Sweater Modifications for a Custom Fit – Final Giveaway!

Edit: Marie is our winner! She had some great thoughts:

I’d like to learn to not be scared & wait for my ideal shape (that probably won’t happen) & to go for it. To learn to knit for me now, to enjoy it and be proud of my attempt/creation!

As my book deadline approaches, the sweaters are piling up …


But I was able to take a few breaks this week to give away copies of my new Craftsy class! I’d like to share a few of my favorite things I heard from students this week.

On Tuesday, we gave away a copy of the class on our Instagram. The topic of the day was Fabric. One of the lessons in the class discusses fabric: how to make a good fabric, what yarns make great fabric for sweaters, how to tell if your fabric will perform the way you expect. Here’s a link to all the lovely photos knitters shared with us on Instagram – there are some great swatches there!

Our winner was @langwidere, who showed off a beautiful tray of swatches overseen by her (not-very-interested) pooch. I loved seeing the many different types and colors of fabric lined up — I save all my swatches, too!

dog plus swatches!

Next, we headed over to Ravelry for a discussion on ease. One of the lessons in my new class focuses on ease: what it is, where you need it, how much to assign where. We asked Ravelers to share stories about ease with us, and the results were amazing! Check out the full thread here. Our winner, reapergirl, shared this with us:

I’ve knitted several sweaters for myself, but I still seem to get into trouble sometimes. Or as Stephanie Pearl-McPhee says experienced knitters just make bigger mistakes, faster.

I wanted a lightweight, loose cardigan that I could wear to ward off office air conditioning. I picked a pattern that was a top-down, increase as you go affair. … Rather than the flowy cardigan that I envisioned, I wound up with a shrug as the fabric stretched width-wise to fit over my chest (part of that was my fault, over compensating for a short torso). It simultaneously had too much positive ease in the back and too much negative ease in the front. I think I’ve worn it twice, once to take a picture for my projects page, and once to figure out that the combination of problems mentioned above means that I wind up adjusting it every 5 seconds.

We’ve all been there! Finally, yesterday we talked about setting in sleeves on Facebook. Jane L. had some great thoughts to share:

Set in sleeves still make me nervous, I admit, for many reasons: because they are crucial to fit and look, and because I don’t feel like I have developed good strategies to fall back on when I run into problems. Glad you are offering a class on this.

I hope the lesson on set-in sleeves and seams can help Jane with some strategies in case she runs into problems … or even better, prevent the problems in the first place!


To win today, tell us what you hope to learn from my new Craftsy class! Leave a comment here, and we’ll pick a winner on Tuesday – meet you back here then. Have a great weekend, and work hard on your Fall Festival sweaters … Rhinebeck approaches!

(If you just can’t wait, or missed your chance to win – again, here’s the link for 50% off the class. Thank you all so much! You’re the best knitters I know.)


90 thoughts on “Sweater Modifications for a Custom Fit – Final Giveaway!

  1. I hope to learn more of the technical stuff that custom fit figures out for me.

  2. From your Craftsy class — I simply hope to gain enough confidence to actually knit a sweater.

    Instead of a scarf, or socks ….. a real sweater! For me!


  3. I’m looking forward to learning more about neckline modifications – I’ve tried a bit on my own, with some, but not complete success. Although all the topics in the class sound really informative and I’m definitely buying it if I don’t win!

  4. I’ve been a fan since Knit to Flatter; what a revelation that was! What I want to get from your Craftsy class is confidence. I basically understand what needs to happen, but I still second guess myself. I think the class puts everything about modifications together in a way that is so clear I feel I can’t help but succeed. An that I will exit the class knowing I now have total control over my sweaters.

    1. PS – I don’t want to win; I already got the class!

      1. Knit to flatter is the first class I bought on Craftsy! I learnt so much! I’m so happy you made another class on Craftsy!
        I’m sure it is full of information.
        Thank you for the giveaway.

  5. How to fit a sweater I actually will wear!

  6. Fit is such a tricky thing! I recently sewed a top, the fifth time I’ve used that pattern. And the neckline gaps! It’s too broad, and I’m not sure where to bring it in to make it right. This is why I’m still hesitating to knit a sweater. All that yarn, all those stitches, that’s a lot of investment for something to be not-quite-right. So I’d love to learn more about perfecting fit!

