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Hello to everyone! This is Meg, writing to you all for the first time. I’m sorry this post took so long, I had a family emergency right after the announcement. 2021 has a terrible sense of timing. 

I’ve seen the comments from people wanting to know more about me, so let me introduce myself in the classic internet style, with ten bullet points about me and my knitting history: 

  1. I learned to knit at some point as a child, but everyone who was there is a little foggy on when exactly, and who taught me. I remember when I was little learning that my grandfathers knew how to knit, but only socks. They had both learned during the second world war, although neither had continued to knit after. 
  2. By the time I was in high school, I was going to yarn stores in the mall and bringing knitting to most of my classes. I used to pick up spare yarn and needles to teach others at school, and one of my favourite moments was one of the high school jocks running up to his friends with his first few rows of a scarf, excitedly exclaiming “look what I made!!!”  
  3. I wrote my undergraduate thesis on the gendered sociology of knitting. Although I was drawn to the topic by memories of my grandfathers knowing how to knit, I’m eternally grateful to the person that left their copies of “No Idle Hands” by Anne Macdonald and “Canada Knits” by Shirley Scott at the used bookstore in my small university town. 
  4. I’m Canadian. I moved to the east coast of Canada for university, and have found the Atlantic ocean impossible to leave. I’m really passionate about Canadian fibers, yarns and dyers, so expect to see a lot more of them in the future. 
  5. Due to a complete coincidence (I was in the UK for summer courses, and I broke a needle on my flight), my first ever knitting convention was  Knit Nation in London in 2010. I got to meet a whole bunch of really cool people I had only ever seen on the internet before.
  6. I worked at a now-gone yarn store in Toronto. That’s where I really met Kate, and where I started spending more time with the Ontario knitting community. 
  7. I have met many of my closest friends through the online yarn community. I’m so thankful for the power of the internet to bring people together around the world, especially those living in rural and socially isolated areas. 
  8. The first time I met Amy was at the Make Wear Love retreat. I drove down the coast by myself, slightly worried that I only knew a small handful of people that would be there. While at the retreat, I got to meet a bunch of people that are now my close friends.
  9. I cast on my first Customfit sweater (the Drumlin Cardigan) in September 2015, and basically haven’t looked back since. Since then, I have become a Sweater Knitter. I’ve  knit dozens of sweaters, almost all of them Customfit. I love the flexibility of Customfit: I can either generate one of the existing patterns, generate a pattern and then make some adjustments to make it my own, or mash up a sweater pattern by another designer with the numbers generated by Customfit. 
  10. My full time job is getting computers to do math for me, which makes Customfit a natural fit in my life. Confession: while at the MWL retreats, I got to ask Amy some questions about how things worked from a technical standpoint. I went home and learned about those programming languages with the dream of one day getting to work with her on it. Life has some strange twists. 

Hopefully that helps you all get a sense of who am I! I’m so excited to get to know all of you, and continue Amy’s wonderful work. I want to thank everyone in advance for your patience while I learn the ropes, like learning how to post here!

In terms of what’s next for Customfit – I hope to have a post ready with a roadmap for you soon, but I want to reassure everyone that things will look the same over the next few months while I work on some backend changes.

A petite white woman stands on rocks, with boats on the water behind her. She is wearing an orange and red long sweater, tights, and tall black boots.
Meg standing on the rocks in Sebasco at a Make. Wear. Love Retreat wearing a long version of the Spruce Point Pullover

25 thoughts on “Getting to know Meg

  1. Nice to meet you Meg!

  2. Thank you for taking over Custom Fit. I loved your Sanderling out of Chaingeling DK that you wore at a Make Wear Love Retreat.

  3. So great to “meet” you! Thanks for taking on this project. I’ve been knitting the same sweater for the last 6 or so years (but a lot of other projects in between!). It is a CustomFit pattern, and I am hoping to complete it before too long and then cast on another, so I’m glad the platform is going to stay around!

  4. Thanks for the post, Meg – and welcome from a Maine resident. I can’t call myself a “Main-ah” since I wasn’t born here, but I AM an East Coaster – and totally understand your mention of the pull of the Atlantic Ocean. Sebasco is amazing!

  5. Welcome Meg, so happy this is working out. I really depend on Custom Fit & I’m thankful you are here, keeping it alive,

  6. All of this leaves me with one sentiment: WOOHOO! Love your work, love your attitude and love that you’ve taken on this wonderful project AND that you’re the perfect fit. *doing happy dance*

  7. Welcome, Meg! Glad to get to know you a little—-you sound like a « Perfect Fit » for Customfit! We are all so lucky you are here.

  8. Hi Meg!
    So happy that you have embarked on this new adventure. I had been looking for a method for knitting my sweaters to stay with (singular patterns have hidden weaknesses!) I had just decided to subscribe with Amy when she announced. Heartbreak. SO happy to join you on this adventure. Best of luck and I look forward to designing and knitting many sweaters!!


  9. So happy that you have embarked on this new adventure. I had been looking for a method for knitting my sweaters to stay with (singular patterns have hidden weaknesses!) I had just decided to subscribe with Amy when she announced. Heartbreak. SO happy to join you on this adventure. Best of luck and I look forward to designing and knitting many sweaters!!


  10. I’m a Canadian and ecstatic that you, Meg, are also a Canadian. I think the fact you had TWO grandfather who could knit is like having a golden royal legacy. WOW. So impressed. I’m also knitting socks and they fit thanks to Kate Atherley’s work. I love that Custom Fit will continue. It’s an idea that makes so much sense. Why knit stuff that you never wear because of bad fit. Better Custom Fit. Hurray. Cheering you on!!!!

  11. Atlantic water, represent!

    I’m very relieved that Custom Fit gets to continue, and eventually evolve. Cheering you on.

  12. Thanks for a delightful introduction, Meg! It is wonderful that Customfit will live with such and enthusiastic person at the helm. I’d love to introduce a friend to the program by gifting her credits so she can select her own pattern. Hopefully there is a way to do this?

  13. Welcome Meg – I am so happy that someone was able to continue Custom Fits. I wish you the best of luck and look forward to hearing from you in the future.

  14. Beyond delighted that you have taken the reins and I am truly thrilled that you have come to say hello, excited for what comes next for you and that 2021 is smoother sailing for you now. Thanks, Meg!

  15. Great to ‘meet’ you Meg and thank you again for taking on Custom Fit.

  16. I’m so happy to meet you. I’ve been knitting since I was 5 yr.old. I have the custom fit book but havin’t used it yet. I’m ready to dive in and start tho..

  17. Happy to meet you Meg. Like so many others I am so glad you are taking over. Thank you.

  18. Great to “meet” you Meg and thank you for taking on CustomFit. Truly grateful that CF will continue and eventually evolve. Even more thrilled that a fellow Canadian is at the helm!

  19. You don’t know how heart broken I was when Amy said she was shutting down CustomFit. There is nothing out on the market like this. So a big Texas thankful welcome that you are going to continue this great site. I have knitted several sweaters using CustomFit and have dreams of doing many more. Thank you for your introduction and again Thank You for continuing Amy’s dream

  20. I’m so happy you are her, filling Amy’s shoes & passion for Custom Fit!

  21. So lovey to meet you Meg and I am eternally thankful that you have taken the challenge to continue Custom Fit. I look forward to hearing more from you.

  22. I have look for years for professionally designed knits that won’t waste my effort or money. I am no expert. I need the pattern to carefully lead me to a finish. Also, being a large person, I need the design to be kind to my proportions! It’s bad enough buying all that extra yarn, but really bad wasting my time and efforts.

    Having said all that I am thankful for you stepping up to bat. And being someone who embraces IT change, I am curious as to what you are building for us! Tell Amy we miss her! And we look forward to knowing you!

  23. It looks like I’m a little late to the party, but better than never so the saying goes. Very grateful that this platform will live on. And especially grateful and proud that a Canadian has taken up the mantle. My youngest daughter is moving to New Brunswick in August and she is an excellent knitter. She’ll need that skill as Edmunstun is cold in winter. All this blather to say thanks and I look forward to many wonderful moments knitting garments for me and the “old man” now that the kids are well and grown with their own. And especially hopeful that they will fit and be a joy to knit.
    I live at the southern most tip of Canada…Leamington, Ontario (just a 10 minute drive from Point Pelee and a 10 minute walk to the ferry that takes us to Pelee Island (coincidentally where my Dad spent his boyhood).

  24. Hi Meg, we met Sat. at World Wide Knit in Public day.
    I’ve created an account and am about to get started with a plan from “Customfit”.
    New start, I wasn’t happy with the style I had started.
    I’ll keep you abreast of my sweater, as I’m determined to be wearing my own sweater by fall. Fingers of fall can accure anytime in NS.

  25. I’m with you Sus! Before Custom Fit I loved to knit but as a lazy and math challenged woman I was constantly frustrated because my finished garments didn’t fit! I hope the new owner will follow in Amy’s footsteps and design well fitting sweaters. Good luck! Vicki Parker

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