Ring in the new year with a fun striped vest

It seems fitting to share my own Gift KAL sweater with you on the last day of the KAL – we’ve finally taken pictures of the vest I made for Dan. And not a moment too soon! He’s been eager to wear this vest since the second it came off the needles. He was such a sport in front of the camera, and I’m so thrilled he’s pleased with it.

Presenting Striation:


I have to say, I should list Dan as the co-designer for this! When he realized that CustomFit can now make sweaters for kids, he immediately went to my leftovers bins and rooted around until he found a few balls of Rowan Lima, held colors up to one another until he had some he liked, and then asked for stripes.

How could I say no?


Worked up in a worsted gauge, Striation was a super quick knit – and has already been much-loved. Head on over either to the pattern page or CustomFit itself for the technical details. I have to say, I’m already plotting a sleeved version for myself!

striation-funny-end striation-back striation-outtakes-smile striation-detail-neckline

And if you haven’t already, definitely head over to the Gift KAL thread in our Ravelry group to see everyone else’s gorgeous (and extremely well-received) sweaters. We’ll kick off the Deep Winter KAL (my personal favorite) tomorrow, so I’ll see you then!

3 thoughts on “Ring in the new year with a fun striped vest

  1. I can’t believe how grown Dan is! I remember you moving back to Boston when you were pregnant with him!!! He looks so much like you, too, I think it’s the smile 🙂

  2. Love it! My 6-year-old does the same thing: co-designs knitwear and loves the result. It’s the best feeling 🙂

  3. He has some great color sense, Amy! It is a fantastic vest.

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