Wrapping up the Rowan Options KAL

Hello, lovely knitters!

This week, I got joyfully and utterly consumed by a project. I love that feeling, and this is a great project to sink my teeth into – I’m pulling the CustomFit site and this blog together into a single, coherent, cohesive whole. I have some work left to do, but my focus this week got me substantially closer to making the change.

I’ve been wanting to tackle this for ages. I’d really like to have one home on the web, where I can share everything I’m up to — from blog posts about my personal knitting, to new CustomFit news, to registrations for my make. wear. love. retreats, to whatever I cook up next. Want a peek?

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 1.51.22 PM

As we’ve inched closer to being able to make the “new” site live, my knitting progress has sadly lagged. I did manage to finish a sweater this week, though!


I’m in love with it. It’s been ages since I was able to just knit a sweater on my own timeline, with my own tinkering, not having a care in the world about what would happen to it when the knitting was done. And speaking of #optionskal news, this week I released two Options KAL videos – the final “instructive” video, on seaming:

And a sweet little farewell video showcasing some of the lovely sweaters made by participants – thanks, Christina, Esther, Patty, Lunaloca, and Ute!

(Psst – my “special video assistant” was trying to ‘help’ me record this final video. Want to see an out-take?)

And thanks, too, to all of you who joined me in the KAL. It was such incredible fun to knit with you!

4 thoughts on “Wrapping up the Rowan Options KAL

  1. Hi, Amy! I am just getting ready to begin my KAL journey leading a group of knitters at my LYS.I have enjoyed following the Ravelry thread and seeing everyone’s progress! I have joined Custom Fit as a Maker Plus, so was able to download a CF pattern. My question is this: The yardage on the standard pattern for size 38.5 states that I need 10 skeins of Rowan PureWool DK (or 1370 yds); however the CF pattern states that I will need approx. 766 yds or 5.59 skeins.

    My question is this: how do I guide my KAL participants in purchasing the correct amount of yarn (if they choose not to join CF; I am pushing them to at least try one patter through the CF program – even if they do not “join” — this way, they can see what it is all about and hopefully join after completing the KAL sweater!) I really do not want the LYS to have to accept returns on everyone’s purchases if they buy more yarn than is actually needed . . . Also we may have enough skeins for more than one person to use the same color if the # of skeins used is actually less than the 10 or so listed in the standard pattern. Do you understand what I am asking for here? Thanks for any insight you may have for me!

    1. Hi Judy – we’re happy to help with this kind of question, but the answer is a bit long for the comments section. Email us at [email protected]!

      Thanks – Lauren

      1. Thanks, Lauren. I will do that. I will copy my comment above in my email . . .

  2. Yay Mungo! Love it. 🙂

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