shape. I don’t want to accentuate it. I am looking forward to adding this book to my library right next to Fit to Flatter. Thanks for being such a wonderful, productive multi-tasker.

  234. My style is simple and classic. And blue. The things I end up wearing are mostly stockinette, with small design details. Lucky enough, I really enjoy simple stocknette after a long day ar work.

  235. For years I have worn over-sized sweaters, afraid of knitting too small. Now, finally, a sweater that fits! Love my custom fit and want more! Having retired recently, I want sweaters that fit into my casual lifestyle, yet still want the sweater that makes my new live’s eyes pop! Widowhood has changed so many things for and about me, now it is time not to flaunt, but to show I have still “got it”!

  236. My own style is evolving! I have only knit for other people. I’ve recently lost more than 50 lbs so I would like to try something for ME. I like classic clothing, nothing trendy, with a funky detail thrown in for fun. But I’m still afraid of anything too fitted! Trying to get over that though 🙂

  237. I struggle to find things that flatter a top-heavy shape: LARGE shoulders, substantial bust, narrow hips. All this on a stocky frame that may be a bit soft these days. It is a real challenge, and virtually nothing off the shelf fits well. I would really like more peplum style tops to help trick people into thinking I have hips. Also, I would like more lines that help trick the eye into thinking I have curves.

  238. My style is simple, mostly very casual, jeans or leggings with a lovely sweater or sweater dress in winter and a simple dress and cardigan in summer. I only wear natural fibres and I love anything in the blue, green , grey palette.

  239. My style is simple. I love my blue jeans and comfortable sweaters. My absolutely favorite-ever sweater was a crewneck k1,p1 rib. That’s it, just a plain sweater that I wore for 15 years until it was just falling apart. My kids called it “Old Blue” – it was the clothing equivalent of comfort food. My dressier clothes are also pretty simple lines, often a jacket or cardigan and always with pockets. I like timeless classics with some occasional funk thrown in just to have some jazz. Oh, and hand knit socks, always if I’m wearing socks… <3

  240. I love a basic cream colored cable sweater. And then I pair it with one of my MANY shawls or scarves.

  241. Since I work at home, my main criterion for things that I knit is whether I can wear it when I’m walking the dog. My New Year’s Resolution was to wear “real pants” every day. That hasn’t gone too well so far. This is all sounding so sad. Really must get myself together :).

  242. I don’t know how to describe my style. I like cardigans that are timeless. I like fashion forward things but don’t want to waste my time on trendy items. It takes me too long to knit at this point that by the time I am done it is almost out of style! 🙂 I prefer items with rich color although neutrals do have their place. This book sounds amazing and I can’t wait to see it. Thanks for the chance to win, and it is a signed copy at that! My fingers are crossed!!

  243. My style is definitely sophisticated casual.I am 68, love my stretch jeans with boots. Usual wear a. Pullover t-shirt and then another contrasting short sleeve open kneck looxse fit over. Add jewelry and ready to go. I need to be comfortable at my age. But my style of dress does not need to shout out how old I am. I am blond with blue eyes, so in summer I like white, aqua, beige cottons. In autumn and inter, even though I live in Florida, I wear the jeans outfit descrbed the cooler months those tops are usually made of cotten blends, not too heavy. I do some heavier knitting for my granddaughter, who is 8months old, in NY.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win your book. 🙂

  244. I love casual, comfortable clothes and I love your style and philosophy, Amy. You,ve helped me to accept my own figure just as it is. Looking forward to your new book!

  245. casually proper. I don’t like tons of flare/embellishment, and comfort is #1 for my clothing choice, a far away second is does it flatter (though I have noticed the better something fits the more flattering it is)

  246. I look forward to seeing your book and plan to look for “Knit to Fit”. My style is probably business casual. I like sweaters, but would like them to fit better, rather than be oversized. I think a better fit is more business like. I tend to wear skirts and knit tops for working.


    1. Oops “Knit to Flatter”

  247. Grey grey grey and more grey. I love sweater weather and live in sweaters, leggings and boots all fall and winter. I love colorful accessories but clothing is all neutral.

  248. I like simple clothing that’s not fussy. I’ve yet to make anything that I wear a lot except socks. There’s always an issue of some kind that isn’t apparent until the sweater is finished. Nevertheless, I still knit sweaters. I guess I’m an incurable optimist. Thanks for the giveaway.

  249. Really looking forward to the new book. Your first book gave me the courage to say I do not look good in yoked sweaters and it’s ok. I do better with a traditional sweater with a set in sleeve. My favorite sweater is always the one (ok maybe more than one) that I am currently knitting! LOL!

  250. In the summer, I like to wear solid color fitted tees with floral skirts and a cardigan or shawl. I usually do my nails in all sorts of colors and wear an interesting necklace. During the rest of the year, I’m all about nice jeans or cords and a snuggly pullover or cardigan. I like looking put together, but I care more about being warm, especially with a winter like this one!

  251. My style is casual-classic-comfortable, jeans or dress pants and semi-fitted shirts layered with cardigans,and shawls or wraps as weather permits. I love playing with color and maybe because of my background in garment sewing, but more likely because of some excellent knitting classes I’ve taken, most of the sweaters I’ve made fit and I enjoy wearing them. The ones I wear the most have sewn seams and some shaping.

  252. I love texture, but fit matters, too. I actually kept and wear my Custom Fit knit – a rarity for me! I’m into earth based tones that mix and match, and lately tunic length tops are my go-to. I like knitting projects that challenge a bit, and unexpected or unique design details can make a whole outfit.

  253. My style is “comfortable”. What I struggle with is making “comfortable” not equal “sloppy”.

  254. Since I recently retired after 34 years of wearing very conservative business clothes 5+ days a week, I’m just starting to figure out what I want to wear everyday when it’s entirely up to me! Comfortable goes without saying; lots of color. I love CustomFit, and I’m sure the new book will help me a lot.

  255. I like to pair below-the-knee skirts, fairly full ones, with well-fitted tops I won’t have to worry about. I am large in the bust and hips, so something that makes it obvious that I have a smaller waist is nice, as I otherwise just look overweight all over. Because of the large bust, I’ve learned to avoid large cowl necklines, big ruffles, etc. I can’t stand having a scarf around my neck, but turtlenecks are fine. I like to work in fine gauges – size 3 needles are large for me – and I like a bit of detailed stitching somewhere in the sweater, whether it’s a cable somewhere or an all-over texture or some edging at the waist, wrists, and neckline.

  256. I love vintage style but for day to day style I love jeans and tops that reach my hips. Lots of color–I love yellows, teals, oranges, and purples, topped with a scarf or cowl and some big earrings. My Custom Fit sweater is a bright yellow yarn, too! My favorite piece of clothing is the jacket I have on now, a teal cotton jacket that is super comfortable and I eventually will remember to add brooches to it. Something I’ve made that I wear constantly? A yellow slouchy hat, and a grey bulky yarn cowl. I learned to knit so I could make pretty sweaters–I love crochet but I always feel it’s too bulky and shapeless as clothing.

