Fall Festival KAL: Our favorite time of year!

Hey there knitters!

Talk about a blog hiatus! We’re cooking up some awesome stuff for this fall, but as Amy mentioned a couple weeks ago, it’s got us so busy that we barely have time to write about it. There are something like 30 sweaters that need to get done between now and October … so we’re all knitting our fingers off over here.

In the meantime, we’re thrilled to announce the next KAL in our year of sweaters! It’s everyone’s favorite time: The Fall Festival Sweater KAL.

Fall-KALThere’s no chill in the air yet where I live, but that doesn’t stop me from dreaming about fall sweaters. An classic, relaxed, cream-colored pullover with the perfect shade of red lipstick …

cream raglan

… or a luxuriously wooly cabled coat …


… or the perfect slouchy cardigan with patch pockets. There are just so many sweaters running through my head!

slouchy cardi

Whether you’re attending a fall festival, or you just want to celebrate every sweater knitter’s favorite season, come join with us and knit CustomFit sweaters for the next three months. We’ll begin sweaters on August 15 and knit right on through until November 15.

Here’s a thread on Ravelry to discuss your sweaters, and use the hashtag #ffkal on Instagram to share photos!

If you knit a summer sweater or two for the #sskal, post it in this thread on Ravelry for your chance to win 2 free months of a CustomFit Maker Plus subscription and a 30-minute sweater consultation with Amy. We can’t wait to see what you made!

11 thoughts on “Fall Festival KAL: Our favorite time of year!

  1. I’ve never used a hashtag or joined a KAL. How do I get started?

    1. If you use instagram, add the hashtag to your posts. To join the KAL, just knit a sweater using CustomFit and post about it in our Ravelry thread! http://www.ravelry.com/discuss/customfit/3259193/

  2. I love all of these sweaters. Are these your designs? When will they be available?

    1. No, none of them are, actually!

  3. Pattern name for the cabled coat, please?!

  4. Pattern name of the third sweater, with the big pockets?

    1. It’s actually a commercial sweater, I believe, from a blog post on Cup of Jo. http://cupofjo.com/

  5. Yes! I need to know the name of that cabled coat!!

  6. I love these sweater designs! I have compared knitting patterns to original sweaters that can be purchase and try to figure out which one I like more! http://www.craftdrawer.com/2015/08/comparing-knitting-buying-fall-knit.html

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