make. wear. love. west 2017: Registration is LIVE!

Happy Wednesday, lovely knitters! I’ve got one major piece of news for you today, and one little bit of eye candy. First, the news:



Click the link above, or right here, to register. If you’re hoping to join us as a student, you’ll need to rank which teachers you’d like – so here’s a link to the brochure to refresh your memory!

I’m so excited to knit with you all in this incredibly lovely place next April.

Hearst-Social-Hall-Exterior-HiRes Asilomar-State-Beach3-HiRes Lodge-Exterior1-HiRes asilomar-beach

You can check out the details about the event and download the brochure here on the event page, or of course if you have any questions you can definitely email me at [email protected] and I’ll be glad to answer them.


And now, a little eye-candy. I’ve been thinking a lot about make. wear. love. west retreat lately (no surprise there!), and this weekend I was inspired to dig out the leftovers from one of the retreat designs from last spring. I started fiddling around with them – and then the fiddling turned into a swatch – which I ripped and turned into a cowl:


I’m smitten with how the cables are looking, so far. And it’s definitely a great reminder to think about beautiful California beaches as the temperatures keep dropping around here!

Until next time, happy knitting!

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