  257. Guess, I prefer comfortable casual clothes and enjoy wearing knits, both winter and summer. I do like knitting and wearing light weight yarns and definitely no heavier than DK . A fingering or lace weight sweater is so light but cosy.
    Looking forward to your new book and all the design ideas.
    Happy knitting and thanks.

  258. I LOVE color….and you, Dear Amy, helped me see that something fitted is actually the best on me… I have traded those huge drapey tops for some more fitted sweaters and love them! Still have to launch my first custom fit but I am getting closer. I dove into the old sweater bin this winter and found a teal mohair/wool blend sweater I made many years ago….it was always too warm, but not this winter! Thank you so much for all you’ve done to make sweater knitting so much more accessible….truth is, I make A LOT of lace shawls and enjoy the knitting of them, but when it comes to what I like to wear….well, sweaters are really more my style. And I’m a farmer (angora goats and llama and pony) so I need sweaters! Can’t wait to get the new book….and thanks for a chance to win!

  259. I look best in classic tailored clothes. A pencil skirt and sweater. My favorite knit that I love to wear is a skirt – it’s black&awhile and I have little to pair with it…. Because black or white does not look that great near my pale face and blond/grey hair. 🙁
    I bought your crafty class and purchased a custom fit pattern to try. I heard you lecture in MA at a KnitGuild meeting a couple years ago and was enchanted. Would love to add the book to my library!
    Ctrunek on Rav

  260. My personal style is rather plain: generally a long sleeve turtleneck shirt and an A-line skirt. To some extent I still wear the styles that suited me long ago: the A-line skirts of the 1960s or so, and long sleeve shirts. Why turtlenecks? They are made of knit fabric and stretch when I move more than woven fabrics do. With knee socks and hiking boots for comfortable feet! Most of my clothes are blue if I can find stuff in blue! ( coats don’t often come in blue, so I get something to suit the weather!) For sweaters I prefer pullovers to cardigans, and long sleeves rather than short ones. Getting clothes to fit is an ongoing challenge sometimes; I’m not quite five feet tall and fall between child size and adult size ranges ( so my coats are always too big) I got Knit to Flatter and find it useful; certainly Knit Wear Love would also be a good addition to my library.

  261. My clothing choices lean toward classic, and I like to wear things that I can put on in the morning and not worry about the rest of the day. The colors I like best are jewel tones. And I would love to win your book

  262. Do you have a style for classic with an edge? That would be me. Short and somewhat top heavy, in a very conservative profession. The two tops I wear most are fine knit black cardis, store bought. I would like to replace those with hand knits. I own and love FtoF, so am really excited to see this new book. (I’m pre-ordered on Amazon!)

  263. I like relaxed fit, soft to the skin feel, and any colours. I love colours, and wish I could make and wear more colourful clothing. I like patterns I can adapt to my own handspun, and even better if I can have a really reliable and loved pattern, which I can alter to look many ways. It can change you life to have clothes that you feel good in, and have a bit of variety.

  264. just recently, I’ve identified my style as Regency Modern. I love the shapes and high waists of Regency era, but worn as tunics with skinny jeans or even a little longer with leggings. I’m a geeky girl, so flowy open front cardis go well over my fandom tees. I’m not afraid to wear layers of handknits. what I want to do is get good shaping down on all my garments so that things look tailored at any weight I am at the time, not like I’m trying to hide under too much fabric. I am shaped with more weight in my tummy, even at low weights. so Knit to Flatter and CustomFit are an amazing resource for me already – I’m so excited for the new book 🙂

  265. I like simple, casual, and comfortable – Black dress pants and a good white shirt can be the basis for many outfits – paired with sweaters or jackets and accessories – simplifies the question of what to wear

  266. My style is fairly plain. I wear khakis and steel toed booots to work. I wear jeans and a t shirt or sweater after work or on weekends. My husband calls it my uniform 🙂

  267. Is casual classic an option? I wear a lot of cardigans as I tend to overheat quite quickly and dislike pulling sweaters over my head. I tend to prefer finer yarns also–worsted weight is borderline too heavy by my standards.

  268. My style is a cross between natural and classic, probably what you’d call smart casual. For colours, I had this “done” many years ago and I’m an autumn, lots of greens, browns and golds. Rich but muted shades – except for orange which I’ll wear in any shade at all no matter how bright. What do I wear most from my knitted wardrobe – Acorn Trail, my very first Custom Fit sweater. It’s in a gold shade and looks great with everything I own. I also knit one for my daughter in a rich purple shade which she loves. One of the best things I’ve learned from you is that I don’t need to wear sweaters really long (I’m a plus size) but look slimmer in something at mid-hip. Whether I win or not your new book will be mine once it comes out here in the UK, to join Knit to Flatter and the Craftsy class as my go to’s for sweater advice.

  269. Clean lines, preppy, unfussy, understated elegance in its simplicity is what I look for in sweaters. Most everything I’ve knitted, i’ve given away! The only handknits I have are the CF cardigan vests I’ve knit. While both of them fit nicely, I hate the yarn I used! One yarn was Berrocco Vintage – I don’t like the feel of that one! The other was an organic wool from my local community farm that was processed by Bartlett yarns, and, again feels dry and course. I’ve got to find a wool yarn that feels good to me but doesn’t require a second mortgage to buy! Thanks for the chance to enter your book giveaway!

  270. I find it hard to determine my style as my body has changed so much over the last 10 years. I was a slim ballerina type, but since having children I am now much more of a pear. I loved your Knit to Flatter book as it gave me some insight into why my old wardrobe now looked so different on me, and how I could change my style to be more flattering. I still like flowing and long cardigans, but have a better idea of where to tweak, which neckline to go for, and accents to draw the eye to slimmer parts of me!
    Thank you!

  271. My style is anything that does not make me look more lumpy than I already am!

  272. I like to wear casual clothing with some ease but I pay attention to fit and the silhouette. Boxy shapes can be elegant if the fit is right!

  273. I’d say my style is inspired by the 1940s-1960s, but using modern textiles. I don’t want to look like a caricature, but the silhouettes are so flattering to a curvy figure.

  274. What are the ingredients of ‘my style’? First off, must be a comfortable fit. (That’s what has drawn me to Amy Herzog Designs!). Secondly, I am attracted to simplicity with snippets of flair. (That’s why my most recent project was Amy’s Stonington). It works best for me if it is an easy knit that just looks more complex! As I am now a grandmother of seven , with hair that was once deep brown, but now bright white, I migrate toward bolder colors. So it’s fair to say, I am eagerly awaiting the release of the new book!

