Hello, lovely knitters!

Thankfully, I’m not talking about the white stuff that falls from the sky – we haven’t seen any of that since the day I left for the make. wear. love. west retreat!

But since returning from beautiful, amazing, inspiring Asilomar, I’ve been busy as a bee. I have managed to spend some wonderful time with my family, and digging in my garden – which is looking mighty lovely:


And I’ve also been managing to knit on a new #cardipalooza sweater for an upcoming Craftsy class I’m filming:


And in and around that, I’ve been working on some fun features in CustomFit, starting on my next book, planning the fall retreat (can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait), and photographing the 4 retreat designs from the make. wear. love. west retreat that I just finished.

Want a peek?





Every retreat, I create new designs in each of our yarn vendors’ yarns – it gives everyone a nice, special something to think about in terms of what we’re learning that weekend, and have in mind on marketplace day.

This year, I’ve got a variety of silhouettes – one CustomFit design with full waist shaping, one CustomFit design with waist shaping only on the back, one A-line CustomFit design, and one design that’s written traditionally – because it’s knit in a single piece.

Can you match those descriptions to the pictures above?

4 thoughts on “Flurries

  1. Another Craftsy class! Woohoo. And a book to look forward to as well. Can’t beat that. The flowers are lovely, too.

  2. when will those patterns be available?! I’ve been on the hunt for a cardigan pattern, and your grey cardigan with that lovely ribbed detail looks gorgeous!

  3. Can’t wait for the new designs. This post is such a tease!

  4. Beautiful! I especially like the light gray one with the ribbed front band. Lovely!

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