Pattern (and yarn!) Release: Foyle’s Sweaters

So if you head on over to Clara Yarn today, you’ll notice a breathtaking new offering:


This is Shetland 1.0, a naturally-colored Shetland woolen-spun yarn. DK weight, blooms like nobody’s business, a sweater yarn to end all sweater yarns. As Clara herself said:

“Don a sweater out of this yarn and you’ll be driving a World War II ambulance in no time.”

To say that I was excited about working with this yarn is something of an understatement. I was lucky enough to have time to luxuriate in my swatches, and let me tell you – EVERYTHING looked great. Cables? Stunning. Texture? Perfect. Small-scale lace?


There we had my winner. The crazy bloom of this yarn made the lace look almost like a texture. I was instantly in love. I came up with the notion of offering two variations on the same sweater pattern – something for pullover people, something for cardigan people. I wanted allover texture on the front, but plain sleeves and back to facilitate shaping. Keeping the front straight meant that the sweater could have an old-school, comfortable, slightly-slouchy feel while not being super boxy.


Foyle’s Cardigan and Pullover will take you to the grocery store, on a hike, to work, to the library, all while making you feel as though you’re surrounded by the heather of a Scottish moor. Knit up in Shetland 1.0, they’re the kind of sweaters that turn people into sweater people. They wrap you up in woolly comfort, and remind you of what clothes can do for us when they’re made from thoughtful materials and created with care and pride.

Both designs feature an allover-patterned front and Stockinette back and sleeves. The pullover sports a wide, slightly-deep crew neck; the cardigan, a comfy deep V. Waist shaping is located on the back only for the ultimate in casual comfort. Want some more pics? Of course you do!

foyles-cardigan-2 foyle-pullover-candidate-finals-3 foyle-pullover-candidate-finals-4

You can get the yarn here, at least till it’s gone – and I urge you to do so. It’s like the culmination of all of my yarny dreams, in 3 great colors.

(I may have tripped and fallen on a sweaters’ worth in each of the other colors, too.)

Once you’ve gotten your yarn, head here to create your own Foyle’s sweater:


Click for the cardigan!


Click for the pullover!

And tell us about your sweater nirvana. Are you a cardigan or a pullover person? Average fit, like my sweater – or relaxed, like Clara’s? Where would you wear your Foyle’s, and what will you wear it with?

Happy knitting!

6 thoughts on “Pattern (and yarn!) Release: Foyle’s Sweaters

  1. How do we know how much yarn to order? I can’t swatch with it until I have it, and I can’t create the pattern without a swatch.

  2. Totally cardigan, totally relaxed fit, totally Mooskit (wonder what the origin is of these musical names?). I can only hope I bought enough yarn – I know there are tools to prove it but I am between sizes in my CF so may need new measurements and could instead just estimate. But you are helping me to get it right and I am truly thrilled for this opportunity! (Being a sweater person in the wearing, and becoming one in the making)

  3. I ordered my yarn (Moorit) and am debating between the pullover for my daughter or the cardigan for myself. I was worried I didn’t order enough yarn, so went back and ordered more. I can also do a scarf for someone if needed.
    Amy, you have turned me into a sweater knitting freak since Clara’s retreat. This will be my 3rd sweater and I’m planning a summery one too.

  4. I have five skeins of the Moorit coming my way and I love your Foyle patterns so much! (Great series, too.) I honestly can’t decide whether to go cardigan or pullover for this one. Since it’s clearly my fate to knit an entire gradient of breed-specific natural sheep shade sweaters in ALL THE BROWNS, I think I just need a good thorough wardrobe assessment to see what use cases remain to be covered.

  5. Love the yarn and the Foyle’s cardigan. I’m wondering though; it sounds like I submit my measurements when I buy the pattern and you send a personalized version? Great idea, but am I guessing correctly that this would limit the pattern to just me, and if I wanted to make a second for a differently-sized friend, it would not be easy from the same pattern?

  6. ok, I think I get it, one needs to be in the customfit program to properly buy a customfit pattern; makes sense!

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