Long time no see, lovely knitters!

I can’t believe that nearly 4 months have passed since I started working at Pivotal. I’m enjoying the position more than I can say, but I do miss you all, so very much. (Have I even told you what I do there? I’m a Director on their Innovation Strategy Team, which helps our largest clients effectively manage the change associated with successful cloud-native adoption. I’m still writing a bit about cyber security, too.)

Four months in, I feel like I’m finally starting to get a handle on how to connect with you about knitting more regularly. My fingers are crossed. Because oh yes, there has been knitting. So. Much. Knitting. First, though:

make. wear. love. retreat 2019 details are here

I’m so pleased to share the details of this fall’s make. wear. love. retreat.

An overhead view of a seaside resort in Maine. A lighthouse, pool, boats, and beautiful autumn grounds are shown.
Click here, or the image, to see this years’ brochure.

This year will be my last year running the retreats, and I have a star-studded selection of teachers for you: Fiona Ellis, Jillian Moreno, Kate Atherley, Patty Lyons, Kim McBrien Evans, Debbi Stone, and Stephanie Pearl-McPhee will all join us to share wisdom and laughter. Registration will open on Friday March 29 at 12pm Eastern – click here to see the brochure, here to see the webpage, and I hope I’ll see you there.

sweaters out in the world

I’ve knit a handful of sweaters since we last spoke, including my final deadline piece for Vogue – a fun a-line cardigan with some mosaic knitting detailing. You can find it here on Ravelry – I loved the Germantown wool from Kelbourne Woolens that Vogue sent me:

It’s always such a thrill to see lovely photos of garments I’ve made for others. Gale Zucker took some gorgeous shots of a sweater I knit for Green Mountain Spinnery this past summer, too:

I made this super-comfy raglan cardigan out of their Alpaca Elegance, one of my favorite Green Mountain Spinnery yarns. I’m looking forward to making one for myself this fall – you can find out more here on Ravelry.

Finally, I’m starting to see more and more Sheffield cardigans out in the world, which is thrilling. For all that most of my design work is more form-fitting, tailored, and structured? This is one of my most favorite designs. I wear the samples from the original sweater box a ton. And it seems like everyone else likes it too – Mason-Dixon Knitting has selected it for the cardigan section of this year’s March Mayem:

Voting ends today – so if you’d like to show Sheffield some love, head on over to the bracket page and give it a click?

currently on the needles

I have a couple more finished sweaters to show you but they’re getting photographer love right now. So in the meantime, I thought I’d wrap up by sharing what’s on my needles:

The first picture is of the inaugural CustomFit Cowl – which means that I’ll be looking for beta testers for this new functionality of the site pretty soon. I’m using some delicious cashmere from Blue Sky Fibers, and it’s unspeakably decadent. Which is good, because I’m pretty unspeakably excited about wrapping up this VERY long-overdue change to the website.

The second picture is of a new boat-neck design I’m making out of some luscious Fuse Fiber Studio fingering-weight sock yarn. It’s taking some time, but it’s so enjoyable to knit that I don’t mind at all. Fingering-weight sweaters are the best travel knitting, so this one’s getting a lot of love lately.

And the final picture is another one from Blue Sky Fibers – this one in their Techno yarn. I knit the back of this sweater in just a couple of days, which is good… …because I didn’t swatch the yarn and, uh, the piece is the wrong size. D’oh! Guess this one’s going to the frog pond for a do-over after I measure my gauge from the piece.

I hope you’re all doing well, and that your knitting is smooth. Tell me: What’s on your needles these days?

5 thoughts on “Resurfacing

  1. I’ve got a cardigan (for me) that’s over 3/4 done. I keep putting it aside to either make something for my little granddaughter (11 mos) or in my sewing studio designing/making quilts. There just are NOT enough hours in the day!!!

  2. Dear Kay, take heart, at the age of 75 I have a mountain of stash, thinking it will all be knitted into something gorgeous…..doesn’t hurt to dream. My motto being Do what you love and Love what you do. Then of course there are the UFO’s……will they ever see daylight?
    Now I must rush, have some needles and yarn waiting my attention.
    Heather In Australia.

  3. I’m about 3/8 through a (Custom Fit) Point Pinos that is coming out beautifully!I took two skeins of Blue Heron Egyptian Cotton yarn and dyed them to blend/ombre with two different dye color skeins. I’m holding it double and trading out as I blend. It’s so much thought, but so worth it! I’m excited to have a sweater that both looks great AND fits me!

  4. I am currently knitting a cardigan. Back, both fronts are blocked and one sleeve. working on the second sleeve. Hope to get it done soon. Oh, for me. I fininshed doing socks for 3 grandkids, and 5 adults. Did a sweater for my 3 year grandson that has a dog on the front of the sweater. Turned out well. Fit him to a T.

  5. Lovely to hear from you and so glad the new job is proving to be enjoyable a major plus.

    Working of my Itsumo with custom fit, the back and right front it completed now onto the right front and the sleeves to go.

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