make. wear. love. west wrap-up

Hello, lovely knitters!

I’m freshly back from the make. wear. love. west retreat, followed by a few days of romping through California’s central coast with my boys. I’ll admit to having some trouble adjusting to regular life again! When you get to experience over a week of views like this:

…well, let’s just say that the dinner/homework grind is a little underwhelming by comparison.

make. wear. love. west

The retreat itself was amazing – four days filled with knitters, teachers, new friends, and inspiration everywhere to be found. And, of course, a little bit of silliness:

All too soon, it was over.

(Then again, would there ever be enough time, in such a lovely place?)

Currently Knitting

I got some fantastic yarn at the marketplace – some stunning blue Chameleon to add to my collection, a great bag and the new(ish) Arbor to swatch, and a completely gorgeous rich brown-gray SQ of Uncommon Thread Everyday Sport. (It’s called “Peat”, which warms my heart.)

I’m excited to dive into all of it, once I’m done with my current projects. (I will be strong. I will be strong. I will be strong.)

I had to take a hiatus on my own Fallside in order to finish up the retreat designs, which will be coming your way soon:

…but I’ve picked it back up again, now, and I’m motoring through the front. I swear, if I ever had to settle on just one yarn, Chameleon would be it. I can’t get enough of this stuff.

The big question with this sweater is, will I finish it in time for the winter/spring KAL? The KAL ends on May 15, think I can do it?

make. wear. love. fall

I know several of you are wondering when the details and announcement for make. wear. love. fall will be coming your way – and the answer is soon! The teachers and I are finalizing descriptions and I’ll share the brochure with you later this week, with registration to follow next week.

If anything can soothe my withdrawal from MWL west, it’s the thought of seeing you all in September:

Until then, happy knitting!

5 thoughts on “make. wear. love. west wrap-up

  1. Welcome home! Eagerly awaiting Sebasco details!

  2. Amy, please, what does meen SQ?

    1. Sorry about that! 🙂 It means “Sweater Quantity”.

  3. Hi Amy, Love your emails. In the latest there is a picture of 3 items folded up.(just below the pix of your yarn skeins) I love the pattern of the first gray sweater (?). It has cable columns & columns with eyelets. I love it! What is the pattern name.

    1. Thanks! 🙂 They’re the design collection for the make. wear. love. west retreat that just ended; I’ll be releasing them later this week. So glad you like them!

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