Pattern release Friday: Copper Mountain

Happy Friday, lovely knitters!

I absolutely love Friday. There’s such a feeling of relaxed anticipation on Fridays, at least for me! Every week, I envision kicking up my feet with a fire (or fire-pit, depending on the season), snuggling up with my yarn, busting outdoors and hiking around somewhere, waking up late and indulging in endless tickle-fights with the boys…

…and, of course, trawling the internet for pictures of gorgeous fibery goodness. So on the off-chance that I’m not alone on that last score, here’s a new sweater to start your weekend:


Presenting Copper Mountain.

I love the undulating, almost-but-not-quite-overlapping cables of Copper Mountain’s stitch pattern. They remind me of the mogul ski slopes – and that’s where this sweater gets its name. (I’m told that Copper Mountain is home to one of the better mogul ski runs in the US.)

The cable pattern is deceptively simple – just 2 cable rows over an 8-row repeat – and the pattern looks absolutely brilliant in the warm, heathered colors of the Berroco Ultra Alpaca I used.


Those simple cables, heathered yarn, and a super-classic silhouette come together in this addition to CustomFit’s “straight-shaped” choices. Unisex and suitable for both adults and kids, you can find out more about Copper Mountain here on its pattern information page, or cast on for one today here on CustomFit.

Straight-sided sweaters in CustomFit have no waist shaping – the cast-on stitches continue straight to the underarm. And this time, I wanted to show a straight-sided sweater on a decidedly un-straight body. I have about an 8” (20.5 cm) spread between my bust and waist, and made this sweater in a fairly close-to-my bust fit. That snugger fit through the bust and hips, combined with the looser fit in the waist, gives the illusion of a more shapely sweater, even though there isn’t any actual shaping worked.


I’ll talk more about this in a blog post next week, when I’ll also share pictures of Copper Mountain on my much-smaller friend Beth. But until then, here’s the bottom line: Straight-sided sweaters may not ever be as figure-conscious as sweaters with waist shaping, but if you play your cards right they can still be wonderful, comfortable, wearable sweaters.

copper-mountain-10 copper-mountain-6 copper-mountain-1

So until next time, I hope you like Copper Mountain! And if you have any favorite straight-sided sweaters (store-bought or otherwise), please share stories and pictures of them – either here in the comments, on my Facebook page, or on Twitter or Instagram.

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  1. Thanks for showing us a straight-fit sweater on an (your) un-straight body! I have an 8″ difference between my bust and hip measurements, too, and never would have thought a straight sweater would look that good if I hadn’t seen the photos to prove it.

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