Holiday knitting

Happy Friday, and happy holiday weekend to those of you in the US!

I’ll be knitting this weekend (I know, you’re shocked), but while knitting is my job, don’t feel too sorry for me for having to work! In some ways I’m on a little bit of a holiday because the sweater I’m knitting at this very moment isn’t actually for the book – it’s my Summer Sweater KAL sweater:


The yarn is Rowan Handknit Cotton in “Slate”**, which is one of my absolute favorite summer staples. It’s smooth, it has a beautiful sheen and hand, and I can’t wait to wear this pullover tank. It’ll be the perfect thing for layering over my favorite acid jean skirt (don’t judge) or some crisp white linen pants.

If all goes well, it will be finished up this weekend, and available for your own summer knitting shortly thereafter!

**The picture above is from Instagram, and so has been filtered to within an inch of its life. The color is substantially more accurate in the pictures below. The way it looks on the end is the fabric when light hits it; the way it looks in the middle is when the fabric is in shadow or indirect light.

hkc-tank-2 hkc-tank-3 hkc-tank-1

What will you be knitting this weekend?

3 thoughts on “Holiday knitting

  1. My goal is to finish the back of my ‘afterlight’ sweater this weekend!

  2. Hi, Amy,
    I love the color and am excited to see the new design! I spent the weekend working on my first CustomFit sweater in Rowan Revive. It’s an average fit, vee neck and I can’t wait to wear it later this week (hopefully)!

  3. Amy, I’m surprised you’re using a 100% cotton yarn for a sweater. I thought plain cotton was not a good choice because it stretched out of shape and grew longer with each wearing. What am I missing?

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