  7. I would like to be more confident with set-in sleeves as well. I am fine with knitting them, but sometimes (especially if your row gauge is off) they don’t go in willingly. I think understanding the shaping and decreases of them better would be helpful

  8. I’m interested in learning armhole modifications — my row gauge nearly never matches the pattern, so I resort to using CustomFit, which is super fantastic, but I would love to be able to rework them myself!

  9. I would like to learn more about the relationship between ease and length, and when to use or not use shaping to achieve a certain fit.

  10. Talking about the “right” fabric is one of my favorite things, but I think I’d benefit most from leaning how to not be afraid of modifications! I have hips and I’m never sure how to modify to fit them.

  11. I loved knit to flatter, which lead me to custom fit, and inspired me to actually start my KnitEast sweater.(which is my very first sweater, ever!) I’m taking your word for it that my first sweater should be seamed instead of knit in the round, and I’m enjoying the process but am terrified of seaming and blocking! I’m really hoping the new class will walk me through the process 🙂

  12. What I am hoping to learn is how to put all the information into one fabulous sweater. I have tons of clothing, both store-bought and hand-knitted where I love a certain part but not other parts. What I really want is to learn how to achieve that .perfect. sweater, where every details is just right. (A bit like Goldilocks and the three bears?) i know it is a learning process and I have been making sweaters for many many years. From the boxy look in the ’80’s till now, fashion has changed, my body has changed, amd my preferences have changed. So there is always something new to learn or perfect. Thank you Amy for being a sweater advocate!

  13. I’m always looking for new ways to make the neck and shoulder area of sweaters fit better. That area really makes or breaks a sweater in my experience.

  14. I need to learn everything! I ‘ve only knit two sweaters, both top down. I’m currently working on a Henley and have plans for others. I have an atypical shape and need help with both pattern selection and modifications.

  15. Looks like a great class! Can’t wait to learn your sleeve cap tricks and finishing tips!

  16. I am really looking forward to learning more about sweater construction. I see so many beautiful sweaters but I don’t know how to modify them to make sure that they fit me perfectly. You end up spending so much time on making it and I don’t want to feel disappointed if it doesn’t fit. I am also interested in the section about choosing your yarn/fiber. I typically can’t find the fiber that the pattern calls for and sometimes have a hard time know what is best for a substitution. Thanks so much for the chance to win! I would love this class to learn more and start my own sweater obsession! 🙂

  17. I’m looking forward to learning about finishing and adding ornamentation.

  18. I’d like to learn more about how to get a good fit. The last sweater I made just kind of hangs on me and is shapeless.

  19. I’m looking forward to learning about tricks for making the upper bust / shoulder areas fit better, as well as ways to modify necklines!

  20. I’m hoping to get even better fit and add some style to my knit garments.

  21. I would like to improve on putting it all together. If I see a sweater I like, how to use the best parts for my body and leave out those that won’t help. A better fit would be great!

  22. I want to learn more about making modifications to patterns to fit my body.

  23. There are so many things I’d like to learn. For example, how to know how many underarm stitches to either BO or put on holders, where to start and stop horizontally, and vertically, short rows on the back side, where to start the yoke so that it’s placed correctly and I have actual armpits and not batwings. I’ve knit and reknit so many times I’ve lost count. Too short, too long, waist shaping too high. I try to modify to fit myself and end up just starting over and choosing a size in the pattern even if I know it’s not going to fit properly. At least I can follow the instructions and know where to do specific tasks. And that doesn’t even explain why my gauge always changes from my swatch to my knitting. Why bother knitting a swatch when it never gives me a true reading anyway. Some days I just want to go back to cross stitch. Hard to mess up a bunch of X’s. Thanks for the giveaway!

  24. i hope to learn more about fit around the uooer arm and shoulder. Oh, and necklines. So excited for this class!

  25. I too would like to achieve confidence in making modifications. Knit to Flatter really changed my life and now I want to go the rest of the way and learn to make my own mod decisions!

