CustomFit Silhouette Examples

The silhouette drop-down offers choices for torso shaping, and will specify a default. There are five possibilities, some of which may not be available for a given design: 

  • Straight garments have an equal chest and hip circumference with no torso shaping; 
  • Tapered garments have a chest circumference larger than hip, with shaping at the side seams; 
  • A-line garments have a hip circumference larger than the chest, with shaping at the side seams; 
  • Hourglass garments have separate hip, waist, and bust circumferences with shaping via internal darts that allow the front and back dimensions at bust, waist, and hip to all differ. 
  • Half-hourglass combines hourglass shaping on the back of the garment with straight shaping on the front of the garment. This allows for some differentiation between bust, waist, and hip while providing a straight front for stitch patterning or a more casual look. 

Here’s a schematic look at how these options differ:

And here are photographs of sweaters with the different silhouettes, in a mix of relaxed and oversized fits: