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I’ve been working behind the scenes to get the business side of things up and running since I last posted my introduction. The plan, over the next several months, is to move CustomFit to its own site (eventually it will live at There is a lot of back-end work that has to go into this, along with the standard maintenance that goes on for any website. It’s not visible and it’s not exciting, but it’s very important, and sets the foundation for lots of excellent developments in the future.

That’s not what we’re here for today though! Today we are here today to celebrate the launch of a new pattern!

The Preston Cardigan

A Debut CustomFit Design By Kate Atherley

A woman wearing an open red cardigan looks out the side of the photo. She is wearing glasses and her dark rooted hair fades into a bright red that matches sweater.

This simple open cardigan features deep edgings that use a clever slip-stitch pattern that looks like ribbing, but requires no purling. Worn close-fitting with hourglass shaping, it’s a lovely layering piece that dresses up nicely for office wear, and makes a plain outfit something special. Wear it over a shift dress, or a simple fitted shell with wide legged pants or an a-line skirt. Or make it looser for a snuggly everyday cardi with a bit of fancy flair! You can make the pattern on CustomFit here: or buy credits for the pattern here:

Watch this space, because while this is Kate’s first pattern on CustomFit, it’s not the last! Preston is part of Kate’s first collection, the Lockdown Collection, which will be debuting over the next few weeks. This collection is all based on a single yarn that Kate found deep in stash last year, while in COVID-prevention lockdown. It was leftovers from a Holiday installation at a high-end department store in Toronto – hence the rather delicious shade of red. It’s not a yarn that’s commercially available, sadly, but it’s very similar in texture and gauge to Berroco Vintage Chunky. Malabrigo Chunky and Knit Picks’ Wool of the Andes would also be good substitutes.

Subscribers to CustomFit will get emails in advance of each sweater’s launch, and will be the first to know more! I’m working on getting a Customfit email list ready for non-subscribers as well, so watch this space for updates.

8 thoughts on “New CustomFit Pattern!

  1. I am ecstatic to see CustomFit’s fresh start, and with such a beautiful sweater!

  2. I am so pleased to know new patterns are on the way. Thank you.

  3. So lovely to hear from you and to see the new pattern and that others will follow. So looking forward to this journey with you.

  4. Such good news to hear about what’s coming and to see such a beautifully fitting cardigan.

  5. I can’t figure out how to buy this pattern. Any tips?

    1. Hello!

      I’m not sure if there is something specific, but this Get Started Guide might help!

  6. Love the new design. Great to hear from you.

  7. Congratulations!

    I’m looking forward to seeing some men’s sweaters here — my husband is a long-waisted 6’2″. I’d love to get help for him!

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