Cider Mill

I’ll be honest: I keep things pretty darn chilly in my studio – cold enough that I need a substantial sweater from about October through March. When I have a choice, I reach for something that’s comfortable enough to snug up in for an entire day – and stylish enough to look great in a video call. Cider Mill has slipped into my wardrobe perfectly: The long length, A-line shape, and bonus pockets are as cozy as it gets; at the same time, the unusual wide twisted rib and artisan glass buttons are clean and modern.

Cider Mill is made out of Jill Draper Makes Stuff Rockwell, a 100% cormo-merino crossbred wool that’s made, from sheep to skein, in the Northeast.

It would take someone with better words than I have to describe how amazing this yarn is. It’s warm and rustic, but so soft you could weep. The marled colors are exquisite, and work perfectly with Cider Mill’s clean lines. Wearing a sweater out of this yarn simultaneously transports me to my favorite fall fiber festival, and makes me feel like I’m getting a giant hug all day long. The fact that Jill is so thoughtful in the way she produces her yarn puts it over the moon. I strongly encourage you to try some, if you can.

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