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Hello, lovely knitters!

Long time no chat, as usual – preparations (and knitting!) for this fall’s retreat are really ramping up here, layering on top of the already-busy day job. I got the most wonderful email in my inbox this past week, though – photos of a new design for you!

A woman in a comfy-looking oversized boat-neck sweater leans on a wooden structure, with sun shining in the background.
My Farmington design is a comfy boat-neck pullover that’ll see you perfectly into fall. Worked in Fuse Fiber Studio Fuse Fingering.
Photo credit Gale Zucker. Josephine is wearing the oversized fit here; Maya is wearing a relaxed fit below.


Farmington’s story is really about the yarn.

A few years ago, I met Rebecca of Fuse Fiber Studio at a friends’ knitting group. Not only is she exactly the kind of person you want to knit with – funny, inspiring, and with excellent taste in knit-night snacks – she also makes some pretty spectacular yarn. When I approached her about doing something with her yarn last year, we talked about her favorite kinds of clothes as design inspiration, and she said something interesting: That her favorite silhouette was a roomy boat-neck pullover, with well-fitting shoulders. And that further, she had trouble finding knitting patterns that combined the shoulder fit and ease through the torso that she preferred.

Challenge accepted.

A woman wearing a variegated green hand-knit pullover, with a boat neck, well-fitting shoulders, and lots of positive ease through the body.
CustomFit’s “oversized” fit choice lets you get all the room in the torso you want, without sacrificing a great shoulder fit.

One of my favorite things about CustomFit is that you can separate the fit through the torso from the fit through the shoulders. When worn on Josephine, this Farmington sample represents an oversized fit: The shoulders are relaxed but still appropriate, and the ease through the arms and body is dialed way up. Here’s a side view:

The same woman as above, now showing the roomy fit of the pullover from the side.

This kind of look is not only current, it’s incredibly comfortable to wear. Worked in the Fuse Fingering 100% merino I chose, the sweater is the lightest softest hug you can imagine. The gentle a-line shape of the design, 3/4 sleeves that don’t get in your way, the soft muted color changes in the “Moorland” colorway I chose – all of them combine into a sweater I can’t wait to live in this fall.

Of course, you don’t need to make the garment in an oversized fit if you don’t want to! Here are some photographs of the sample on Maya, wearing more of a relaxed fit:

How to make your own?

And finally, since it’s CustomFit, you don’t have to choose the same sweater length, silhouette, or sleeve length that I did! Go ahead and make an hourglass-shaped, close-fitting boat neck pullover with long sleeves if you’d like that better. It’s all up to you.

After you purchase Farmington, a credit for the design will automatically show up in your CustomFit Patterns Page under the “READY TO CUSTOMIZE” header. Once you’ve swatched, you can change all of these options as I described in my recent “What it’s like to use CustomFit” post.

Finally the best news of all is that Rebecca is offering dyed-to-order quantities of three of her beautiful yarn bases for knitters who want to make their own Farmington. Click to order, either in the luscious Moorland color I used or whatever color inspires you.

I’m not really ready for fall, yet, but I’m definitely ready to start dreaming about fall sweaters – and I hope Farmington gets your inspiration flowing, too. Happy knitting!

2 thoughts on “New design alert: Farmington

  1. Love the more relaxed and over-sized fit combined with the fitted shoulder. So many over-sized sweaters end up looking sloppy on my; this will enable a look/feel that is comfy, yet not disheveled. Thank you!

  2. can’t find pics of Maya anywhere, can’t find colorways at Fuse either :{{ except for the green in the pic, what good is dyed-to-order if you can’t see the kinds of color she dyes?!?!? oy!!

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