Knitting round-up and TNNA re-cap

Hello, lovely knitters!

I’ve just returned from The National Needle Arts’ Summer Show in Columbus. It’s one of my favorite trips of the year – a rare chance to poke my head up out of my own work and reconnect, make plans, and get excited about the fall knitting season. It’s such an inspiring and fruitful trip every year, and my head is (happily) spinning as per usual.

I don’t have many pictures of the event itself – I mostly spent my time in meetings! But, I did manage to document my copious ice cream consumption, an especially pretty cocktail, some vintage button finds, and shenanigans with friends:

TNNA Recap Photos TNNA Recap Photos TNNA Recap Photos TNNA Recap Photos TNNA Recap Photos

It was such an amazing trip. I’m now back home brimming with ideas and plans for the fall and beyond, and really appreciating the sunny, warm breezes coming through my studio windows.

Knitting Round-Up

The book is in full swing, racing toward an August deadline – but I have managed to work in some other knitting, too! First and foremost, I finished my own Fallside just in time for the really hot weather (oops):

Amy in Fallside

I’ve also got a number of other sweaters keeping Fallside company, in various stages of completion:

But the big story is that I took Memorial Day weekend entirely off work, and knit the boys something they’d wanted for ages: Wee knit monsters. I’m pleased to introduce you to Furmata (purple, Jacob’s) and Mallo (blue, Dan’s):

They’re cheeky little devils, always getting into trouble! Whether it’s stealing my swatches and yarn to make blanket forts:

Or trying to steal a favorite block print to decorate said blanket fort (their spatial reasoning isn’t the best):

Or trying to talk the dressforms into running away:

Or making some monster-specific changes to CustomFit:

They’re tough to keep up with! But, we can never stay mad at them for long. They’re so cute, after all!

I’m so glad I took a few days off to welcome them to the family. The recharge was just what I needed.

What have you been knitting lately?

2 thoughts on “Knitting round-up and TNNA re-cap

  1. With my right hand in a splint, I’m knitting nada, bubkas, rien. Maybe it will come off tomorrow.

    1. Oh Jan, I’m so sorry to hear it! Fingers crossed you’re back with needles in hand soon.

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