Missive from the Field

I am 6 weeks away from deadline for my next book, and while I can’t spare a lot of time to type these days, I wanted to give you a little flavor of life around here right now.

See you in September!


6 thoughts on “Missive from the Field

  1. LOL. What a riot. Very clever. I envy your actual speed…good luck with the deadline. I will look forward to the new book.

  2. Knit on, Amy! I’m eager for the new book, and totally understand “deadline.” Hang in there!

  3. What will the book be about? Any sneak preview / tidbits you can throw our way??

  4. Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!

  5. That is hilarious, for us, not for you. Stress! A great motivator! Looking forward to the new book.

  6. I love watching other people knit, how they hold their yarn, the movements (subtle and not) of the fingers in moving the loops along. I have to say that I’ve watched this so many times as to possibly be considered a stalker, but all for the above reasons. 🙂

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