  275. After much hit-and-miss, I’ve discovered that pullovers or cardigans with v-necks that are fitted through the bust and not too snug through the waist and hips suit me best. Also, cropped styles and shrugs are definitely not good for me; at or below hip are much more flattering. I love purples and greens and love cables and texture as opposed to stripes or colourwork. I like classics with a twist, e.g. contrast pocket linings, dramatic collars, etc.. The book looks amazing by the way! Can’t wait to see it. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  276. I’m a stay at home mom, so my current style is easy! I wear a lot of jeans and tshirts with a cardigan or scarf/shawl/cowl to “dress it up.” I’m very pregnant and we’re having spring weather, so my current fave is my mama vertebrae cardigan.

  277. My style? Hmm … comfortable, cozy, casual, not to fussy or detailed. I work from home, so my everyday wardrobe is not much more than sweats and a t-shirt.

  278. I love layering most of the year, so I’m really interested in vests and cardigans–but nothing too close-fitting. My favorite yarns are easy care blends. I haven’t tried using superwash yarns except for socks, so I imagine that they would also work for my needs.

  279. I love jeans and lacy pullovers and lacy summer knitted tees. Thanks for teaching how to fit knits and thanks for CustomFit.

  280. Since I’ve gotten older and rounder, my personal style is to wear clothes that drape beautifully or hug the body without being too tight. I don’t want to be wandering around in a tent, but I don’t want every bump to show either. I don’t like knits or fabrics to be too heavy because it makes me look bigger and because it makes it difficult to wear an item indoors when you never know what the temperature will be,

    I love bright colors and dark colors. Basically, I like everything but pastels and orange.

  281. Cardigans with larger collars or zipped hoodies to keep my sore shoulders warm. Tanks or shell tops in cotton, silk, linen or viscose blends topped with wool or alpaca blend cardigans work really well in California most of the year. I prefer negative to moderate ease and patterns with some textural interest with ability to alter for curvier figures. Colors of misty spring are my favorites.

  282. When I was younger I loved cowgirl and hippy chick styles as well as all things classic, especially if I could mix them together. I love red hats, scarves, mitts and sweaters in winter months. I love all shades of green and orange.

    One of my favourite outfits ever was a red plaid flannel button down shirt with a classic v-neck buttoned vest in charcoal wool (with little points in the front), finished with a dark green paisley and fringed cashmere like scarf that was big enough to wear western style, trianlge in the back and tied in the front and jeans of course.

    Now that I’m in my fifties and retired you’ll find me most often in comfortable close fitting bottoms and chic layers that drape on top.

    A neutral cover up for every season is an absolute necessity.

  283. My personal style is fairly casual, but (hopefully) stylish. I like wearing skirts and dresses with cardigans, tights and boots. I have made about 10-15 sweaters and wear 3 regularly in the winter. One I really adore – it is Wisteria from the first Twist Collective issue. The others vary from time to time. I used to wear more of my sweaters regularly, but several no longer fit since I’ve discovered that my age has caught up with my figure/body shape. I prefer knitting with wool and find that I’m most likely to finish something in dk than fingering (given that I have had a fingering weight sweater OTN for about 4 years now, this should be obvious to me).

    I think that the length I like best is either hip or tunic length for cardigans. They seem to be the most flexible and work with most of what I wear. I have swatched for my first custom fit sweater and am excited to start it sometime soon…

  284. When I was younger I loved cowgirl and hippy chick styles as well as all things classic, especially if I could mix them together. I love red hats, scarves, mitts and sweaters in winter months. I love all shades of green and orange.

    One of my favourite outfits ever was a red plaid flannel button down shirt with a classic v-neck buttoned vest in charcoal wool (with little points in the front), finished with a dark green paisley and fringed cashmere like scarf that was big enough to wear western style, trianlge in the back and tied in the front and jeans of course.

    Now that I’m in my fifties and retired you’ll find me most often in comfortable close fitting bottoms and urban edged layers that drape on top.

    A neutral cover up for every season is an absolute necessity.

  285. i bout knit to flatter then bought the craftsy class. You taught me so much! Most surprisingly, that I didn’t even realize how much o knew about what worked for me. So I’m very excited to see what I’ll leanr in your new boo!

    My style was once described to me as “urban crunchy.” I like comfy things but live in Manhattan (unfortunately, the golden handcuffs of s rent controlled apartment), so I also like to feel like I’m a tad within what’s fashionable. I love cowls of all shapes and sizes. I find that a cowl or scarf or shrug or hat can really transform an outfit. And while my favorite items to wear are big and baggy I kniw that more form fitting pullovers are most flattering. And layering is my best friend. I like a long sleeve tee with a hand knit open lace top — that way I’ve got the sleeveless trend and spring look without exposing my batwing arms.

    I say I don’t have favorite colors but based on my stash that may not be true. I love Reds, maroons, etc, but also blues and in the last few years greens. Frankly the older I get, the more colors I like to wear. After years of being a black is best dresser I niw find I like nearly every color, as long as it’s not pastels. Nowthat I’m edging out of my 40s I think perhaos black isn’t my best face framing color, so chocolate brown has become a big favorite. Cascade’s Van Dyke is my bff.

    So hard for me to define my style due to a chronic illness that has debilitated me and turned my world inside out aad changed my body so much (even a little bit proportionately). I love long skirts & long cardis, but also bolero style tops because I’m short and well endowed. I love the skinny jean look to my surprise but kniw I look good with a flared leg or wide lands as long as the top is more fitted.

    Best of luck with the book (not that you need it at all!), I can’t wait to see it!

  286. I hope corduroy is always in style. I love it. I love neutrals, but my favourite colour to wear right now is a heathered plum. I have a very straight figure and find I like tops with a boat or ballet neck, fitted arms and A-line silhouette and I love a low-hip or tunic length top. I have a sketch of my dream sweater and am just waiting for the perfect tool to help me design it!

  287. The article of clothing I wear the most has to be my Fleet Feet ball cap. Due to medical issues, my head is shaved. And I don’t like people looking at my next to bald head, so I wear my ball cap. I love my over-sized tees, and comfy pants. But I also love wrapping myself up in my CustomFit cardi!

  288. Love the Custom Fit Patterns and helps me with all the wonderful math that I hate to do! You are a savior so I don’t have to break out the calculator!

    My style is clean, professional with an exciting design element. Love all the colors from pastel to neon!

  289. I’d have to say I like classic styles that are timeless…yet very comfortable. I know I won’t keep wearing something if the comfort factor is not there.

    I’m ‘trying’ to get out of my black/gray/red comfort zone & am actually knitting some brights & pastels!

  290. I’m really looking forward to your new book! I’m a jeans and t-shirt lady. I wear a neutrals a lot, but I also love to wear red. One of my favorite things to wear is a charcoal quarter-length sleeved cardigan that I made.

  291. I find that my style is currently in a state of evolving since it has been stagnant since I had my oldest child 5 years ago. The body I have post pregnancies is nothing like the one I had before and I don’t quite know how to dress it. I dream of comfortable cardigans that I can wrap around me…pockets would be wonderfully handy as well.

