Rhinebeck, and Rhinebeck sweaters (meet Burnish!)

Rhinebeck, as always, was glorious.

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Every year, I get to immerse myself in foliage, sweaters, wool, and some of my favorite people in the world. It’s rejuvenating, it’s hilarious, it’s spectacular. Every year. I feel so lucky that it’s part of my yearly knitting ritual.

And of course, every year I make at least one Rhinebeck sweater.

This year, between the book, the Basics, the retreat designs, and everything else that has been going on, I had time for just one. So I made the most of my chance. I’m very pleased to share Burnish with you:



Burnish is the product of a mind-meld, of sorts: The amazing Jennifer of Spirit Trail Fiberworks told me about a lovely new bulky wool she had coming out this fall, and an old, beloved cardigan she’d love to have a replacement for. (I love it when designs start that way, by the way.) The sweater in question was comfortable, warm, and the kind of thing you throw on every day, for every occasion.

From that basic idea, I dressed things up a bit with simple eyelets on the front (just in the center) and sleeves (just a little band, above the ribbing – nothing crazy). I made the trim twisted 1×1 ribbing, because I adored the way it looked in the yarn – plump, a little sharp, and allowing the depth of the color to shine through.


You can customize your own in CustomFit, but here are the details on my version: Burnish is a mid-hip cardigan with long sleeves, twisted 1×1 ribbed trim, and simple eyelet stripes. I’ve kept the fit more refined for this one, with waist shaping on the front and back, and Jackie is wearing the cardigan with an average fit.

Vesta is a new yarn Spirit Trail debuted this fall. It’s a quick-knitting bulkier yarn at 4 stitches to the inch, and is both soft and springy. Combine the yarn base with Jennifer’s beautiful colors, and you’ve got a lovely cardigan for sure. The sample is shown in the color “Red Tiger’s Eye”.


I wish I had a Burnish of my own – I think it’s the perfect cozy sweater to cuddle up in when the air is brisk and the leaves are turning. I hope you think so, too!

2 thoughts on “Rhinebeck, and Rhinebeck sweaters (meet Burnish!)

  1. Loved Rhinebeck, love your memories, love the new design! My swatch is done and I am about to start my very first custom fit sweater – Charlie’s cardigan. I can’t wait!

  2. You mention that you wish you had a Burnish of your own. I’m curious — what happens to all the sweaters you knit? You don’t get to keep them?

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