Work haze

Hello again, lovely knitters!

SUPER long time, no see – it’s crazy how quickly August and September are zipping by. The Fall KAL sweaters are piling up fast and furious over in the Ravelry thread, Clara Parkes’ amazing new book is in stores now (I’m thrilled to be a part of it!), and the air is turning crisp.

I’m taking a rare breather and looking at a pretty stunning view:

As I sit in the momentary calm between the book photoshoot that’s just ended:

And the retreat that’s just about to begin:

I know – pinch me, right?


Despite the frantic pre-shoot knitting, and my (unfounded) worries that this sweater would get held up in the mail, or I wouldn’t be able to finish these other ones, the photoshoot went beautifully. I can’t wait to share the pictures, and the whole book, with you all. Is it next year yet?!


Now that it’s done, though, I’m really looking forward to my needles being my own again for a bit. I ambitiously brought 3 sweaters’ worth up to Maine for the retreat, because I couldn’t decide which I wanted to dive into first. Which do you think I should do first:

  • An A-line, tunic-length version of Verglas, out of some lovely blue Zalti that Jennifer dyed especially for me?
  • A cozy new oversized-sweater design in Indigodragonfly Chameleon, two luscious colorways held together?
  • An as-yet-undetermined design, in Woolen Rabbit Worsted Kashmir, in the most beautiful “Enchanted Forest” color?
  • All 3?

I’ll try to remember to carry my camera this weekend, and we’ll see where we end up.


If you can’t join me for the make. wear. love. retreat in person, you might be interested to know that enrollment for the KnitStars 2.0 virtual retreat ends on Thursday – for just $229, you get classes with 10 utterly amazing teachers:

Click the picture, or this link, to see some fun free videos and sign up. Hope to see you there!


I think that’s it for this knitter until after the retreat. I hope you’re all doing well, with needles in your hands and hopes in your hearts. See you on the other side!

2 thoughts on “Work haze

  1. Definitely the Aline tunic with Jennifer’s yarn!

  2. All 3…

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