    I’m drawn to deep reds and grays and details that help me feel feminine and less frumpy.

    I loved Fit to Flatter the book and the Craftsy class as it’s helping me embrace my new curvier body and allowing me to set off on a year of selfish knitting sweaters that I might actually wear.

  292. I knit tailored, classic patterns as it takes me some time to finish a sweater and I want to wear it for years to come. I adore wool but am starting to knit with linen and find I love it. So many fiber choices!

  293. I like comfy, wear hiking or on the beach sort of clothes. Light, stretchy fabrics and natural, muddy colors. In my head I love the Japanese staple, loose pants and long, apron-jumper style, but in ever wear this. I aspire to do so.

  294. I practically live in jeans. When I’m dressy, it’s tailored dressy. I like classic clothes and tend to avoid trendy clothing. Mostly because much of it doesn’t look good on me. I like my clothes to show that I have a figure, without confining me. So my favorite tops and sweaters are those that I can wear with jeans or a simple skirt; those that I can dress up or down.

  295. Hi Amy-I can’t wait to see the new book-I think most of my future sweaters will be your designs ’cause why would I make a sweater with a less than perfect fit? So now I need to learn how to plug in cables, collars and fine stitch patterns into your fabulous patterns to further customize my sweaters.
    My style is casual chic I guess. Living in Ashland, OR, I can be pretty funky and still be a cool grammie. I’m most comfortable with solid, tweed or
    heathered yarns-variegated projects are the ones I wear least-or frog before finishing. I love richly textured yarns and sweaters, and most of my favorites are green-from olive to moss…I’m working on branching out.
    I think my ideal sweater (in addition to fitting perfectly) would be in yarn from Black Water Abbey or Harrisville or Rowen Felted Tweed, a cardigan with lots of visual interest-pattern texture and also unexpected detail somewhere. I’m also drawn to sweaters with almost architectural structure-like Harriet’s Jacket by Elizabeth McCarten.
    I’m swatching with Harrisville Designs Watershed to see if it’s right for my next Custom Fit sweater-So I’ll be ready for your newest designs!
    Thanks for your hard work and beautifully designed collections!

  296. My style is very simplistic with a boho feel. I love loose knitwear and I generally lean towards fall shades such as mustard, ochre, forest green, and of course my staple is always black. In summer I love my light weight tees and camis with a cute knitted shrug over the top. Since moving to Seattle from Australia I have fallen in love with winter accessories such as mittens, boot cuffs and hats which I have been knitting like crazy. I would love to learn to knit for my shape a bit more with a petite waist and large bust shopping can be tricky.

  297. I’m really not sure what my style is any longer. I have knit many sweaters but only 1 fits and looks good on me and that is a plain kimono sweater from the Knit Kimono book. I think I would like to knit that in denim yarn and wear it year round.
    I do wear blues and teals and blacks and reds and white—

  298. After seeing you at WEBS last fall I have spent more time really looking at pattern schematics before embarking on sweaters– the result has been sweaters that actually fit and get worn! I’m yet to dive into a custom fit but it’s in the list to happen soon. I loved your first book and crafty class and can’t wait to see your newest! Thankyou for helping us all think differently — and please pull my name to win!

  299. I’d describe my style as dressed-up casual; I love wearing pullovers + button downs with jeans and a pair of converse or a dress with an oversized cardigan. All the sweaters I’ve made, unfortunately, don’t really fit the bill- I tend to knit what catches my eye rather than what’s already in my closet! I’m working on a few pullovers for everyday use, but it looks like spring weather’s going to beat me to it…

  300. I was just introduced to your work by a very tallanted lady and I cant thank her enough! Im going to find knit to flatter directly after I finish here.
    iv lost my style after having kids and not returning to what my body looked like before (not that it was a particularly outstanding style, but I think it suited me). I still love the clothes but dont feel comfortable wearing them.
    you could probably call it a sporty look? unisex? I love jeans and cargos ranglan T’s hooded jackets and squishy jumpers. 3/4 shorts and tank tops, very basic and casuel.
    It looked good on my tall slim big busted body, not so much now that the rest of my body had caught up to my bust and some. At least my fave colors, blues and greys, still suit me and natural fibers ( linens, silks, soft cottons, squishy wool and alpaca that I love) never go out of style

  301. I am a young “senior citizen” who loves to where coordinated outfits. Not the kind where you buy a suit at the store, but my own pieces put together. Usually neutral pants, and colorful top, although I also like grays and natural colors. I match the earings (usually 2 pair, but sometimes 4) my printed compression sleeve on my arm (se http://www.lymphediva) and sometimes socks. I even matched my scarves and hats when I lost my hair because of chemo. My colors are mostly the neutrals, purple of any shade, blues, especially aqua, and corals. Sometimes red and yellow, and don’t forget greens but only the cool greens no olive. Yes, I left out orange, can’t wear it. Because of many reconstructive surgeries because of cancer my figure is somewhat lopsided and odd shaped (below the chest its kind of banana shaped) so I tend to wear loose clothing. The thing I made that I wear the most is a classic light fingering weight v-neck cabled cardigan. I am on the second one in 40 years and getting ready to knit it again.

  302. I tend to go for solid colors, sometimes with an accessory scarf or shawl. I dress in layers. I’m looking forward to retiring from teaching in an elementary school and throwing out my boring hard wearing clothes that I’ve had for years. Not sure what I’ll replace them with yet. Looking for a new style. I love my cozy sweaters that fit well.

  303. I love classic, timeless clothing that I can mostly wear year round. I’m making the transition from work to retirement (in a few more years) and that’s really influencing my choices in clothing — probably more than anything comfort is a driving factor. And, like everyone else, I want it to fit my very odd body and look good, too. Looking forward to the new book coming out!! Already have it ordered on Amazon!

  304. I don’t think I really have a style, but I certainly would like to develop one. Right now I mostly wear plain separates like t-shirts, jeans and sweaters. I’d like to try to jazz up my wardrobe with more interesting tops, more prints and more color.

  305. My style is classic but comfortable. That’s why I love your designs so much. The designs ‘fit’ my style.
    I’m looking forward to the release of your new book.

  306. i like classic and simple clothes that don’t overwhelm my short frame. I love V-neck tops. And fabrics that are soft to the touch. Neutral colors such as black and gray along with vibrant purples, blues and raspberry pinks.

  307. My favorite fabrics tend to be cozy & drape-y like cottons if I’m purchasing something not handmade. If I’m going to knit it, I love a springy wool 🙂 I tend to gravitate towards neutrals when I’m buying/making tops or pants, but accessories I buy or make are generally in lots of different colors, so is my Outerwear (jackets, coats). My shoes are generally neutral, but I like unexpected neutrals for shoes like a nice olive green or a gray instead of black or brown. My favorite thing I’ve made is my Settler Shawl in some beautiful gray and yellow variegated yarn and I wish I wore it more 🙂

  308. Thank you so much for the lovely book giveaway! My style is comfortable and casual – warm, soft bulky sweaters that keep me cozy all day long. Whenever I buy yarn I gravitate towards browns, teals, purples and pinks.