  26. I have been practicing sweaters by knitting for my little grandchildren. I am looking forward to learning skills that will give me the confidence to invest in the time and material to tackle a grownup size sweater. I have been hesitant to attempt it until now. It seems do-able to me now!

  27. To be honest, every lesson is something I’m excited to learn about. The key things are confidence about set in sleeves, ease, and neckline modifications.

  28. I have no problem with set-in sleeves if they are for someone else, but I have yet to get them to fit me properly. Relatively narrow shoulders and smaller upper torso are paired with 38H (yes that’s a real bra size) in the front. They either pull or sag under the arms (even with appropriate bust adjustments so the buttons will close) and the shoulder seam almost never falls on my shoulder. Would love to see how to fix that.

  29. I’d love to learn about pattern modifications. I often see patterns that are longer or shorter than I’d like, or that have a sleeve I’m not wild about. I just don’t have the confidence or know-how to make pattern changes.

  30. Honestly—I really need a class on fitting–how to measure–how to decide what size to make a pattern–and how to modify if I need to based on my measurements.

  31. I just want to be more confident with modifications…. I tend to start strong, but then start to question myself and end up sort of just hoping it’ll work out.

  32. I would really love to learn more of the nuts and bolts of sweater design so I can “pop the hood” on my custom fit designs and ease up the arm fit. My sleeves tend to run tight,

  33. I want to learn more about neckline modifications. I find deep scoop necks the most flattering for me, but I also find it hard to reconcile the depth of the neck with the increases I need to add to accomodate bust size.

  34. Like others have said I would like to learn about ease and set in sleeves x

  35. I really look forward to learning about the characteristics of fabric and how that might influence ease and overall look.

  36. I’d like to learn to not be scared & wait for my ideal shape (that probably won’t happen) & to go for it. To learn to knit for me now, to enjoy it and be proud of my attempt/creation!

    1. Marie, you’re our winner! Congratulations!

      Send us an email at [email protected] to claim your Craftsy class!

  37. Having completed the original course and a couple of CustomFit patterns, I’d like to consolidate my knowledge of making fit adjustments to any pattern so I can “fly solo” with any pattern.

  38. I think the holy grail is fudging with sleeve caps. I had to do it once and it worked … but it felt like luck more than skill!

  39. I need some extra help turning patterns written for Miss Average into something a petite person like me could wear. At only 5 feet tall (and just barely), I find I have to adjust everything for length–torso length, sleeve length, armhole depth, neckline depth, you name it.

  40. I have already learned so much from your classes that knitting sweaters has become my favorite thing. What I want to learn from your new Craftsy class is to feel confident to make changes to a pattern myself. I’m still a “recipe” knitter meaning I follow the directions exactly.

  41. I’m hoping to learn something new – something I haven’t seen discussed before – something I didn’t even know I didn’t know. It seems like everyone finds their own gems in the course and I’m looking forward to seeing what mine will be!

  42. I am excited to take this class and hope it will help me shoulder issues my shoulders are small so then necklines are to loose. Hope I can master those two areas to get my sweaters to fit better.

  43. I just bought your class Amy – I decided it was easier than waiting to see if I had won LOL! This will be the second class of yours I’ve bought on Craftsy, although I still haven’t watched the first one. I’m a fairly new knitter, so I’m working on my skills with smaller projects to develop the chops to tackle something as intimidating as a sweater. I’ve yet to attempt a sweater, but it is on my bucket list – lots of them! Three years ago I had never knitted a pair of socks, and now I have a drawer-full, so I know I’ll get there. Your blog and books give me confidence that I can do it, and do it well – thanks!!!

  44. Would love to learn from the master teacher rather than trial and error as i have been doing

  45. Along with a in-depth look at the fabric of knits, I would love to learn about different shaping methods. Would bust darts be flattering on someone without a large bust? What about princess darts on the back? I haven’t tried these out yet and I’m intrigued. Can’t wait to try out this class!

  46. I am so fearful of making something wrong so I don’t even start, it would be nice to finally know how to use those pretty stashed yarns to make something wearable. Really enjoyed your other class.

