CustomFit subscriptions just got better!

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

I have a fun new CustomFit subscription benefit to share with you today: Monthly sweater lessons.

(From the first page of this month’s lesson.)

First, let me say that I appreciate everyone who has subscribed so much. Subscriptions are the backbone of my business, and the reason I can continue to improve CustomFit. I’m so grateful for you all.

…That said, I know that not everyone can knit as many sweaters as they’d like to (including me!). And I’d like everyone to feel there’s value in subscribing, even if you’re just a sweater-per-year kind of person. Or an aspiring sweater person!

A little over a year ago, I started on this path by adding access to a set of handy knitting calculators. Today, I’m continuing by adding monthly sweater lessons to the subscription benefit.

What do you mean, lessons?

Starting this month, each month you’re a subscriber you’ll get a lesson on something sweater-related delivered directly to your inbox. Here’s a little more about them:

  • The exact topics will change, including being driven by subscribers themselves. I love feedback and requests. (And if you’d all like to know something I’m not an expert on, I’ll try to find a guest lecturer to take a month!)
  • The format of the lesson will change to match the content: sometimes video, sometimes written, sometimes photos, sometimes a mix.
  • Each month will include a mix of information for novice and advanced sweater knitters alike.

To start us off, I went with an exploration of how to make great CustomFit Basics. I’ve heard over the past year that sometimes new CustomFit knitters can get overwhelmed by choice – so I drafted a ‘getting started’ helper for those of you who may not have taken the plunge yet.

Then, for the more advanced knitter, I explored tips for enhancing the many “Basics” designs I’ve built into the site. I talked about your options, and gave some sketches for inspiration, in the areas of stitch patterning, stripes, and short rows.

So what do subscribers get, again?

Glad you asked! Each month, CustomFit subscribers get:

  • Patterns: Up to 2 pattern generations each month for $4.99 (non-accumulating); unlimited pattern generations each month for $7.99.
  • Calculators: Subscribers can access a set of handy, general purpose knitting calculators. Right now the list is a gauge calculator, a stitch pick-up calculator, a shaping spacer, a buttonhole spacer, and a sleeve cap generator. If you’ve got an idea for something I should add, let me know!
  • Lessons from Amy: And now, once a month to your inbox, some insight or tips on a sweater topic, straight from me to you.

You can sign up right here on the maker page. There’s no minimum term, and if you decide it’s not for you, you can cancel anytime from your account management page.

And that’s that! I cannot thank you enough for your support, but this seems like a good way to start. I’ll send along the lesson by the end of each calendar month, with my thanks.

4 thoughts on “CustomFit subscriptions just got better!

  1. Amy, Thank YOU for all that you do, to make Customfit a reality for knitters everywhere!! Carol

  2. A couple things in your recent newsletter sure rang true for me. I want to knit fun, color, pattern, interesting! I like to wear simple lines, basic shape, light weight, boring (except that I still like color). I’m trying to find the intersection… which is color right now. No heavy or textured yarns… I love knitting them, I won’t wear them. No stripes (awww)… same thing. Although I’m trying Point Pinos in a light weight yarn with color that ombres in four fades… gorgeous colors that are not striped… it’s a blendy thing!

  3. where I can watch the first lesson,? I’m subscriber “maker”.

  4. Hello Amy,

    Saw you speak in Seattle. It was great. I also already have an account with measurements logged. My body is pretty consistent with one size except for my arms. I swim and size wise (sp?) I would need to go up 1-2 sizes, which makes it way too big. I am hoping that this might be addressed and is something I can learn to apply to any sweater pattern?

    Thank you,

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