  309. I am always drawn to reds and purples. I like classic garments that will never go out style and are versatile. However, I like having decorative elements.

  310. I love to wear navy blue. It is so classic, but more interesting than black!
    Rav: dhays

  311. I would say I’m pretty casual in my wardrobe and my lifestyle. I am usually on the floor playing with toddlers as a big part of my job so jeans and comfy store bought sweaters and hand knit scarves are a big part of my clothes. I also love my hand knit socks. I’m really hoping to begin to knit sweaters again with all the tools you offer for a fabulous fit!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  312. I have a cardigan that I love and wear very often at work. The only thing I don’t like about it is that it’s too open (if that makes sense). Instead of an inch or two between the front edges (it has no buttons), there’s more like 9 or 10 inches. So now I’m making a customfit worn open cardigan that I think will be perfect for me! Mostly I like cardigans – I can wear them on the weekends with jeans or at work over a dress. Can’t wait to see the new book!

  313. I ‘m a classic, I wear cashmere sweaters &jeans all winter & tees & capris in summer. My favorite knitted garment is a tunic/dress, Still Light. Comfy in alpaca &I get compliments every time I wear it.

  314. At the moment my style is something that can be thrown on quickly as I run outside to stop my baby girl from munching on a snail and that same woolly needs to be big enough to then be able to wrap my lil girl into it as she snuggles into my chest and wipes her dirty slimy hands all over me and the woolly ….so the woolly needs to be of a colour that doesn’t shreak “baby stains” and be easy to wash too!

  315. I am pretty casual in my wardrobe choices, but can never go past a lovely flowing cardigan. However, my favourite item in my wardrobe is my Taliesin sweater. It was my first ever sweater I modified to suit my body shape and it was all from your Knit to Flatter Craftsy course and book. (I had to book first, but am much more of a visual learner, so the Craftsy course was best for me).

    As for colours I like earthy colours or jewel tones. 🙂

  316. style??? Give me warmth and something that doesn’t itch! With pullovers the neckline needs to cover the scars from breast cancer surgery!

    So my style would be warm, comfy, and the color red!

  317. Not sure if I know what my personal style is-i try to choose items that I think are wearable for an extended period, not just one season. Colors are difficult for me; I go for a lot of reds and blues but just discovered some greens look good on me so that gives me more options. I have made several of your patterns and use your techniques to help improve the fit of my sweaters with good results!

  318. I’m a student so I love wearing cozy clothes to go to class and study in. Leggings, boots, topped with colorful, soft sweaters are my favorite. I like to add a fun necklace or scarf to jazz it up a bit. My favorite colors are reds, pinks, and purples to help cheer me up when I’ve spent a day studying.

  319. My personal style is anything comfortable that goes with cat and dog hair.

  320. My style is pretty casual. I wear jeans most of the time with a tee top and a sweater or vest over it. I love bright jewel colors. Most of my clothes are loose fitting. After taking Knit to Flatter I’m trying to change that. I’ve added darts to the last couple of things I made and like how they look. I’ve been losing weight so I’ve just been knitting socks, since they will still fit. I’m down 20 lbs and am looking forward to getting measured again when I have reached my goal so I can make more things to wear that I love.

  321. My style is very practical and casual, probably too often to the point of sloppy. I’m hoping that knitting for myself will eventually get me to not be in hoodies all the time – I can’t often find things I like in the store.

  322. I love to wear cardigans. I like to knit cables. My style is relaxed and not frilly. My favorite colors to wear are royal blue and fushia.

  323. very simple and sporty personal style, jeans, black tshirt and cardigans, then I accesorize with scarves and earrings.

  324. Contrary to what one might think, the sweater I wear all the time (almost every day this winter) is not one that is perfect. It is Summer Solstice by Heida Kirrmaier. I love this sweater. It was fun to make and I love the creativity of the construction. I remember how excited I was when I finished and was ready to block. It fit perfectly, so blocking should, would, make it look finished. Or so I thought. What it did, was quite the opposite. It had gorilla arms. Now I know what the phrase means. How could it have grown that much? Wasn’t my swatch supposed to show me this would happen? My beautiful sweater was way to big now. I will never use that yarn again! A friend said to dampen it and put it into the dryer. I did that; a couple of times. It made the sweater smaller, alright. But the texture of the stockinette fabric is not as it should be. But still, I love the sweater and it has kept me quite warm this winter. Love as they say, is strange.

  325. Amy — what a great looking book! Can hardly wait to see it in full:) My favourite style is anything with cables. I love cables — they can be dressed up with a pencil skirt or dressed down over a pair of comfy jeans.

  326. I kind of have a mix of styles. For work, I mostly do classics-with-a-twist. When I’m not at work, mostly casual, but I do like offbeat things. I love steampunk style, though I don’t do full-blown steampunk dress-up, just like items that have that look 🙂 For anybody that remembers what this is, I am a winter (Color Me Beautiful), so my neutrals are black and gray, and I like bright blue and blueish greens. I will occasionally do red, but it needs to be blue red, so I am pretty picky with that. I do like black, but I have to fight the tendency and get a little color into my wardrobe. Otherwise, I’m Janie Cash 🙂 I enjoy knitting sweaters and lean toward cables and cardigans, but I’m pretty open to different things.
    I really love your first book – it has given me great tools for evaluating if a sweater is going to work for me or not, and I think has saved me some knitting tragedies. I’m really looking forward to this new one and working it into my nefarious knitting plans!

  327. I love v-neck sweaters with cables. I’m fairly short, so I only want them an inch or 2 past the top of my hipbone . I only wear a few colors: red, hot pink, dark purple, and lots of black and gray.

  328. Thanks for sharing your designs and inspiration! I have always had an uncluttered style whether I am in casual mode or dressier and I gravitate to black as my go to color with neutrals to lighten it up a bit. Softness makes me happy.

  329. After trying lots of styles over the years I know now that I want them comfortable, which means no tightness under the armholes or around the waist, and no need to tug down parts that ride up because they don’t fit right. Obviously CF helps a lot. But also knowing that I don’t want something form fitting, but rather generally relaxed and easy, is the key.

  330. I like to think my style is classic and sophisticated, but rich with colour. I live in the subtropics, so jewel tones work really well here. The book sounds fabulous! Looking to add to my small collection of fine gauge sweaters

  331. My current favorite style is the drop shoulder boxy style tops/ sweaters. I’m on the skinny petite side, so love teaming them up with skinny jeans. I tend to be in love with blues and reds but pink has suddenly taken my fancy, though its not easy getting just that right shade of pink – not too dark, not baby pink.