  47. I want to learn how to take the “fear” out of modifications. My body is not perfect. Who’s is ??? Amy to the rescue!

  48. Most times, out of fear of messing up, I usually just follow a pattern, making small tweaks [for fit] here and there. I’d love to to finally knit a sweater with confidence, rather than with fear and doubt. It’s difficult to knit with fingers crossed for a wearable finished project!

  49. I have learned to knit by using books and the internet. I have made three sweaters and felt like the whole process was my best guess on fit, fabric and finishing. Then I knit one using your custom fit! So much better, but I still have questions . When I invest the time and money in a sweater, I would like to feel more confident that I will get the fit and results that I want.

  50. I would really like to learn about sizing the sweater for a better fit. I am not comfortable with modifying patterns

  51. I would like the fabric lesson. If I change a sweater pattern for a different yarn weight, I can do the math to figure out the stitch counts, but I struggle with what the fabric should look like. I am hoping it includes information on what makes a “good” or stable fabric, with lots and lots of samples to show, not just one or two. Should the fabric density change based on the sweater characteristics (cabled and cozy vs. light and drapery). Is this in the yarn, the sweater design or the knit fabric?

  52. I’m still working on my first Custom Fit Sweater (I’ve been on knitting hats and scarves for our Minnesota weather) and want to learn as much as I can abot Custom Fit.

  53. I love Craftsy classes. Would love to win yours.

  54. Very interested in varying amounts of ease: how much where? That way I can make a sexy sweater–or not–on purpose instead of accidentally!

  55. My body doesn’t match the standard shape that most patterns are designed for. The solution is just not to make everything big and floppy o that it fits in some places, and not in others. I would love to learn how to adjust the ease in various places to ensure that the sweater still ends up being flattering and fits well. Learning to tweak a good pattern to make it a great pattern would be a wonderful skill to learn. And if my sweater looks great, it would also make me feel happy to wear something that I created. And isn’t that why we knit?

  56. Thanks for the chance to help me figure out how to get the ease I desire.

  57. I have been a huge fan of Custom Fit and have completed my first sweater from the website with a class I took at my LYS (Yarn Culture in Fairport, NY) I still have trouble with shoulder construction and modifying armhole depth. Your books and website are excellent tools and helped me gain confidence to knit sweaters again after a few high cost disasters!

  58. I am almost done with a Chesapeake Bay sweater except for the sleeves. I’m halfway finished with the first one and have realized, I DON”T THINK THEY ARE GOING TO LOOK RIGHT! I am going to get with another very experienced knitter and see what she thinks but would love to have some good basics under my belt to help figure out what I can do with what I think are going to be baggy underarms. Plus I want to learn some new necklines. I have only made a few sweaters so need more ideas.

  59. I would love a class to help me make a set-in-sleeve sweater pattern. I’m short, but I have broad shoulders for my size, so raglans don’t fit me quite right. Tips for measuring and placing waist shaping would also he helpful.

  60. I would like to master set in sleeves But especially those in reverse stockinette!! I feel like I am creating a train wreck every time I start and know the more it gets pulled out the worse it gets!
    Additionally I am not always happy with my buttonholes– they just aren’t as neat and tidy as I would like them to be

  61. I’d really love to understand how to modify for my tummy. After 7 babies, I can never figure out what my size is, nor how to make a sweater that I’m comfortable wearing.

  62. The confidence to make a sweater that sits right on my body so I’m not tugging it in to place all the time.

  63. I love knitting sweaters but have a strange body because of multiple reconstruction surgeries after breast cancer. Anything that would help me get a better fit would be wonderful.

  64. I would love to have a classic style sweater with a good fit, taking into account a short person with a long torso and is full busted. Fit is tricky. It would nice to have a cardigan that looks neat and professional as opposed to frumpy. Thanks.

  65. I’m terrible at seaming and really need to focus on getting better. I also want to learn more about making modifications to existing patterns. It sounds like your new class will be perfect for me!

  66. Knit to flatter is the first class I bought on Craftsy! I learnt so much! I’m so happy you made another class on Craftsy!
    I’m sure it is full of information.
    Thank you for the giveaway.

