Sweater Week, Year 2, Day 2: Options KAL with Rowan

Earlier this year, the wonderful people at Rowan approached me about doing a KAL.

When they released Pure Wool Superwash Worsted, the incredible Martin Storey did a Mystery KAL for the new line. They were releasing a DK version of the Pure Wool Superwash this fall, they said – the perfect workhorse sweater yarn. And when they were talking sweaters, my name came up. Would I like to take the baton from Martin and run a sweater KAL in the new yarn?

…you can probably guess what I said.

And this being me, you can probably even guess where I went with it: Obviously the KAL couldn’t be a mystery. And clearly there had to be a lot of choice involved, because no two people want to knit the exact same sweater.

“Think about it for a bit,” they said. “Let us know what you’re thinking and we’ll go from there.”

The freedom was heady. And so I’m very excited to share that starting on Monday, you’ll have the chance to knit a sweater with me through a different kind of KAL.


The Options KAL will run from October 19 through December 14, on the Rowan site (and discussion here of course!), with bi-weekly installments of videos, tips, and lots of mutual yarn admiration throughout. I’ll step you through choosing a size, making great sweater fabric, modifying the pattern to fit your needs, finishing, and more. Because I’m all about the choices, you get lots:

Options-KAL-Stripe-Hero-Final Options KAL Herzog Photos-Textured-Modeled-1

Including mixing and matching among:

  • Cardigan or pullover options
  • Stripes, textured stitch, or stockinette options for each piece
  • Long sleeves or 3/4 sleeves
  • Crew neckline or V-neckline

I’ll be knitting along with you – a V-neck pullover option with 3/4 sleeves and a textured front and back. (And because I know at least some of you are interested – a free traditional pattern in 12 sizes with all of the options will be available from the main KAL page, but I’ll also build this design into CustomFit so that you can get a version written to match your exact measurements and gauge!)

I hope you’re excited – I sure am!

Rowan is running the main KAL page, and there will be lots of updates on Monday afternoon for the first installment – so keep your eyes peeled! And since I’m sure you want to get your yarn shopping out of the way before we begin, here’s a downloadable spec sheet for the design with a shopping list built-in.

Options KAL-Texture-Front-Detail Options-KAL-Stripe-Shaping-Detail Options KAL-Texture-Neck-Detail Options-KAL-Stripe-Neck-Detail

I can’t wait – which of the Options call to you?

10 thoughts on “Sweater Week, Year 2, Day 2: Options KAL with Rowan

  1. Love the pattern design of the pullover. Will have to get my gauge swatch started.

  2. I’m in! I’ve got 3 colors picked out already for the striped cardigan, but I’ll be doing full length sleeves. Black background, dark gray stripe with a light turquoise in the center (color Marl). I’m a brand ambassador for Rowan… I’m so glad you are working together with them for this KAL!

  3. I think the striped cardigan version gets my vote, maybe with a round neck instead of the V ?

  4. I’d like to make the Striped Cardigan in a differed color combination from the one Amy knit. I like a few of the alternate colorways shown on the Ravelry page for the sweater, but I can’t seem to find the names of those colors anywhere. Am I missing something? I might be able to guess them, by going back and forth between the Ravelry page and one of the on-line sellers of the yarn, but, as you know, colors shown up differently on each website. Help!

  5. Whoa! Excuse the misspellings! The type in the comments section is very light and hard to read. Sorry. I really do know how to spell different and show.

  6. I’m so excited about the Rowan KAL with you! When will we be able to download the Custom Fit version of the above patterns?

  7. Hi Elinor-

    No problem! 🙂 I’ll make sure Rowan puts the color names up for the alternate stripe sequences on the KAL page.


  8. I have been back and forth between Revelry, your blog and Rowan site and have yet to find the actual pattern. All that downloads is the spec sheet with shopping list.

    1. Please ignore request. I finally found the pattern – but it wasn’t easy.
      Now that I have read the pattern I am excited about joining the KAL.
      Thank you

  9. I am thinking of doing the textured sweater in a dark color…will the texturing show on a black and/or variegated yarn?


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