  332. My style is black and lots of it… Which as we all know is not the easiest to knit with. I make a lot of my knits in bright colors and use them to accent my favorite color!

  333. of course I am blue and classic. But with stylish modern details.

  334. Does it count if you pretty much have no style?! My SAHM “uniform” consists of jeans and T-shirts. And sweaters as outerwear. Which is why I tend to knit a lot of zippered/buttoned cardigans that I can use as a coat. Being a SAHM, I could spend practically all day in my jammies, so I need to make looking and feeling good part of my routine. 🙂

  335. I love clean lines, neutrals, a great bright floral or graphic print … nothing too fussy .. comfortable but not baggy … my shape needs structure.

    You are on the right path – great attitude, beautiful yarns, wearable (as you say) sweaters. Good luck with your latest venture!!

  336. I guess you would call my style casual classic…..which really means jeans and whatever goes with jeans. T=shirts when it is warm, Henleys or long sleeves when it is not warm enough for T-shirts. I love a cardigan or a knitted hoodie that goes with ….jeans! My preference is for finer gauge knits. I love Fair Isle, and I adore cables. My sweaters are versatile, meaning they can be casual or they can dress up my casual look. My passion is for a classic style that outlasts trendy fashions that become outdated in a season. My favorite colors are red, rusts, burgundies-but lately I have been leaning to the blue, teal, violet side of the color wheel. Working with Amy’s first book has really helped me to find what looks best on me (or whomever I am knitting for) within the context of style preference.

  337. My style is casual preppy, classic, and trendy. I don’t get too trendy but stay just trendy enough to be somewhat in style. I love flowy tops and sweaters that aren’t too busy. Design elements I gravitate toward currently are hi/lo hems, always a v-neck or scoop neck (never high), and more fitted at top with loose around the midsection and hip. I pair these looks with skinny jeans and flats or wedges and I like to play up my “conservative” looking outfits with fun jewelry and accessories.

  338. My friend in high school once said he liked to incorporate a rainbow into his outfit every day and I’ve adapted that as my motto. It can be hard to maintain in the Northeast, where neutrals reign supreme, but I love color!

  339. My personal style is fun. I like to think that I bring a bright, fresh but also classic perspective to what I wear – including my knitwear!

  340. My personal style is classic, but I also like nature themes. My favorite colors are the fall palette. I’m 5’2″ but the only thing short is my trunk . . . arms and legs are regular. I have broad shoulders and hips for a petite person. Yup, sort of troll size . . . LOL.
    If I buy petite slacks they are high waters! I love to knit but haven’t been having many successful finishes lately, which is discouraging.

  341. I guess you’d call my style punk rock vintage? I like close fitting cardigans with plaid pencil skirts. Kind of like if Johnny Rotten wore cuddly clothes.

  342. So excited for your next book! I made a lovely Coraline that is in a pale blue that just doesn’t seem to go with anything in my autumnal/emerald toned wardrobe. Woops. 🙂 I often have trouble figuring out how to pair some of my cardigans with my jeans and t-shirt overall style. Working from home, I don’t have much occasion to dress up and when I do, it’s usually a lace shawl and a cocktail dress.

  343. My style is based on comfort; I wear lots of my hand knit sweaters/tops and my favorite is a pale blue top with a square neck and diamond lace inserts in a panel on the front (I “designed” it myself). The yarns I use are almost exclusively natural fibers with an emphasis on linen, silk, and cotton.

  344. I love shawl collar cardigans. and I like the impact of high contrast colors, especially black and white.

  345. As a 70 something Grandma, and have recently returned after many years absent from the world of knitting. I want to have my knit garments fit well and comfortably. I love classic styles in primary colours. but my main concern is fitting. I don’t want to commit the resources or time required on a knit item that isn’t going to flatter my body type. I would like to be able to customize knits for myself that are both well fitting and stylish in the best yarn weights and patterns. I think your book will be an excellent resource in helping me achieve this goal and I would love to have a copy.

  346. I knit a beautiful cropped cardigan with fancy lace panels. The pattern was great, easy to follow and it fits perfect. In my mind, I was going to wear this with super cute retro dresses with flared skirts. I hurried to complete the button band before Stitches West and then went into my closet and reality caught up with me…I don’t own any dresses to complete my pictured outfit! :p

    Congrats on your new book!

  347. My style is comfortable. Jeans, T-shirts, sweatshirts, the occasional skirt or sweater if it’s an Occasion. I love blue, green, purple, and especially RED RED RED. This time of year, boots. Other times of the year, sneakers or sandals. No muss, no fuss.

  348. Purple, comfortable, easy, yet shows off my curves is my style ! Clothing should make you happy.

  349. How to match fabric to pattern is the BIGGEST issue! This is an issue in sewing as well. I’ve been sewing for 30+ years and knitting for 15 and I still have a perpetual problem with selecting fabric/yarn to get the desired final product.

    I guess my style is relatively casual but still put together. No jeans or woven-fabric pants for me, mostly knits. Usually black pants with lighter, less intensive colors on top and something bright around the shoulders. I used to wear knit dresses with tights and black boots all the time, but parenting young kids has pushed me to wearing pants more often. I like good drape, but not slinky and insubstantial and clingy. But not stiff, either. I’m looking forward to the book! Congratulations!

  350. Is boring a style? LOL – I keep telling myself that I should up my game, yet always gravitate to jeans and v-neck or scoop neck t-shirts ( do not like crew neck t-shirts on me at all) which I typically layer with a piece of polar-tec. I have very few sweaters and am hoping to remedy that. I think just changing from the polar-tec to a nice sweater would be a big improvement. Hence, really am loving learning to knit a sweater that fits. I like saturated color in jewel tones. On the occasion when I do need to dress up I go with classic cuts, sheath style dresses, tailored jackets.

    Thank you for the chance to win a copy of the book!

  351. My style is, I think, very similar to Amy’s. I like simple, classic pieces with a bit of detail to make them special. I almost always wear solid colors–a polka dot is a big pattern to me!

  352. My personal style leans toward classic pieces with modern twists. I love neutral colors with pops of neon. Lately, I have been finding myself wanting to knit more basic pieces that I can wear more often. I have some beautiful sweaters, but I can count the times I’ve worn them on one hand! I want to be able to actually WEAR the things I make, and enjoy them! Can’t wait for the book to come out, it sounds like just what I need!

  353. I tend to gravitate to classic with a bit of current fashion. Nicely fitted, never baggy or frumpy. Jeans in the cold weather, definitely with a sweater, thought I’m trying to branch out a bit and think about tunics, jackets, longer sweaters over leggings, for instance.

  354. My style lens towards classic and casual styles which are simple and elegant – not too fussy – if that makes sense.I tend towards neutrals but look good in jewel tones so I get to play with colours I loved your first book and can’t wait for this one!