  67. Firstly, huge congratulations on the new class!
    For me – I’d love it all – I agree with everyone’s comments above but the main areas of interest for me would be:
    I’d love to know and understand a little more about bust darts. I understand the basic concepts of both horizontal and vertical – and in basic stocking stitch / garter stitch I can manage that. However,when it comes to where / when exactly to start, I’m a little lost, especially when I need to squeeze the darts into the midst of a pattern (e.g. cables) !!!
    Also, I’ve heard that such a thing as “mummy tummy darts” exist…….I may be getting to the stage where just a couple of extra centimeters would mean the difference between my cardigan buttoning in this area….or not!
    Hoping some tricks / tips and sound advice in these areas is covered in your class!!!

  68. I try so hard to make all the right choices when choosing a sweater pattern and yarn. I’d like to learn about the things I don’t even know to ask about.

  69. I’ve had more misses with my knitting than wearable garments so fit, how to achieve this with swatches, shaping etc is really where I want to go.

  70. I need help with all of sweater knitting! I have only done a few and they were for my grandbabies. I love your first class and would love to have your second. Thanks.

  71. Even though I purchased…and watched…the Craftsy class, I was hoping to get a better feel for seaming sleeves. THANKS Amy for a great lesson on inserting sleeves in a sweater!

  72. Well I’ve not made many sweaters yet but fit is a big issue for me. My upper arms are large and my forearms are short. Also, while my sides are curvy my front is … convex. So sweaters for my family are relatively easy but for me, not so much! Looking forward to lots of enlightenment for my body fit issues. Thanks in advance!

  73. I’d love to learn more about fit, I’m getting better, but not there yet.

  74. I want to win because I can only knit scarves and I want to start knitting sweaters. The sleeves are confusing to me.

  75. My issues have always been with shoulders, and waist shaping, since I apparently don’t conform to whatever the norm for patternwriting is. I’d like to make a bottom-up sweater I’m happy with!

  76. All the sweaters I have knit have ended up comfortably baggy, but I think I am ready to try a fitted one. Would love to take this class!

  77. As we speak I am reknitting a sleeve to better fit the wearer and the armhole even though I am exactly on for gauge. If I could feel more confident doing mods and get more polished results on seaming curvy areas that would help a lot!

  78. I’m afraid to knit a sweater, not because I think I’m not capable, but because I’m afraid it won’t fit. I’d love this class because I think it would give me the skills to help me ignore this fear and finally take the plunge!

  79. I would love to learn about ease and fabric. I never get the ease just right throughout and since I usually always substitute yarn, more info on how to choose yarn for a sweater would be extremely useful.

  80. I would like to become more confident about making modifications to sweaters based on best fit for my body and style preferences.

  81. I would love to learn and re-learn (practice makes perfect :-)) the advanced finishing hints I have heard in other classes that were not recorded but the information is so valuable and worth watching again when I am at the point of commencing a finishing technique. I am super familiar with casting on, but when it comes time to sew seams or pick up for a neckline, well, I don’t do this nearly as much as casting on, so re-watchable reminders are outstanding, plus the way Amy teaches makes the info instantly accessible and implementable. It is instant confidence to buy or get a class of Amy’s!

  82. I already learned so much from your books and your previous class about choosing the proper styles and fitting to your body, but I feel that I’m still uncomfortable with armscye shapping: finding out if a pattern armscye has a nice fit and how to change it if it doesn’t.

  83. I’d like to learn about what the best place to start lining up set in sleeves before I see them in is. I’m always so intimidated by them.

  84. I take patterns very literally and am not very good at modifying things on my own. So I would hope to learn ways I can understand what needs to be done to get a better fit even if it’s not written in the pattern.

  85. What don’t I need help with!! I need to boost my confidence with mods

  86. I want to learn to make all of the sweaters that I love look and feel great on me when I make them. I love sweaters and I want the ones I make “love” me when I wear them.

  87. Pesky sleeve caps and set in sleeves! Loved your first class and book! I now knit sweaters that I love.

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