Back Cove

This woodsy, cabled cardigan is a perfect match for a chilly fall hike, whoever you’re knitting for. Back Cove features simple-to-knit but intricate-looking basketweave cables on the front and back. The sleeves, hem, and mock turtleneck are trimmed with a classic 2×2 ribbing, but the cardigan is closed with a tidy i-cord edge. To ensure that the cable panels don’t overlap with any shaping, and preserve the unisex nature of the design, Back Cove patterns will have no waist shaping.

A note on swatching for cabled designs in CustomFit: While it’s always a good idea to make sure you like the way a stitch pattern looks in your choice of yarn, gauge swatching for Back Cove should be done in Reverse Stockinette stitch. Additional stitches to compensate for cable “suckage” will be added automatically by CustomFit.

Cabled designs in CustomFit are intermediate – advanced level, for two reasons: First, explicit set-up instructions are given for the cable panels only; you will be responsible for managing any partial repeats of ribbing outside the cable panels. Finally, more care is required than typical for CustomFit in your choice of yarn. The cable panels are fixed in their stitch counts (64 stitches on the back of the garment, XX on each of the fronts), so I strongly suggest using a DK-light worsted weight yarn for your project. This will ensure a similar sized cable panel to the garment shown.

And one more note on yardage – while I’ve given approximate quantities for standard size sweaters, CustomFit will make Back Cove in the size and gauge of your choice. And it’s pretty tough to give yardage requirements for any possible combination! If you’re not using the recommended yarn, and/or you’re not a standard size, I recommend Hannah Fettig’s amazing app, stashbot, to get a sense of your yardage requirements.

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