  355. I like comfortable clothes. Looking good is a wonderful bonus. But I have to be comfortable, first and foremost.

  356. Amy, congrats on your new book and for continuing to empower knitters! My personal preference is for classic, fitted sweaters, with an equal love for cardigans and pullovers. I adore cool collars and using different colors in my knits. ~50% of my sweaters are in some shade of teal. I had been knitting mostly mid-to-high hip sweaters but have recently been gravitating more toward longer styles.

  357. My style is casual eclectic punk. I pretty much always wear a short denim skirt with black leggings and bright hand knit socks, and a t or turtleneck in black or purple or orange. My sweaters usually have a lot of colors, but can’t clash with my purple hair. I don’t like things too fitted. I’m large busted and prefer to draw attention away from that area so I don’t feel like I’m a pair of breasts walking down the street. Things have to be comfortable or I will not wear them, ever.

  358. I have dressed the same way for years… Always in solid colors, usually black or navy in the winter and neutrals in spring and summer. With a scarf around my neck for color, texture and pattern. Cardigans (rather than pullovers) in the winter. Preferably fingering weight…. I wish I could knit faster!

  359. My favorite sweater is navy, a bit of lace but not the girly kind, three bottoms at the top of the cardi and made of a wool cotton blend. It goes with everything, doesn’t pill, not too hot, not too loose, not too tight. I love that almost any shirt looks good under it. I have other more fancy sweaters but they don’t get the wear time that my favorite sweater gets. It just feels good on.
    It’s not a Herzog design but it captures the spirit that your writings encourage.

  360. My style is pretty low-key. I’m generally a jeans and sandals or Danskos kind of person, with a t-shirt and shawl or a minimally fussy sweater. I love knitting fine gauge sweaters with some detail work (like a lace edging or a nice gathered neckline) but if it’s too fussy? No thanks!

  361. I wear scrubs to work…when off prefer comfortable clothing. Costal california temps requires sweaters and light layers. Love long sleeve tshirts and wool scarves and love a vest. Colors, anything fall but tend to love grays and browns lately. I think I look better in less bulky knits, still trying to find the right fit ( did make 3rd custom fit , but learning as I go)

  362. I loved your first book. I can’t wait for the new one.

  363. My style is causal, I always hope and try to have a very “put together” look. I live in jeans, so most of the tops I buy need to look good with jeans. I’m always trying to dress up my jeans but I think I usually fail. 🙂

    I like bright colors and jewel tones, I’m still working on my first CF sweater. I’m not confident I know what style looks best on me. It is still a work in progress. I look forward to reading the new book.

  364. Fun, a new book to read! My style is based on comfort. I like casual, relaxed fit clothing. I still need to knit my first custom fit sweater. No reason for waiting, other than I just need to do it!

  365. Practical??? Hah!!! I love bright colors. Even if I don’t have anything immediately to go with them–I eventually bring something in that happens to be the perfect match. My best friend refers to me as The Peacock!

  366. My favourite sweater that I have made for myself is a hoodie. I made it with contrasting hems, pockets, a zipper, back shaping; it fits perfectly and is so comfortable that it has become my go-to sweater. My style is practical, casual most of the time, but well-fitting, neat, and nice.

  367. My style? Ends up being business casual. I have grown to dress more for comfort than style, and lots of layering for Minnesota weather. I absolutely love color so you will find the rainbow of colors in my closet, but I also tend to gravitate most to brown tones and blue/greens.

  368. My style is comfort. I have gone past the place in life where I wear what is expected. But I love a well fitting sweater. And after this cold winter I want more cozy sweaters.

  369. My favorite sweater is a cardigan with a hint of alpaca or angora…it has that glow of fiber hairs…it is cozy and a cardigan with a little ease and knit in DK might have a shawl color…or be an open front…with set in sleeves that reach my wrists…in a grey, any shade or a midnight blue….perhaps overdued so it shows depth..and hit me on the low hip….it would fit me every so perfectly…adding a !! to my look…and when I wear it, my aura would say, here is a self assured beautiful woman

  370. Wow! So many comments! I tried to read a few and it was so interesting to read about everyone else’s personal style. Because of my fair skintone, I usually dress in jewel tones, which suits me just fine because I love rich, full colors like eggplant amd crimson. I like to dress pretty conservatively and quietly with one real POP! Usually that ‘pop’ is pretty crazy, even riding the line on tacky. I love a good pair of jeans and oversized sweater, and the next day I could dig a sweet cardigan and pencil skirt- maybe with a pair of converse all-stars. I’ve taken a desk job in the last few years which has caused changes in my figure and I’m still getting the hang of dressing my new shape. I find this blog, community, and your be so inspiring! I’m kind of a new visitor here, but I’m hoping not just to make clothes that fit my new shape, but make clothes I really LOVE and am as comfortable in as I am in my own skin!

  371. My style is definitely casual and comfy… Usually jeans and a t shirt and/or comfy sweater depending on the weather.

  372. I love to wear wool. Of course the sweater I made recently was completely wrong – cotton viscose using a pattern written for wool in a size way too large. Wool shirts, wool socks, wool sweaters, wool jackets, wool pants are my normal attire for as much of the year as possible. Gonna need to make a better sweater.

  373. My style has totally changed and not changed at all. I recently retired so no more work attire. A lot more casual attire. I gravitate to Classic looks. They need to be small as I am a small person. Nothing big and bold. My basics are like a chalk board so I can accent. I like scarves,. I’d rather wear a cardigan than a coat. Jewelry is likely to be a chain with 1 special glass piece. I gravitate to turquoise and lately find my eye going towards red. Mostly pants no dresses or skirts. And nowadays very casual.

  374. The new book sounds so USEFUL! Can’t wait to see it.
    My personal “style” has evolved out of what I always find myself reaching for in my closet which is a sleeveless tank or shell layered with a 3/4 length pieced cardigan (with seams!) for structure. As a woman of a “certain age” the cardigan comes off quickly for cooling and goes right back on effortlessly for the chill that follows! Blazers and jackets just don’t work for me – I feel so constrained. I love the way knit wear moves with you.

  375. Hello Amy, my favorite sweaters to wear, are fine-gauge cardigans in classic Color`s …….

  376. I’m fairly new to knitting but wanted to make myself a sweater. After a disastrous first attempt, I found your website and book, Fit to Flatter. I’m happily (but slowly, as a working mom) working through my first CustomFit pattern but despite not having a sweater yet, I have learned tremendously from the process. I now understand that short cropped sweaters are NOT for me. 3/4 length sleeves look better than short but don’t feel quite as comfortable as an extra long sleeve. And sweaters must have waist shaping. I’ve also found a love for colour – any type of jewel tone will do. And texture beats variegated any day. As for style, casual knitting is easy to imagine – like a bulky winter sweater or one that goes with jeans – but I’d like to eventually get more “stylish” with my knitting so that it can pair with a good pencil skirt for work.

    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, challenging me to differentiate what I thought / was told was a good clothing shape and what actually looked good on me, and leading us through this process.

  377. My style is mostly casual with the occasional completely different look like classic, or some random fun other thing thrown in. From my knitted sweaters I wear my Slinky Ribs the most. My favourite colour is purple. It goes with anything. Really, it does. Ask anyone who knows me 😉

  378. After many years of knitting everything from socks to sweaters to shawls, I now find myself wearing the same cardigan over and over…a shawl collared cardigan with wooden buttons and pockets. I have many cardigans of all colours that all fit this same description but it is this particular cardigan that I always reach for because of the neutral, “go with everything”, marled white/grey yarn I used. I am learning that I should stick to the “boring” colours for sweaters and leave the other eye-catching colours to accessories.
    Looking forward to reading your new book.

  379. My style is in transition. I’ve gone from the comfort of lakeside living to now living in a major metroplex. It is almost like becoming an adult (stylistically) all over again. Especially since I got to be a lake bum for my first few years in a new state. No matter where I live, I guess I’m still really a NY/NJ/PA girl. Black or dark bases with a pop of color is my goto/ safe spot.

  380. Amy, you give me hope that some day my skills will become polished and I’ll have produced a wonderful knitted whatever that fits and flatters. I prefer casual attire of jeans and t-shirt. Thank you so much for teaching the math behind fit and doing the heavy lifting with your Custom Fit designs.

  381. My favorite color palette is blue/greens.manywhere from the palest Aqua to the deepest forest and anywhere in between. I would love to have the new book to go along with my copy of Knit to Flatter.

  382. My favorite clothes to wear are sort of bohemian; in summer I love tunics with cropped pants or skirts with leggings. But Vermont winters require that I spend a lot of time in outdoorsy clothes. My favorite hand knits are those in jewel tones with simple shapes, the kore fussy ones sit on the shelf. I am very much looking forward to the new book!

  383. My colors are more in the cool jewel tones and have been geared towards purples & burgundies. I’m now finding that I want to go into the greens more. My favorite sweater I have is actually one I purchased, with a shawl collar & no buttons. I am making my first sweater from a pattern I found on with no adjustments, just cause I wanted to try it. So far it’s going well, except the sleeves seem to be a bit snug and for that reason I may gift it to my sister since she has lost a lot of weight. I have the book Knit to Flatter & have watched the class on Craftsy, need to review & review & review it to get a better understanding.

  384. my life has changed in away … now we have a very cute 15 month old vizsla puppy. she has tremendous energy, and you find us in the park all the time. so now I am more into cozy, comfy, warm sweaters and cardigans. before I was more into dressier and more delicate fibers, sweaters. I try to keep a balance and still buy dresses for example, not to be an all pants girl, but this is a hard balance to achieve. whenever I buy something now, I ask myself, can I wear this to the park? it is a slow progress …

  385. My style is simple lines with very basic and classic design elements using excellent materials. Fit to Flatter and CustomFit have been an incredible breakthrough for me as a knitter but also for me personally. In the general sense, it has really helped me find a style that flatters my very curvy body and has in a deeper sense been a catalyst for me to accept myself and enjoy my body the way it is. Thank you Amy and team! You’re doing great work!

  386. I am enjoying our class and looking forward to seeing the new book. You are amazing, Amy! My style is classic so I find much to knit in what you design. Thank you!


  387. My personal style is pretty casual. I have one of those jobs that I can wear jeans to work every day. I like to layer for the summer and be cozy in the winter.

  388. i love color, but as i get older, i realize i need to tone it down so as to not appear to be an overgrown toddler. my style is simple, comfortable and layers- pants or skirt, t-shirt and sweater appropriate to the season.

  389. My style is casual comfort!!

  390. My style is pretty classic, with some retro thrown in on occasion. I go for basic v-neck or boatneck tees in grey and white, and dress them up with jewelry or a scarf. My most worn knitted items are big ol’ cardigans with stripes (Specifically an Ombre that I customized and a Bluesand Cardi) and a Color Affection.

    katherinelynn04 on rav

  391. I LOVE red, but I find that I wear a lot of purple. My favorite knitted items are my shawls — and there’s a purple one that probably gets the most wear (and the most compliments) ever. 🙂

  392. I just got Knit to Flatter and I absolutely love it already. And I’m getting prepared to really put my CustomFit subscription to good use. Thank you, Amy, for making these resources available.

    I love wearing comfortable clothes that give me room to move but don’t make me look like a house. 🙂

    I usually find myself wearing neutrals…a lot of grays and blacks with a bright color pop every now and then. Like a red or orange. I’m looking forward to making my wardrobe more me in the future.

  393. My wardrobe is made up of comfortable pieces that flatter my shape. I love a comfy pair of jeans with a pretty jewel toned sweater. Thanks for the chance to win!

  394. I like anything blue, blue, or blue. And sometimes violet.

    Usually I like things better if I’ve made them. Its like I’m hugging some of my best moments to myself. I love lots of fabric, so I wear my very full skirt when I want extra comfort.

    I’ve been trending towards steam punk / renaissance lately. I love wearing my Victorian style boots and have two cloaks that I wear often.

    Other than that, I don’t really dress fancy. Don’t care for makeup or haircuts. Don’t care if I’m weird, as long as I’m me.

  395. I’m a jeans-and-tee-or-sweater type, mostly. I tend to favor simple clothing in flattering shapes and colors. My favorite type of sweater to make and wear is either a plain sweater, or a mostly plain one with a few interesting details. Like the Swivel Pullover that I’m working on now.

  396. My personal style is casual and comfy – usually jeans and a t-shirt.

  397. Solids with small details in an a-line shape.

  398. I first want to say that I just cast on a CustomFit Hakone sweater a few nights ago. It’s amazing how it tells me to knit 6″ or 54 rows from the cast on edge – I decide to just knit 6 inches and then decided to count my rows and it was exactly 54 rows! I’m so excited because I can tell already that this pattern was constructed for my gauge, with my chosen yarn and needles and for my body measurements! Thanks for offering such a service.

    Now, I’m excited about your book too! As far as my style, I prefer understated elegance. So, something that’s simple but has some special finishing touches. If not understated elegance, my next pick is just plain comfortable and casual. I have spent a great deal of money and time knitting sweaters that I just wasn’t happy with the fit in the end. It’s so incredibly disappointing when you invest so much and then don’t like the garment.

    I’ve only been knitting for 3 years so far but I have been fairly fearless in trying new techniques in that time. Still, I don’t feel like I am experienced enough to alter a pattern to suit my gauge/body measurements. Since I lack the confidence to do that, I usually cross my fingers and hope for the best! *Sigh*

    Anyway, thanks for CustomFit, for the book, and for the opportunity to win a free copy! I wish you the best of success with the book launch. Happy Knitting!

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